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Jul 22 2012

Just like Lenin and Stalin!

The residents of Happy Valley have torn down Joe Paterno’s statue. I’m dismayed, though, at the student in this video whining about how it wasn’t fair. Paterno enabled child rape. The kindest thing was to keep the statue’s removal discreet, rather than having a mob strap cables to it and tear it down with trucks, …

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Jul 20 2012


A gunman walked into a midnight showing of the new Batman movie, threw some smoke bombs, and started shooting. 14 are dead, 50+ are wounded, and the killer has been arrested. I don’t even… What gets me is the necessary lack of empathy of any kind for the victims, and the futility of it all. …

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Jun 19 2012

Well, this is unusual

I’m mentioned in a newspaper, in a way that isn’t likely to send a pitchfork- and torch-wielding mob lurching in my direction. I don’t know if I like it; it’s not as exciting.

Jun 05 2012

Dennis Markuze is being a good boy

We have an update from a Montreal newspaper on Dennis Markuze, the raging spammer who yap-yap-yapped at me and many others for over a decade. He’s free, he’s employed, he’s been ordered to abstain from participating in online discussions. That’s the good part; I also hear now and again about an occasional Mabus-like rant appearing …

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Mar 05 2012

Good news from Anoka-Hennepin

The Anoka-Hennepin school district has been notorious for its bullying, anti-gay discrimination, and suicide rate. A group of six students sued them for the district’s outrageous lack of common decency; tonight, the school board folded and settled the suit out of court. There was a cash settlement of $270,000 to the kids, and the district …

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Nov 23 2011

Lynn Margulis has died

Sad news: Lynn Margulis, advocate of the endosymbiosis theory of eukaryotic origins, has died. She was smart, creative, and promoter of a lot of wild ideas…and to her credit, some of them were even right. I think her greatest strength was her eagerness to step right out to the edge of science and push, push, …

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Oct 20 2011

Moammar Ghadafi, dead

I’ve been buried in classes and meetings today, and I look up and discover Ghadafi has been killed, and people here are already talking about it. I guess I should put up a thread so you can stuff all the words into one common place. (Also on Sb)

Aug 27 2011

Be safe, Easterners!


I hear there’s an exciting and stressful and nasty storm out your way, as Irene makes landfall. I think we need a thread for people to chat about the thrills and annoyances and reassure everyone that they haven’t been whirled up into the sky and splatted down in Oz.

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