Two-faced Ken Ham

Answers in Genesis has an explanation for why the state of Kentucky yanked the tax exemption from their Ark Park. It doesn’t have much basis in reality, which is probably why they presented it on Fox News this morning.

Smarmy AiG Lawyer: We have a theory about that. I think it’s because these radical atheist kind of organizations have applied political pressure, and it’s sad when that happens. It also happens to be unlawful and that’s why it looks like we may be headed to court.

Fox News host: Why is it unlawful?

Hey, that was my question! Why should it be unlawful for an atheist organization to use politics to oppose actions that are against their interests? That’s what politics is for!

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We won’t be missing Michele

Bachmann is out of office, fleeing political life one step ahead of being caught out in her ethics violations. But she’s still happy to lie for her cause, and brag about defeating liberals.

Well, telling the truth bothers them, Bachmann said. They don’t like to have the truth told about them, and that’s really what it is. I didn’t fear the left. I decided to take them on in the arena of ideas by attacking their false premises and their false narratives.

Bachmann told World Net Daily, which referred to her as a GOP legend in the headline, that she had become a media target because she had basically outsmarted her liberal foes.

That’s the best way to defeat them, by the way — defeat them with evidence and defeat them with their false premises, and I did that, she said.

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I’m not even interested in seeing the damned movie

North Korea blusters, and apparently hacks into Sony Corp. and extorts them into holding up a dumb movie that blasphemes the sacred Kim Jon Un. Guess who the conservatives are blaming for, I don’t know, America’s cowardice, or craven Jewish Hollywood, or something — anything but a badly run capitalist institution? Liberals. It’s all about the standard trope, that liberals are the ones caving before the Commie threat.

Roy Edroso responds to that nonsense.

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Torture is bad science

Martin Robbins writes about how the US got suckered into playing torturer to the world. One reason is that we live in a culture that seems to celebrate torture: there sure are a lot of people wearing representations of an ancient torture device, where audiences will happily sit for hours watching torture porn in the guise of a religious movie, and where TV pretends that torture works every time as a way of getting results.

But here’s the thing: torture doesn’t work. Reason and evidence together ought to tell you that.

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