Very dodgy, very beta


If you’ve ever wondered what Vox Day looks and sounds like when he’s not holding a flaming sword, Futrelle has unearthed a video interview. He’s actually not particularly interesting; he recites tepid versions of the awful things he’s written, and he gives a good impression of a not-very-bright person scuttling around in a corner to avoid getting pinned down.

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Friday Cephalopod: Sexually voracious!

I am sure that’s exactly what you think when you see a picture of vampire squid.


But it’s true! Where most cephalopods do the deed once, spawn, and die, Vampyroteuthis has multiple cycles of reproduction. Unfortunately, they’re also cold, gelatinous, and lethargic…which, if you think about it, is also what the undead vampire of myth would be like, so they’re just fulfilling the stereotype.

Reaching for a reasonable justification for censorship


The Edmonton Arts Council has failed. They got some art by Ryan McCourt thrown out of an exhibition for the silly reason that they were “offended” by it — these were statues of the Indian god, Ganesha, in modern poses. That was feeble enough, but now McCourt was hoping to donate a sculpture to the city, and the Arts Council has found an amazing new reason to reject it.

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