How to kill people with homeopathy

Liberia is suffering a serious Ebola outbreak — people are dying, treatments require intensive efforts from medical personnel, and there aren’t enough doctors. So you’d think they’d welcome a team of four doctors flying in to help. But then it was discovered how they planned to treat critically ill patients dying of a viral disease.

We are blessed with 110 remedies in 3 to 4 potencies ( from 30 to 10M) from Hahnemannian, Gudjons & Remedia. How Could we have dared to go here without our most valuable tools???

There we are : tired ( Richard travelled for nearly 36 hours), hungry but spot on: we finally reached after so many weeks of struggling to be able to travel to what we had decided to do. We are destined to help the people of Liberia to fight Ebola Virus Disease with an effective means of fighting epidemics : homeopathic remedies.

They were going to treat a deadly epidemic with…water?

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Day off!


When you think about it, Thanksgiving is a terrible holiday, one of my least favorite. The only good thing about it is that I intend to get completely caught up on my grading over a four-day weekend, and otherwise…we’re having a normal dinner (no turkey, no overeating), no traveling, and we’re not going shopping. I recommend restraint. It makes the day so much more pleasant.

A peeve: can we retire the phrase, “Bible Belt”?

It vexes me. The official definition says the Bible Belt is the deep South, but that makes no sense. Dwight Moody, of the influential Moody Bible College, was from Massachusetts. William Riley, the pastor who invented fundamentalism, was from…Minneapolis. Saddleback Church is in Orange County. New Saint Andrews College and Doug Wilson are in Idaho; Mars Hill, before its founder’s meltdown, was based in Seattle. The burned over district? New York.

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