Quran apologists are ridiculous

Yet again, another defender of Islam hangs the truth of his holy book on the scientific accuracy of the text. It’s amazing how defensive these fundies get over the possibility that the author was merely transmitting the guesswork of the time, and like any scientific hypothesis, stands a risk of being shown to be wrong by later work.

In this case, the apologists are confronted with a verse from the Quran, which they happily translate literally as (Man is) created from gushing water (which) comes out from between the backbone and the ribs. I think the Arabs of the 7th century knew exactly where the spine and ribs are — you don’t need to chop a corpse open to find them — and saying that something was located between the spine and the ribs is clearly equivalent to saying the source of semen is in the chest. Which is wrong. Obviously wrong. And they know it is wrong. But watch as they spend 8 tortuous minutes explaining that it’s not really wrong, and all those old Greeks really got it wrong, anyway, unlike Mohammed.

You don’t want to watch that tedious video, I know, so I’ve pulled out a few key frames.

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It’s Superbowl Sunday!

I normally don’t watch football, but I thought maybe I should get a little bit into the spirit of it all since I am from Seattle, and one of the teams has a corporate owner who has been gouging my relatives for a stadium and services for years. Besides, I’ve got my exams graded and my lecture prepared for Monday already, so any excuse to party, right? I’ve never been to a Superbowl party, either, so I’m not sure how one does it. But I’m sure there will be explanations and suggestions in the comments.

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Comma is on an itty-bitty rampage!

Regular readers know that lately one “Terry Dean, Nemmers”, or as I call him, “Comma”, has been on a crusade to get me in trouble — he’s been lashing out at anyone in any way in contact with me to tell his tale of woe. Which is kind of weird, since I’ve never met the guy, and his complaint mainly seems to be that the campus police haven’t given him a sample of my handwriting because he has these vague suspicions that I defaced a dozen copies of a free campus newspaper.

The world moves more slowly out here in Lake Wobegon, and especially in January and February, we have to make our own entertainment, you know.

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Good answer

Stephen Fry gives a fairly standard atheist answer to the question, “What would you do if you died and found yourself in front of God?” — exceptionally well-stated, of course, but unsurprising. The best part is to watch the expression on the face of the interviewer in the various reaction shots.

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