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Mar 24 2014

It’s Protective Custody, That’s What It Is.

Once again, recent events call out an older verse. I fucking hate it when that happens. [...S]ome civil libertarians and women’s rights advocates worry that if Gibbs is convicted, the precedent could inspire more prosecutions of Mississippi women and girls for everything from miscarriage to abortion — and that African Americans, who suffer twice as …

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Mar 21 2014

Someone Is… On The Internet

An article on politics— No if, no ands, no buts— Will bring out Libertarians Who’ll demonstrate they’re nuts But also arch-conservatives And liberals by the score Who’ll engage in verbal fisticuffs And all return for more. An essay on religion— Any angle you might choose— An opinionated blog post Or the fair and balanced news …

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Mar 13 2014

Intrinsically Worthless

From a comment at an article “The Empty, Boring Atheism of Richard Dawkins” (from the Catholic World Report, naturally): “What is an “appetite for wonder” in an intrinsically meaningless universe but simply an appetite for diversion and entertainment?” I love my spouse and children— Well, I say I call it “love”, But it doesn’t hold …

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Mar 09 2014


I don’t feel sick I don’t feel tired I don’t feel hot I don’t feel cold I don’t feel sad I don’t feel happy I don’t feel nothin’ I just feel old I don’t usually feel all of my years. I look at pictures of people my age, and think they look considerably older than …

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Nov 20 2013

Ah… Memories…

I remember it so clearly It’s as if it just occurred I remember every image, Every moment, every word; I remember every instant, Every story, brief or long, I remember it forever… But I just remember wrong. I can tell you all that happened On a day ten years ago— I can tell you, I …

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Nov 09 2013

“The Sex Toys In The Attic”

There’s a suitcase in the bedroom Tucked away behind some shoes And I need it taken care of If I fight the fight… and lose If this rattle in my bronchi Turns out more than merely noise Is there someone I can count on Who can disappear my toys? There are several shapes and sizes …

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Oct 21 2013


There is beauty in simplicity When simple things are true; But solving complex mysteries— There’s beauty in that, too There are simple things, and complex things, And mysteries and more… Sure, sometimes you have favorites, But it isn’t either/or Ok, so I saw this commercial, and it really bothered me: Do you want to hear …

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Sep 22 2013

“Why Don’t Atheists Just Kill Themselves?”

I’d constructed the ultimate sandwich Perfection in bread, cheese, and meat But there’s something I don’t understand, which Has been making it harder to eat See, although it is surely delightful There’s a truth that I cannot suspend That at some point, I’ll reach the last bite full And the pleasure will come to an …

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Sep 06 2013

Anxiety In Hindsight

There’s a tenseness in your stomach And a flutter in your heart You may find it hard to focus Any noise can make you start Since it came upon you slowly Or your thoughts were turned aside You believed it would be something You could easily abide Hell, you might not even notice As you …

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Aug 25 2013

Everything Old Is New Again (Or, Sex With Robots)

As predictable as clockwork, Or some finely crafted gears— We forget about the last one So the latest one appears It’s designed to gather eyeballs Both to titillate and vex— It’s an article (with pictures) Probing human-robot sex Yup… this time, it’s the BBC with “Will we ever want to have sex with robots?“. In …

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