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Jan 20 2014

Don’t Ask Me Why

I have a new favorite band/song/video. Watch it. You’ll love it. I want the band, Great Caesar, to do well. Buy the digital download; it’s only a buck (or more, if you like). Hell, send it as a gift (same link) to your favorite opponents of same sex marriage. (Ok, yeah, your friends who are …

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Nov 15 2013

Frogwhompers And Buffaloes

So… Greta is having fun with the Buffalo game. Which, frankly, is a cool game, but which I got to a bit late. My entry was “The New Vinton County Frogwhompers Marching, Singing, Strumming And Plucking Buffalo, Incorporated” (If you read Greta’s rules, you’ll understand). The Frogwhompers (for short) were a “New-Grass” band–bluegrass, but with …

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Oct 04 2013

1957 (Beep! Beep!)

On this date, little Sputnik was shot into space Just one shot, of many, in a war-proxy race There were thousands, or millions, who were all losing sleep Cos an object above them was going “beep…beep…” There were others, of course, who were not so entranced– When they heard the “beep…beep…” they just got up …

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Sep 10 2013

Elvis Costello And The Roots

Wise Up Ghost. (Link is to NPR’s “First Listen”, where you can hear the whole album and decide it is worth buying.) To me, it sounds like “Imperial Bedroom” from some parallel universe.

Apr 08 2013

Stand Down Margaret

It just seemed appropriate today.

Mar 08 2013


Just passing along a link; much too busy for anything else at the moment. You may have already seen it, but NPR has a collection of 100 songs from artists at SXSW (South by Southwest), the music festival in Austin. I’ve shared this with a few family and friends, with nothing but positive feedback, and …

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Feb 07 2013

Paper Moon

So I was just listening to the radio, and a version of “Paper Moon” came on. This one was an instrumental, and I wish I could tell you who it was, but I don’t know. But it got me thinking… “Paper Moon” has got to be in the very short list of Best Songs Ever …

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Jan 20 2013

Losing My Religion In A Major Way

Well, a major key, actually. Via Open Culture, a bit of computer rejigging by MajorScaledTV, turns a familiar minor-key song… weird: Sure, pretty much everybody will prefer the original, but this is a neat exercise. I just wonder how many times I will have to listen to it before my eyelid stops twitching. (Ok, you …

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Dec 06 2012

I *Told* You I Have The Best Commenters…

As a public service for those who read the posts, but don’t look at comments, I want to show off some of the songwriting abilities of commenters “badgersdaughter” and “zekehoskin”. I had invited readers to contribute their own verses to “What did you do in the war (against Christmas)?“… From badgersdaughter: I sent my love …

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Dec 05 2012

Blue Shadows In The Street (Brubeck)

Yeah, it’s not all Time Out. Damn. Headphones, people. Headphones. You’ll be glad you did.

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