Liberated Atheist

… That’s the name of the new release, a 15-minute instrumental composition in three contiguous parts. Put it on in the background…

It showed up in my aggregator, via Decoder Magazine; I’m not at all certain how I feel about it. It takes me back, really, to my high school years in the late 70’s, when a friend of mine worked at a local radio station, and we’d get together after the station went off the air at midnight, looping music together and creating odd sonic concoctions. Mind you, what we created wasn’t necessarily good

I don’t think it’s my sort of thing. Is it yours?


  1. M can help you with that. says

    Sounds like someone needs to have their effects pedals confiscated for a month.

  2. says

    Eeek. I eat my words, I recant, I repent. Past the first 4 minutes all the demons of hell burst forth, my ears begged for mercy and longed for the torment of bagpipes (that ill wind that no one blows good). Ten thousand cats’ claws on a blackboard would have sounded better. Ten thousand cats being skinned alive would have sounded more mellifluous. Are these people trying to give atheists a bad name?

  3. leftwingfox says

    Yep, not my cup of tea. At 0:03 seconds in, the organ blares, and my brain immediately said “nope”.

    I stuck with it for about another minute to give it a dance, but this is very much not in my wheelhouse.

    Which is kind of odd, since I was re-listening to Matt Uleman’s “Diablo 2” soundtracks the other day, and they’re similar in the semi-structure soundscapes. The distinct portions don’t last as long though, and there’s always something: atmospherics, a drumline, a hint of a melody, which keeps me interested through the shifts.

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