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Aug 16 2012

Headline Muse, 8/16

Fancy footware is rarely bad news But a shade could be simply a ruse When a pirated red Isn’t silly—instead, It’s the soul of the sole of the shoes Headline: Fake ‘red sole’ shoes seized at Los Angeles port Customs agents in Los Angeles seized 20,457 pairs of fake Christian Louboutin shoes shipped from China, …

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Aug 15 2012

Headline Muse, 8/15

Things are weird, for a rich politician So you have to respect his position— But just what kind of schmucks Can call five million bucks Just a small “inadvertent omission”? Headline: Ryan corrected Hill reports during VP search While being vetted by Mitt Romney’s campaign, GOP vice presidential hopeful Rep. Paul Ryan amended two years …

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Jul 30 2012

Headline Muse, 7/30

Though we don’t know the fallout just yet A sure thing is no more a safe bet It shook up a swing state— At this very late date— The withdrawal of Steve LaTourette Headline: GOP moderate from Ohio quitting his seat. Is he punishing his party? Potentially leaving his party in the lurch, Rep. Steven …

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Jul 23 2012

Headline Muse, 7/23

“She’s a hero” said Mittens, with pride, Of an astronaut passed, Sally Ride But, of course, should he win, Then her love is a sin, And her marriage, of course, is denied. Headline: Sally Ride’s Partner of 27 Years Denied Federal Benefits. Is Romney Smiling?

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Jul 20 2012

Headline Muse, 7/20

Is the person, or system, at fault, For the crimes which must come to a halt? In today’s Air Force case There was one guilty face— Sergeant Walker committed assault. Headline: Air Force instructor convicted of rape, assault An Air Force instructor was convicted in military court Friday of raping one female recruit and sexually …

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Jul 18 2012

Headline Muse, 7/18

Though reality-based it was not, Michele Bachman still gave it a shot… But it seems it’s too much For her colleagues to touch— They’re denying her Islamist plot! Headline: Lawmakers Condemn Michele Bachman’s Claim of an Islamist Plot

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Jul 08 2012

Headline Muse, 7/8

The range of his roles was far-flung And he saw his accomplishments sung Earnest Borgnine is dead, And again, it is said, Ninety-five’s altogether too young. Headline: Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine dead at 95 It’s strange–for me, he’s indelibly defined by McHale’s Navy, but his Oscar came a decade earlier. I heard an interview of …

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Jul 01 2012

Headline Muse, 7/1

In the end, it’s remarkably plain, That it’s Spain, in the main, that will reign You can say what you will, But they answer—four-nil— And in vain will you strain to remain Headline: Defending champions Spain win Euro 2012 to complete historic treble Spain was magnificent in this match. Italy was not horrible, they were …

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Jun 30 2012

Headline Muse, 6/30

As conservative anger is showing And the polls say intensity’s growing As the throng sing their song: “It was wrong all along!” What’s it mean? I have no way of knowing. Headline: Conservative anger growing over Obamacare decision

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Jun 29 2012

Headline Muse, 6/29

Though Republicans don’t lack for zeal There’s a world that is often called “real” Where their much-despised “laws” Are not there “just because”— There is no simple path to repeal Headline: For Opponents of Health Care Law, No Easy Path to Repeal

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