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Apr 22 2014

When Physicists Study Consciousness….

I’m looking for the fountain that will grant eternal youth; It is said to be in Florida—I’ll take that as the truth— Expert minds are in agreement (which is never quite the case) That the Florida peninsula has got to be the place Now, for centuries, they’ve mapped it, using all the latest tools And …

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Mar 28 2014

Looking Under The Hood…

I just love statistics, and numbers, and such Whether icy abstractions or warm to the touch I’ve been told that, perhaps, I adore them too much— That my feelings are more-or-less “weird” Ok, “weird” I can see, but I have to confess I’m put off by the too-imprecise “more or less”— Is it greater, or …

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Mar 15 2014


Just finished an absolutely wonderful book (about which, more later); in the notes was a mention of Terry Bisson’s wonderful short story “They’re Made out of Meat”. Studio 360 aired a version a while ago–give a listen: Bisson’s site has the transcript (or rather, the original story), for those who want. I love it.

Feb 05 2014

In Which I Argue At Length With A MacArthur Genius

Strong-ily, wrong-ily Neurophilosophers Tout their position: “The self as the brain” Finding our cause in our Neuroanatomy— Sadly, it’s fictional: Lemme explain…. (tl;dr–”brain as self” models are dependent on a particular philosophical model; the conclusions are more a factor of the requirements of that model than of the evidence.) Mano presents a clip from the …

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Jul 10 2013


Thinkingly, winkingly, Internet videos Promise us puppies who Patently plan; Claim that it isn’t just Anthropomorphism— Clearly, these canines are Thinking like Man Over at NPR’s 13.7:Cosmos And Culture blog, Barbara J. King has another of her pieces on animal cognition. I very much enjoy these, even when I fundamentally disagree…like today. The post is …

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Feb 18 2013

There Are Times I Just Hate The Brain

Your brain does this; your brain does that; Your brain does other stuff. Your brain controls your body, and (If that was not enough) Your brain makes all your choices, and Your brain dreams all your dreams— So much of what you are is in Your brain… or so it seems. I’ve learned about neurology, …

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Jan 25 2013

At The Dalai Lama’s Science Conference…

They’re analyzing consciousness By means of introspection And none of them have noticed that They’ve looked the wrong direction. The Dalai Lama saw the moon Was not lit from within He shared his observation (To his tutors’ great chagrin) Tibetan thought did not survive Objective observation The moon was not a lantern— That was just …

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