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Feb 25 2014

Arguing God In The New York Times

We can’t disprove a God, you know, Cos God can’t be defined. The God you claim cannot exist Exists within my mind My God cannot be fathomed, and Will never be undone Each heart perceives Him differently But God is only One. We disagree on details, like His numbers, or His name, But clearly, all …

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Jul 04 2013

What Type Of Atheist Are You?

While atheists are privative (defined by what we’re not), That doesn’t mean we’re all the same—the whole ungodly lot— Analysis finds atheists of many different stripes; Most recently, the factors give us six distinctive types. They found them scientifically; the factors loaded well But because the subject’s atheists, there’s one thing I can tell: While …

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Jul 27 2012

On Knowing

If the god of the bible existed Could I really perceive Him as true? When I see all His qualities listed Is that something that mortals can do?

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