Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 07 2010

4 Ways To See God (and I still don’t)

Which God do you believe in? Cos we really want to know—There’s a fellow with a clipboardAnd a poll he wants to show—He’s collecting lots of data:“How Americans See God”And he wants to know which version gets the nod. Is your God authoritative,And judgmental and engaged?Is He critical? Vindictive?Is He apt to be enraged?Is He …

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Oct 06 2010

Too Bad About The Baby…

She’s got perfect little fingers;She’s got perfect little toes,With the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen,And tiny button nose–She’s more delicate than poetry,More powerful than prose–She’s a beauty, and there isn’t any doubt She’s a miracle in diapers,As I watch her calmly doze;Even through her father’s awkward looksHer mother’s beauty showsWe conceived her in a test …

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Oct 05 2010

Jesus In The MRI

The image in the MRI, according to the rumor,Was the sacred face of Jesus, not a carcinoma tumor;When the woman needed comfort, she knew Jesus was the answer—Now, she knows he is within her… and, it seems, so is the cancer. Actually, I don’t know that the cancer is still in her; if I were …

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Oct 05 2010

The Next Thing I’d Do

If I were the devil, the next thing I’d do… Seems that there is quite a lot that can be explained about the relationships among differing faith communities, if you simply apply the Flip Wilson defense: “The Devil made me do it!” My first take was yesterday’s post: If I were the devil, the first …

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Oct 04 2010

Organized Religion

If I were the devil, the first thing I’d do(I’d be subtle, and not too apparent)Is create holy writings that all disagreeAnd announce that each one is inerrant. So I have had a couple of visits from JWs recently. They have given me literature to read (this, and this, for those who want to play …

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Oct 02 2010

A New Verse Form? (and a guest verse!)

From commenter “Thinker”: If you find the stuff in the bible reliable,and you trust the clerics: “It’s all we can know!”If you in your pew with your missus think bliss issitting still, never moving, then how will you grow?You’re proud you’ve accepted, not doubted, what’s touted:that Truth is eternal and never will changewhile we find …

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