Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 30 2010

Trick Or Treat! (VOTE!!!)

The leaves are red and yellow, andA chill is in the airIt’s frosty in the mornings, soYou have to dress with careThe last days of October meanThat creepy things are out—Cos scaring folks is what this season’s really all about. With fearsome, greedy pirates, andWith nasty, ghastly ghouls;They’re canvassing the neighborhoods And threatening our schoolsThey’re …

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Oct 28 2010

Bears Repeating

A story from Russia that might bear repeating;The bears there are starving—no food to be eating—Since bears are resourceful, seems every so oftenThey’ll head to a graveyard and dig up a coffin!You’ll visit the grave of some newly deceased,Just to find that some hungry, enormous old beastHas decided your uncle would make quite a feast! …

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Oct 27 2010

Humpty-Dumpty, the Christian

I’m Christian, and I’m born again,By which I mean, I’m not.My faith is not the simple faithA True Believer’s got,But something more ephemeralWhich cannot be defined;I’d tell you all about it, butI’m rather disinclined. But yes, I am a Christian–thoughI mostly don’t believe;To treat me as a strawman, why,It’s really quite naive.I’ve simply re-defined the …

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Oct 23 2010

On Predictions

For folks who invest in their fictions, predictionsAre common as pennies, but worth a bit less;When people rely on their visions, decisionsTurn out to be nothing but ignorant guess. Predicting the future is never so clever—When constantly wrong, it’s a good time to quit;But dissonance drives their obsession—expressionOf failure means, really, they’re just full of …

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Oct 21 2010

Think Of The (Fictional) Children!

The names are all real, but the stories are fiction;Some details are changed to protect a world-view.The point is, it would have been bad, had it happened,And that’s just as horrid as if it were true. We’ve focused our sights on particular problems,But some—just as awful—are going unheard;The horrible deaths of these Christians should shock …

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Oct 19 2010

Let Them Eat Pi

Long, long ago, when gods were godsThe things they did defied the odds;They vanquished armies, stopped the sun,Delivered plagues and thought it fun.And those who saw were not deceived–There was not doubt, so they believed! But now, it seems, we’ve been misled;If those gods lived, by now they’re dead.We find god now (don’t ask me …

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Oct 18 2010

My Place In The Dance Of The Universe

I am accident on accidentAnd chance on random chanceI’m the product of environmentAnd changing circumstance The odds of my occurrence Are incalculably small—If you round off to the m b trillionth placeI don’t exist at all! Every atom in my bodyFrom an ancient star’s collapse;I’m a long time in my making—Several billion years, perhaps! In …

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Oct 15 2010

A Tale Of Two “Better”s

edit–the move from old blog to new has eaten part of this post. By now, of course, you have seen the “viral video” of Joel Burns. On the off chance you are the last remaining person on the internet who has not seen it, here it is: I am very glad that he has contributed; …

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Oct 10 2010

The Mile-High Floating Jesus Problem

As if it were magic, it happened last night,And we woke to a very improbable sight—It certainly got our attention, all right—A mile-high statue of Christ. We looked for its makers, but none could be found;The atheists saw it, and termed it “profound”;What’s more, it was floating, two feet above ground;As evidence goes, it sufficed. …

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Oct 08 2010

Out Of Nowhere

Although my post was intended to launch discussion, not to state a personal viewpoint, it’s been mis-read to imply that I personally hate babies. My favorite out-of-nowhere slap (among many prompted by the ever-scathing, always fun PZ Myers) is from the blogger at Digital Cuttlefish who imagines that if my house were on fire, I’d …

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