Monthly Archive: November 2009

Nov 03 2009

Vote No On 1!

If you have friends or relatives in MaineWho are saneOr whom you can convince to do what is clearly right for us allGive them a call.Whether they are mobstersOr stereotypical caricatures in slickers and sou’westers fishing for lobstersWhether they are calm or jitteryWhether they live as far north as Madawaska, or as far south as …

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Nov 02 2009

The Bells! (Arizona Courts Side With Neighbors, Silence Church)

I Hear the churches with the bells—Recorded bells!What a load of excrement their melody fortells!How they started up one morningAs the neighbors tried to sleep!With an utter lack of warningAnd no beauty there adorning—A recording! Clearly cheap!Crying, “Hear, hear, hear!”To the folks who live too nearTo the audio recoding that malevolently wellsFrom the bells, bells, …

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Nov 01 2009

How Not To Treat A Book

To pick and choose from Origin,Although it feels like libel,Is only treating Darwin’s bookThe way Ray treats the Bible;Omitting chapters here and thereAnd redefining “fitness”?He does the same with Holy WritAnd gladly bears false witness!He makes his way through every bookA picker and a chooser;With equal treatment everywhere–Consistently a loser. Over at the US News …

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