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Oct 29 2013

A mission to the preachers

Janet Heimlich wants to get atheists talking to clerics in order to do a better job of fixing the (enormous and terrible) problem of religious child abuse. She has a post on the subject on her blog. I’ve been speaking on the subject of religious child maltreatment for some time, and a glance at my …

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Aug 28 2012

Giles Fraser versus human rights

Giles Fraser strongly disapproves of the idea (and the judicial finding) that non-medical circumcision is what it is: genital cutting of an infant for religious reasons. Generally, the logic behind these moves is that circumcision is an act of unnecessary violence against a child and that it is imposing a belief system against a child’s will. If …

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Aug 09 2012

Children were born

Some ways of living are better than others. Some basic constituents of a good life are fresh air, freedom of movement, access to the wider world. Ways of living that provide more of those basic constituents are generally better than those that don’t. Living underground, for instance. Not ideal. MOSCOW – A self-proclaimed prophet had …

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Jun 28 2012

Marry the nice rapist, dear

Oh, human beings, sometimes I despair of you. The arrangements you come up with! Do you just get shit-faced drunk one night and decide all the rules, or what? There’s this idea that letting a rapist avoid jail by “marrying” the young girl he repeatedly raped, for instance – that’s a real dud. I’ll tell …

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May 16 2012

Those “moderate” Islamists running Egypt

Like Freedom and Justice Party MP Azza al-Garf, who publicly supports FGM. Egypt’s New Women Foundation said they are suing Islamist Parliament member Azza al-Garf over her pro-female genital mutilation (FGM) statements. The women’s rights foundation sent a letter to the speaker of parliament Saad al-Katatny, informing him of legally going after Garf and asking for …

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Jan 14 2012

Mary Raftery

RTÉ remembers Mary Raftery. Ms Raftery was best known for her ‘States of Fear’ documentary series, which revealed the extent of physical and sexual abuse suffered by children in Irish industrial schools and residential institutions. It led to the creation of the Commission of Inquiry into Child Abuse. In 2002, her ‘Cardinal Secrets’ programme for …

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Dec 21 2011

Compassion in action

The Irish government again notes that the Catholic church failed to prevent child abuse by its own employees, failed to follow its own rules, failed to call the cops, failed to protect children, failed to act like decent human beings, failed failed failed. It succeeded at protecting itself and its own people, and that’s it. …

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Dec 17 2011

Mutilate the baby tastefully

Parents shouldn’t mutilate their children, amirite? I think that’s a pretty safe claim. But…. But it turns out it’s ok, as long as you make a show of angst about it first. It’s ok as long as you go on and on and on about your feelings on the subject, demonstrating how sensitive you are, …

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Dec 11 2011

Here he is, he’s all yours

Some parents in Irvine California suspected their son, age 15, of smoking. So they sat him down and explained to him how useful it is to be able to breathe freely, how addictive tobacco is, how bad smoking makes you smell, right? Not quite. They asked a guy to beat the kid up for them (authorities …

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Dec 09 2011

On religious grounds

Human Rights Watch on child (meaning girl) marriage in Yemen.

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