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Sep 04 2011

Women are faint copies of men

Libby Anne’s parents always taught her that women and men are equal…sort of. My parents taught me that men and women were different and had different roles to play, but that men and women and their roles were also equal and of equal worth. The male role is to provide for his family and protect …

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Sep 02 2011

He taught me critical thinking

Another escapee is Libby Anne. She gives a ten-part account of being a good child of Patriarchy and then of being turned around. The childhood is by no means all horrible, even seen from the outside. Much of it is quite appealing. I also enjoyed gardening. We always had large gardens, and we children did …

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Aug 31 2011

He knew what God wanted, and what men wanted

Woho, looky here – the opposition looks at Vision Forum. A former stay-at-home-daughter and now stay-at-home wife and mommy says she wishes she’d gone to college. All of these books taught that the world was a very dangerous place for a woman. God had designed her to be at home, creating a peaceful haven for …

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