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Feb 26 2013

We are told we are respected, and yet

Feminism is resurging, says Ellie Mae O’Hagan at Comment is Free. It’s resurging because there is still so god damn much sexist shit going on. In that sense it would be nice if feminism could drop dead because it’s no longer needed. O’Hagan recently read The Feminine Mystique for the first time. To my mind, …

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Feb 13 2013

Global pushback

Laurie Penny went to Dublin to report on women fighting to legalize abortion in Ireland, then she went to Cairo to report on women fighting sexual harassment in Tahrir Square. In both places, women told her they were sick of feeling ashamed. From India to Ireland to Egypt, women are on the streets, on the …

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Feb 12 2013

No one to control them

When in doubt, harass women. Shahira Amin has an article at Index on Censorship about the harassment of women in Tahrir Square. Egyptian Salafi preacher Ahmed Mahmoud Abdulla — known as Abou Islam — recently made remarks justifying sexual violence against female protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, claiming that women who join protests are asking …

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Feb 09 2013

Enormous splash damage

On the rest of Christian Munthe’s post on internet harassment in Sweden and in general. The behaviour of the “net haters”, as the established term has come to be, is often equivalent or very close to criminal harassment, libel or threat. However, existing laws are obviously not constructed for a situation where these sort of …

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Feb 04 2013

What they don’t get

What it’s like to be Rebecca. She got a message this morning with a link. The link was to a pornographic MS Paint drawing someone made of me and posted to a Rule 34 porn site under the username “rand0mathe1st.” The image depicts me bound and gagged, covered in semen, with a dildo up my …

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Feb 04 2013

The timing of everything was carefully executed

What it’s like to be a woman in The Industry. What industry? It almost doesn’t matter, does it. This one is the tech industry. This week – someone decided to upload fake porn pictures of me to the internet – when I say fake I don’t mean my head stuck on someone’s body, but lookalikes …

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Jan 30 2013

And with one bound she was free


More harassment. More complications. More failure to disclose. More clumsy attempts at setups. More provocation followed by noisy media blitz to express outrage at the response to the provocation. The A-news people, who do that podcast I was invited to do, posted a podcast on Monday, the day I was invited. Lee Moore, the guy who …

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Jan 28 2013

Asking for brickbats

Laurie Penny says that internet misogyny should end. “There’s nothing wrong with [her] a couple of hours of cunt kicking, garrotting and burying in a shallow grave wouldn’t sort out.” Like many women who have public profiles online, I’m used to messages of this sort – the violent rape and murder fantasies, the threats to …

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Jan 27 2013

What we need is a filter

Cath Elliott writes about What it’s like to be a victim of Don’t Start Me Off’s internet hate mob. Note from Helen Lewis, who republished the post on her New Statesman blog: Note from Helen: Cath Elliott’s Blog, An Occupational Hazard, was one of the pieces which inspired me to collect together the experiences of …

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Jan 25 2013

He bruised his knuckles when he punched her

It was all Mary Beard’s fault, as it turns out. No really; it was. The guy who ran that website says so. If he doesn’t know, who does?! The co-owner and moderator of the website that published abusive comments about Mary Beard has accused the Cambridge academic of using the row to deflect from her …

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