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Jan 06 2014

But it’s social

Andy Lewis aka le canard noir tells us the Society of Homeopaths are applying to become accredited as a voluntary professional register with the Professional Standards Authority. Professional how? Standards of what? Professional standards in what universe? What “professional standards” are even possible for homeopathy? I wonder if homeopaths ever get charged with malpractice. Back to our …

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Aug 08 2013

High-end cutting-edge research

Gosh – a whole big sciencey conference with sciencey people in sciencey clothes and sciencey glasses, using sciencey words and sciencey concepts, to talk about… …homeopathy. What a lot of effort for such a futile activity. The Homeopathy Research Institute’s International Research Conference, ‘Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy’, took place in Barcelona in May-June 2013. …

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May 08 2013

A homeopathic preparation called “influenzinum”

Canada…you’re supposed to be more sensible than the US. You know this. What are you doing? Health Canada licenses homeopathic vaccines Come on. Really? Most Canadians were born too recently to see the night-and-day difference in public health brought about by immunizations—individuals who witnessed the horrors of the polio epidemics of the 1950s first hand …

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Dec 19 2012

Devon and homeopathy calling it quits

There’s one bit of cheery news – an NHS “homeopathic outreach clinic” in Devon is closing because of falling demand. But why did such a clinic ever exist in the first place? Homeopathy isn’t a thing. The NHS doesn’t have outreach clinics that do bloodletting, does it? Or exorcisms? Or treatment for an excess of black …

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