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Mar 27 2014

God has made her female

A Christian “school” kicks out an eight-year-old girl because she doesn’t dress or act girly enough. Literally. Word for word. They said she defied “biblical standards.” Oh right, all those parts of the bible that say girls have to wear dresses; I remember those. Geraldine 7:4 was it? Mirabella 22:15? Angelina 9:7? “You’re probably aware …

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Jan 25 2012

It’s a boy it’s a frog it’s a plane it’s WEIRD

Oh for god’s sake. I was looking at something (reluctantly) in the Daily Mail, and noticed another headline, so took a look at that… Young girl has short hair shock-horror!!!1111!!!!!!!!!!! I know the Mail specializes in being as stupid as possible, but honestly…………. Angelina Jolie’s little tomboy Shiloh unveils her very short haircut Angelina Jolie …

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