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Nov 05 2011

Happy Caturday: Guest blogging


My kitten Pixel is guest blogging today over at Greta Christina’s blog. Soon enough, she’ll be a more popular blogger than I am. I also think Pixel feels a little left out when my boyfriend and I are trying to cuddle: “Hey! Hey! WHAT ABOUT ME!”

Oct 22 2011

Happy Caturday: My blogging helper


“O hai thar. Can I halp?”

Oct 15 2011

Happy Caturday: Sleepy Kitten Edition


I’m working on my big research presentation, so you get a bunch of kitten photos. Such a horrible burden, I know.

Oct 09 2011

Happy Belated Caturday!

I forgot I get to do this now! Here’s my new kitten pixel adorably falling asleep on my lap.

Oct 06 2011

Kitten assimilation has begun


We’ve named her Pixel. It seems appropriate – she’s already thinking with Portals: And helping me blog: And appreciating my nerdy coffee table books: And helping out my roommate as he plays video games: She even managed to mark all of my Google Reader items as read as she pawed at my laptop. I think …

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Oct 03 2011

I adopted a kitten!


My roommate and I have adopted a kitten! We got her at the Seattle Animal Shelter. She’s a three month old Lynx Colorpoint Shorthair, which basically means she has the same dark areas as a Siamese, but she has tabby stripes in those areas. She is so cuddly I had a hard time pouring her …

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Jan 16 2010

Why I want a cat in grad school

To help me do all of my lab work:Though in all seriousness, I am looking forward to getting a cat in grad school. Finding a pet friendly apartment is going to be important to me, because I’m pretty dead set on adopting. I’ve had cats my whole life, and undergrad has just felt empty without …

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