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Jun 06 2011

Conservapedia has solved the atheist gender gap

Answer: Ponies. Gee, thanks, Conservapedia! Now that mystery is solved, my new investigation will be why any women would consider themselves conservative when they’re treated like brainless 5 year olds. Brought to you by the same people who claimed all atheists were fat. I so wish this were a Poe.

Jun 04 2011

Homeopathy for homosexuality

The Union of Catholic Physicians of Germany is offering a homeopathic therapy to “cure” homosexuality: The religious association, which calls itself the “voice of the Catholic medical community,” writes on its website that while “homosexuality is not an illness,” a host of treatments are available to keep such “inclinations” at bay. Possibilities include “constitutional treatments …

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Jun 03 2011

I’m such a meanie!

Apparently some Savage Love listeners are in a tizzy because I called religion “silly.” Oh dear me! Pass the smelling salts! Silly? Silly? How utterly barbaric! That religion/spirituality discussion got pretty damned dismissive. I do think it’s useful – probably necessary – to be skeptical about everything (even a person’s own skepticism), but I don’t …

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Jun 01 2011

Alright, *now* I’m motivated to learn how to ride a bike

Thanks, kid. A video of my bike riding attempt will come sometime after this quarter is over (June 7) and I actually find free time. And, well, someone with a bike.

Jun 01 2011

Over $30,000 raised for Camp Quest!

Here are the final results from our month long fundraiser for Camp Quest: Team Awesome: $13,550.06 Team PZ: $13,016.01 Matched amounts: Team Awesome: $1,868.73 Team PZ: $1,640.00 Total Match: $3,508.73 Grand Total Raised: $30,074.80 You guys are amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who donated and spread the word. Because of you, tons of young …

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Jun 01 2011

Double your impact in helping freethinking kids!

There’s only a couple hours left in our Camp Quest fundraiser. Team Awesome is now ahead of Team PZ, mainly because PZ is a nefarious bastard and hoisted the white flag of defeat after Team Awesome had promised to embarrass themselves in a number of ways if they won. But there’s exciting news! Todd Stiefel …

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