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Well, this is new

My mom texted me at 7:15am to let me know the Washington coast had a tsunami advisory. Apparently my groggy reply that I was fine didn’t make her feel better, because she then called me since she and my grandparents were convinced I was going to drown in my basement apartment. Oddly me saying “I live on top of a hill” was more comforting to her than the fact that Seattle isn’t on the Washington coast – it’s on the Puget Sound.

Haha, love you, Mom.

Though it is odd how differently we react to natural disasters we’re not used to. Massive thunderstorm? Go watch the lightning on the deck. Tornado? Stare at the cool green sky before running to the basement. Tsunami? HOLY FUCKBALLS! I’m going to pee my pants if/when an earthquake hits nearby.

Anyway, I don’t know if I have any readers who live in Japan or have family there, but best wishes to Japan. I hope everything there is okay. Same goes to anyone who actually is getting hit by a tsunami.

And you can all stop telling me it was my fault – I swear I was wearing modest pajamas.