Aug 11 2010

I’m coming to New York City!

I’ll be in the Big Apple from Wed, August 18th to Wednesday, August 25th – yep, that’s the new travel destination I hinted at earlier! I absolutely can’t wait! I’ll be busy with something super exciting on the 18th and 19th – you’ll find the exact details why later today when I have enough time to properly squee*. This cruel teaser post is for three things:

1. What awesome things do I have to see in NYC? I’ve never been there before. My brother and sister-in-law live in Brooklyn and are prepared to show me neat places, but I’m still open to suggestions.

2. Since invariably someone will ask me this whenever I’m traveling…If I have any readers in/near NYC that want to meet for a pub night, now’s your chance to speak up in the comments. Please let me know which nights (20th through 24th) do or do not work for you. It’ll be somewhere in Brooklyn or Manhattan, depending on what works for people.

3. If anyone know how to hook me up with a ticket for the Daily Show or Colbert Report, I’ll give you my undying love/immortal soul/one million internet points. Not just people with connections – tips on finding a ticket are appreciated. I’m dying to go, and I’m willing to exploit boobquake for a seat if necessary (“But Colbert Report staff, you talked about me on the show! Surely you can sneak me in? *puppy eyes*”)

*If you’re a friend who knows what it is, please humor me by not ruining my dramatic suspense in the comments :P


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  1. 1

    If you can be in Colbert Report, then you can probably have a chance to be in the David Letterman Show. I think it would be awesome if we atheists can make fun of the stupid religious cleric on TV. :-) It would be even better if there is a top ten list about boobquake.

  2. 2
    Andrew Hall

    I always go to the Strand Bookstore, it’s a cathedral of books.

  3. 3

    My favorite place in NYC is Scandinavia House (and I’m not Scandinavian). You’ll get there just in time to visit the Eco Chic exhibit (sustainable Swedish clothing) before it closes (last day Aug. 21). Think of it not as a fashion experience but as an experiment in sustainable living. Also be sure to eat in the restaurant — such good food.

  4. 4

    The best museums in the world – Museum of Natural History, Museum of Sex

  5. 5

    Daily Show tix are hard to get and always wait listed. Not sure about Colbert. I can ask around regarding Colbert If you are in town check out the AMNH of course. It’s all sorts of awesome. If you are staying in Brooklyn Bonnies Grill has the best damn burgers. La Villa great pizza. I probably won’t be in town on the 20-22 but will be back on the 23rd if a pub meet up happens.

  6. 6

    =o NYC! You’ll be in my state! That means I…Can totally miss it by being out of state that week. :( Oh well…have a good time in NYC. And visit the Statue of Liberty at least. <.<; Or at least the base of said statue. OH! And the Nintendo World Store. That place is seriously awesome for any gaming nerd. =O<

  7. 7
    Frank Bellamy

    I vote for the 22nd or 23rd for a pub night, I could probably make it to NYC then. I’m sure it’s already on your list, but the natural history museum there is awesome. Particularly the human origins exhibit.

  8. 8

    If SC’s staffers are diligent they’re reading your blog and will send you tickets! (think: Google alerts). If all else fails, show up at the standby line in a Boobquake T-shirt and a friend or two to help you make a fuss. I imagine the crowd there would be supportive. I’m looking forward to seeing you on the show… bound to happen sometime soon, I think.

  9. 9

    Museum of Natural History / Museum of Sex

  10. 10

    American Museum of Natural History, especially the Paleontological Halls.

  11. 11

    On August 21 you can go swim in a dumpster pool on Park Avenue: http://gothamist.com/2010/08/0…Also, I assume you’ve already planned a trip to the natural history museum?

  12. 12
    Leah @ Unequally Yoked

    I’m a NY native, so I’m glad to provide show recommendations (you can email me at leah (dot) libresco (at) yale (dot) edu, if you want details), but my number one rec is Next to Normal, which is usually available on the TKTS line (if you’re not familiar with TKTS, they sell broadway/offbroadway tix for half off day of the performance. Go to the south street seaport location to get tix early, rather than wait in line all day).Don’t bother trying for Shakespeare in the Park. By this point in the summer, you’d have to wait from 6am-1pm.–Leah @ http://www.unequally-yoked.com

  13. 13
    Leah @ Unequally Yoked

    Also, I could come to a pub night on the 22nd.

  14. 14

    Some of the absolute est stuff is MoMA, the Met, the Natural History Museum, and definitely, DEFINITELY Strand Bookstore. The street markets in the garment district are pretty great, and really just walking around is immensely fun. You’ll find a thousand more things to do that way than we could ever tell you.

  15. 15

    Artichoke Pizza in the East Village (http://www.artichokepizza.com/… makes the best pizza I have ever tasted. As far as sightseeing goes, of course the Natural History Museum is a must. Personally, I love the MoMA as well.

  16. 16

    Museum of Sex. I feel like you’re the type who would enjoy it.

  17. 17
    Robert B

    I hate to break the silence, but Jen is modeling for a remake of the Statue of Liberty.OrI hate to break the silence, but Jen is launching a campaign to prevent any new buildings linked to a religion from being built near ground zero.OrI hate to break the silence, but Jen is quitting biology grad school to go to art school.

  18. 18

    OMG yes.

  19. 19

    Long time reader, first time poster here. I’m a science PhD student in Manhattan. The 23rd or 24th are best for me. New York is great :)

  20. 20

    Also, I’d probably go see you in a pub on the 20th!

  21. 21
    Dawn Gilbert Dietzel

    If you have time, the Museum of the City of New York is really cool (after the usual suspects of MOMA, AMNH, etc). The NY Renaissance Festival is running weekends so if you can go on the 21 or 22, it’s a lot of fun, although a bit of a drive from NYC. Otherwise, just walk around and enjoy.

  22. 22
    Camels With Hammers

    If you are adventurous enough to make it up to the Bronx for an afternoon/early evening, the Zoo, the Botanical Gardens and the best Italian food in the city (on Arthur Avenue) are all within a few blocks (in my former neighborhood of the last 10 years). And if you like Thai food, I was just recently introduced to one of the best places in the city for it, on Amsterdam, at about 107 or 108th. I think it’s called Thai Market.I should be free that whole week, keep us all apprised of any plans for a pub gathering and I can probably make whatever anyone else can.

  23. 23
    Adam Douglass

    I’ve only been to NYC briefly, though I did enjoy it. I’d add another reminder to see the Natural History Museum. Not sure if anyone would find this interesting as I did, but I’d make sure there was time to take a good stroll in and around central park. Its interesting how in parts of the park you can’t see the city, but 30m farther on you are surrounded by buildings.

  24. 24
    Tony B

    Go stalk Neil deGrasse Tyson at Hayden Planetarium. At least for me, meeting him, even in passing, would be the biggest fanboy opportunity in NYC. You should absolutely send an email to whatever contacts there are at the Colbert Report, Daily Show, or whatever other shows you like. I think your current level of celebrity might rate a perk as small as show tickets. There’s even a tiny, but better than zero, probability that someone might ask for an interview.

  25. 25

    I’ll second the New York Botanical Gardens. I’ve been to both the Brooklyn and the New York, and personally feel that the New York one is more enjoyable. If you go, one of the highlights is the Benenson Ornamental Conifers collection.

  26. 26
    Thomas Everett Haynes

    Just ask to appear on the show. Then kill anyone who would be on while you are there.

  27. 27

    Is Astroland still around? I have fond memories of the place from my childhood.

  28. 28
    Carl Viñas

    I got a photo of my girlfriend in front of the place one night when going to a bar for a friends birthday. They had bouquets of glass dildos in the windows. It was pretty awesome.

  29. 29
    Carl Viñas

    If you’re a mac & cheese fan (as everybody should be), I strongly recommend going to a place called Sarita’s Mac & Cheese, or S’MAC. It’s on the lower east side (13th btw 1st & 2nd), and the easiest way to get there is to take the L-train to 1st and 14th. There’s also an awesome biergarten called Loreley’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAY downtown (Rivington btw Bowery and Chrystie) that’s definitely worth checking out.If you want to see a landmark, check out Hook & Ladder No.8, also known as the Ghostbusters firehouse. That’s on the corner of Varick and N. Moore St, also way downtown near Chinatown. While on the Ghostbusters trend, don’t forget about the New York Public Library, which is on 5th Ave btw 40th and 42nd St.As far as finding time to meet up, Manhattan is the most convenient for me since I live on Long Island and have an hour trainride in. Any day after 5pm is most ideal for me.

  30. 30

    Somewhat new and as yet totally unknown reader, here. I’d vote for the 23rd or 24th for pub meetup. Out of town until the night of the 22nd, bleh.

  31. 31

    Absolute bagels on Broadway, between W107 and 108th Street, amazing, also Naples pizza place Lucali, 271 Bleeker street in Greenwich Village. The Whitney museum shop sells the non-tourist guide to Manhattan if you want to see off beat stuff, also a great museum, small and not overwhelming. For gifts the Moma design shop is amazing (got my mom Babushka measuring dolls), and the Lego shop near Rockefeller center, wow, you can buy individual bricks!The NY public library and there a tours + they have A.A Milne’s original Winnie the Pooh toys in the basement.Have fun ; )

  32. 32

    I live in Manhattan. Whenever you’re meeting people I’ll be there.

  33. 33

    +1, http://www.museumofsex.com/ Basically the most awesome thing ever.

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