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A superbowl ad that manages to combine all of my favorite things!

I’ll admit I’m one of those people who tunes into the Superbowl just to see the hilarious commercials. That’s why I’m saddened to find out that my commercial viewing will be sullied by this nonsense:

Focus on the Family will air a 30-second “life- and family-affirming” television spot, featuring University of Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, during the coverage. …

Tebow and his mother will share one of their many positive personal stories, Schneeberger said, but he wouldn’t reveal which one. One contender is Pam Tebow’s decision to carry her son to term despite a life-threatening pregnancy in the Philippines, where she and her husband, Bob, were serving as Christian missionaries.

Focus on the Family + Tim Tebow + Anti-abortion emotional stories = Jen vomiting all over her new HD TV

But this is the part that really gets me:

“Every cent for this ad was paid for by generous donors who specifically gave for this project because they are excited about this opportunity for Focus to show who we are and what we do,” Schneeberger said.

This is supposed to be a good thing that about $2.5 million was raised for a stupid commercial? If you people really cared about families and life, why don’t you give that money to a better fund? How about food shelters, child clinics, or education? How about supporting all of those unwanted children you’re forcing women to bring into the world? No, instead you need to go on national television guilting women about a difficult but sometimes necessary life choice because Jesus told you to. Yep, you’re really such a moral, ethical group of people.