Blogathon questions and topics

I apologize for asking so many random questions lately. It seems like my blog turned into “Weee I can’t make up my mind, tell me random internet people!” But I need your help for one more thing.

Saturday is the Blogathon, and I’m going to end up making a total of 48 posts in 24 hours. That’s a whole lot of blog posts. To put it in perspective for you, I average about 49 posts a month – and now I’ll have to do that in a day.

So how can you help? Send me questions, topics, interesting articles, fun videos, hilarious photos, anything. You know I generally like to talk about atheism, biology, and sex, but whatever seems interesting is fine. That way I’ll have to resort to less filler once I’ve been up for 24 hours and I’m becoming delusional. I’m already going to clutter up your feed readers with a ton of posts – I want them to at least be good posts. You can either leave a comment, email me at jmccreig(at), or tweet me at jennifurret on twitter.

Don’t forget, you can sponsor me by clicking here and pledging a donation. Everything goes to the Secular Student Alliance. Even a dollar helps, since all donations to SSA are being matched by the Vital Spark Foundation until August 1!

And if you’re not feeling creative enough to send me ideas, and you’re a poor college student like me, you can still help out my just reading and commenting on my posts on Saturday. I have a feeling I’m going to get a bit lonely once no one is online around 4 AM my time, so the occasional comments will keep me going.

Thanks again everyone!