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How to fight atheism

We don’t very often have good things to say about churches here, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. And for once, we’ve got a church that, as the San Antonio Express-News reports, finally gets it right.

Call it the battle of the billboards.

In Lexington, a church has decided to lease billboard space to respond to a recent message from an atheists’ group.

Pastor Jared Henry of Lafayette Church of the Nazarene told the Lexington Herald-Leader ( that the church has gotten “almost exclusively positive feedback” after posting its message, which says: “We believe in God. Join the right club. John 3:16.”

It came on the heels of a billboard message in September and October that said: “Don’t believe in God? Join the club.”

No death threats? No vandalism? Wow.

Not everyone is happy about the billboard.

Clay Maney, a member of the Humanist Forum of Central Kentucky, said the Bluegrass Coalition of Reason put up the original billboard to let non-believers know that they are not alone…

“The new billboard comes across as judgment when ours did not,” Maney said. “We’re trying to be welcoming, while they’re trying to be judgmental.”

Nonsense, they’re just claiming that their religion is better than unbelief, as is the prerogative of any publicity campaign. That’s totally legit, plus it gives atheists a perfect precedent for billboards saying that atheism is better. So kudos to Pastor Jared Henry of Lafayette Church of the Nazarene.