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Oo, wicked

Here’s a headline that gives a bit of pause.

Atheist Group to Rip Up Bible Passages on Saturday

Mixed feelings, eh? I mean, I’ve got no compunctions about the Bible being a holy book or anything, but on the other hand, book ripping isn’t really all that different from book burning. But read the details.

An Orange County, Calif. atheist group plans to put on a demonstration Saturday afternoon in which they will rip up sections of the Bible that they deem “immoral.”

Though they won’t be tearing pages straight out of a book, members of Backyard Skeptics, OC’s largest atheist organization, plans to rip up photocopies of the Scriptures on the Huntington Beach pier.

Brilliant! They found a way to express their disapproval of significant Scriptural passages, without giving in to the temptations of censorship and oppression. They claim that they’re not out to offend anyone (yeah, right), but that they’re hoping to educate people. Don’t apologize, guys—outrageousness is what gets their attention. If Rush Limbaugh went out of his way to avoid offending people, we’d be referring to him as “Rush who??”

And it looks like this stunt is already producing some very educational results. See below the fold for the Christian response.

Ray Comfort leads the charge by jumping straight into moral relativism and abandoning the Old Testament—let the Jews have it, we don’t want it any more.

Ray Comfort, an evangelist who does open-air preaching in Huntington Beach… says that Gleason’s organization is ignoring some very important issues.

“I think we need to take the log out of our own eye before we look at a culture 3,000 years ago, and take portions of their civil law and try to apply them to America somehow, and blame Christians for Jewish Scriptures,” he said in an interview with The Christian Post.

Yes, it’s so unfair of atheists to blame the Christian God for what the Jewish God commanded his followers to do under the guise of giving them a Law that the Apostle Paul, in the New Testament, called “holy and righteous and good.” How dare we claim that there’s anything wrong with stoning a Jewish girl to death if her husband is not convinced of her virginity on their wedding night?

But don’t worry, Jesus loves atheists, and so does Ray.

“Atheists are a very, very tiny minority, but very loud. They’re like chihuahuas. They’re yappy little creatures because they’ve got an inferiority complex,” he said.

I notice he didn’t bring up the topic of projection…

Fear not, atheists, Backyard Skeptics founder Bruce Gleason is ready to fire back with a witty retort.

“There are a lot of good portions of the Bible,” says Gleason, though he finds value in some of the Scriptures because of the principles they share, not because he believes it is the revealed Word of God.

“I’m doing this to make this a better world. I feel that reason, science, and critical thinking will do much more than prayer and belief,” Gleason said of this weekend’s event.

Hmm, calm, tolerant, and reasonable? Is that how unbelievers respond when they’re mocked and insulted by evangelists? Who’d have thought? But Comfort gets in one last dig or two.

Gleason says they are targeting the Bible because there are more Christians in America than there are people of other religions, but Comfort says that his thinking isn’t fair.

“If he wants to make a point he needs to go after all religion, not just Christianity,” said Comfort.

Funny, a minute ago they were only attacking the Jewish Scriptures. Now it’s Christians?

He also said that his hope was that, ultimately, atheists would turn toward God.

“Many atheists don’t realize this, but we love them. We’re concerned for them. We want to see them come to know God and his forgiveness.”

God, unfortunately, was not available to comment on His views regarding the Backyard Skeptics. Apparently, HE doesn’t care as much as Ray does.

Think about it.