Maybe this needs “rebranding”

Pat Robertson got slammed on Free Republic when he blamed Haiti’s earthquakes on evil  voodoo. Turns out though, he’s not the only one who thinks that! So does this clown:

WaPo — You may remember that Robertson recently made headlines with his assertion that Haiti’s Jan. 12 earthquake could be blamed on “a pact with the Devil.” Robertson said this pact had been sealed in a voodoo ceremony on the eve of Haiti’s successful slave rebellion more than 200 years ago.”I know his comments angered a lot of the so-called, in my opinion, liberals,” said the Rev. Joe Ellison, vice president of the Council on Spiritual Principles, who said he was speaking as an emissary of the black community.

“From a spiritual standpoint, we think the Dr. Robertson was on target about Haiti, in the past, with voodoo. And we believe in the Bible that the practice of voodoo is a sin, and what caused the nation to suffer. Those who read the Bible and study the history know that what Dr. Robertson said was the truth.”

Ellison told reporters that people should also know that Robertson, who stood by his comments on Haiti during their recent meeting, also has sent 12,000 tons of food, first aid supplies and other material to the stricken island.

Not sure what to make of that last part. What’s interesting here is Joe Ellison. I think that’s the same guy who was just named Director of African-American Engagement for the Republican party in Virginia. Because that’s what the GOP needs to make inroads with minority voters.

Words …. fail … me … … That’s … simply hilarious.


  1. hypatiasdaughter says

    It is so nice that Xtian nations never suffer from earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis.

  2. markr1957 says

    No earthquakes and/or tsunamis in Alaska – evah! No hurricanes in Florida, no siree! No tornadoes in Oklahoma either, I guess. Oh wait, we all know that YHWH has piss poor aim!

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