This is only a test

I don’t think this can cause any problem … I don’t think :) Anyway, for the brave, hit this link and tell me in comments if you can hear audio from progressive radio host David Waldman. For the next hour or two anyway.



  1. F says


    Only difference for me is that I have pls files set to download rather than run, which I then open in VLC. Because I like it that way (and stops one thing going Crashy McCrashcrash from taking down everything running under the browser process).

    Anything free of Flash when Flash is unnecessary is fantastic. Especially when Flash wants to go all Memory McLeaky.


    Check your browser’s plugins/associations to see that something is set to handle pls files.

  2. F says

    Blargh. I bet I’m getting caught in a spam filter here.

    I only intend to suggest that testing after the above link has gone dark can be accomplished by visiting a site which also uses pls files or has them as an option.

    My example seems to be triggering the pharma-spam filter.

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