The priceline negotiator narrates Curiosity on Mars


The older William Shatner gets the more I like him. Kirk was cool and all, but it’s Shatner’s unique combo of gifted actor, great voice, and a guy who can laugh at himself plus get you to laugh along that sold me.  Cosmic Log posted a great video, now below the fold, where Shatner and other Trekkie actors marvel at the MSL and the rover scheduled to land precariously this weekend. Enjoy.

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    Right at the beginning of the Bohemian Rhapsody clip, when the girl says ‘Holy Shatner’; that audio clip is my text message notification on my phone. I will leave it to others to vote on Nerdy or Cool in replies.

  2. F says

    Is he really deeper, or is it just another layer of not-entirely-consciously done self-caricature?

    T. J. Hooker.

    I actually found him more earnest pre-Star Trek, but that could have just been better acting.

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    While I am not a big original series person there is one episode that everyone should probably see, and it becomes a drinking game if you can rope in one person that has never seen it. The episode is from season 2 and is called “The Immunity Syndrome”, we like to call it the ‘That’s what she said’ episode because that is the drinking game. Some of the greatest ‘That’s what she said’ dialogue ever can be found in this episode such as Mr. Spock saying, “The area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive.” In fact there is a bunch of penetration lines. The person that has never seen this episode will not be able to help themselves, every time they say, ‘That’s what she said.’ You drink.

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