No one is banned: let’s get giggy with it

I’ve received two emails from readers over the last few days saying they can’t comment elsewhere on FTB nor on this site. My guess is this is yet another in the endless series of obscure technical glitches plaguing this medium, having something to do with the fact that we use computers, computers suck beyond words by themselves, and add to that they have to try to operate on an Internet well into the process of being utterly ruined by thieves, scammers and spammers.

I apologize for any frustration this may have caused. FWIW I have not messed with comment permissions or banned anyone, ever. And I’ll see what I can find out about this. For now, let’s get techy with it!

Now, I’m more than happy to commiserate with you about the dismal state of digital devices. They glitch, crash, reset, and fail. None of which was too big a deal when they were high tecvh toys to play on a glemaing new World Wide Web, but fail to an new standard in epic when we now depend on them for our livilohood. But I’d rather light a candle that curse your darkness!

If you are going to send me a bug report, and you are on a Windows machine, there is some useful info you can include and knowing how to get it is kinda cool and damn useful. 

First, what kind of security software, or AV, are you running?

One easy way to find out is to 1) click on the start menu in the lower left corner, 2) click on my computer in the menu, 3) click on add or remove programs in the right margin of the window tha t appears. This will show you all the programs on your PC. If you see Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Malware Bytes, Microsoft Security Essentials, or anything with the word security in it. Another thing to check is the tool bar below, usually there are icons on the left side of it, and sometimes an arrow up close to where the time displays. If you click on that arrow and wave your mouse cursor through the icons on that side of the toolbar, you may find security software.

Another thing that’s important is your Operating System or OS.

Look down at your keyboard, there’s probably a key left of the space bar that has a flag symbol on it. 1) Hold that key down and press and release the “R” key 2) a little box will pop up in the lower left corner that says “Run,” 3) Type in that box without the quotes ” dxdiag “, 4) hit OK. If another window pops up asking you something about signing something, say no. Whatever it says after Operating System is what you have. BTW if you click on “Display” it will show you what your video hardware is all about; if you look to the left on that video info page you’ll see something that says “Date.” That’s the last time your video chip set or graphics card was updated with drivers. If that date is more than a few months out you need to check with the manufacturer. EG:, I have an annoying issue where my edit screen would pitch and scroll when I was editing long posts. It turned out my mouse drivers needed to be updated. Once I did that single, simple thing, half of it went away.

Lastly, it helps to know what Browser you are using.

The most common are Internet Explorer aka I/E, FireFox, or Chrome. They have versions, especially Firefox, like 3.3 or 4.2, that’s useful if you can include it. Other things that are good to know, does the issue persist no matter what kind of device you are logged into, another PC, a Mac, a phone?

So to sum it up, I’m interested in any issue that interferes with your ability to connect, read, link out, and/or participate here at FTB. If you report an issue, and can include a through description, your OS, your AV software including any pop up blockers or firewalls operating, the Browser, and any info on how it works when logged into other machines, devices, and locations, that is most helpful but it is not requisite.


  1. machintelligence says

    It could be a glitch at WordPress. Sometimes I have a hard time logging in — or that might be my fat fingers.

  2. jamessweet says

    You probably won’t see this… but I can comment most everywhere on FtB, except here and one or two other blogs, about half of the posts I try to comment on, my posts go down the hole. We’ll see what happens to this one…

  3. magistramarla says

    My problems are usually caused by Razzolink, my slow internet service. It’s some sort of a wifi system, and when everyone in the neighborhood is home playing games, downloading movies, etc. the system is terribly slow and randomly kicks me off of the internet.
    We live on an Army installation, and have no choice in what service we have. Razzolink is the lowest bidder who happened to win the contract with the Army this year.

  4. F says

    Exactly where in the process of signup/login/post does it fail?

    What third-party credentials are you passing to the FTB/WP login form if any? (i.e., not a native WP login with straight-up email address and password not linked to any other service like “log in with FB”.)

  5. blindrobin says

    also too as well if FireFox or Chrome are involved what add-ons / extensions are being employed could be useful informative and edificatory not to mention problamitcal vis-vis the experienced difficulticals experienced by the endical user be they big endian or little endian if you get my drift, a fine book I understand by that R. Maddow fella…

  6. Captaintripps says

    Rather than fuss with that malarkey, Steven, you should just have people visit and then send you the results.

    Also, though I love the content, I’m much more ready to blame the underlying code than I am an end user’s machine.

  7. abusedbypenguins says

    I’m so cheap that I have dial-up on an xp pc and ie8. My only problem(Some problem) is that all are slow to load but I’ve never been denied a post.

  8. says

    The last time that I posted on this blog, the post never showed up.

    I suspect that Akismet had put me on a block list.

    I inquired at Akismet. They said that the problem has been cleared up. If this posts, it will show that they are right.

    Incidentally, it did not only affect this blog. I had similar problems with several wordpress blogs.

    Here’s testing.

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