This is your cost for gas on Fox News

Via Balloon Juice, above, this is what your gas prices have actually done over the past year courtesy of Triple A. Below, this is your gas prices for the past year on Fox News. Hahaha! Any questions?


  1. The Lorax says

    I think, technically, their graph is correct. It’s just, you know, leaving out a terrible lot of information. What’s that called again? When you only select certain desired small round fruits in order to artificially promote a particular viewpoint? Gosh, it’s on the tip of my tongue…

  2. sunsangnim says

    Let me guess…it’s all Obama’s fault and we need to drill more and build the Keystone pipeline? Billions more in subsidies to oil companies which won’t significantly affect the price?

  3. nemothederv says

    So, in other words, we should bomb Iran? It’s Fox so I assume that was the intended message.

  4. says

    This morning, I was walking past the TV where Fox is on *shudder* and I saw a thing about “Who is destroying the economy!?”

    In the paper, it mentioned how we almost cracked an all-time record in the Dow. Rachel Maddow has been talking about how unemployment is getting better. All in all, our economy is getting (marginally) better.

    Fox lives in an alternate universe, where logic and reason don’t exist.

  5. blindrobin says

    Stat-mining by Fox, well I find it a surprisingly refreshing change in that the numbers aren’t just pulled out of someones arse.

  6. says

    The thing is, how hard would it be for the WH to get out in front of this? If gas prices go to 5 bucks people will be pissed every time they’re at the pump. Give them a target for that anger. How about … oh I dunno, a target that’s already terribly unpopular, that is working against the WH and the progressive movement anyway they can, and has a long historoy of being unpopular on virtually every front, from tax payer handouts to destroying environments left and right. If only such an industry existed ..

  7. brucecoppola says

    #8. Are you completely ignorant of economics? It works like this: when gas prices go up under a Republican administration it’s The Invisible Hand of The Market. Under a Democratic administration it’s because of socialistic regulations and job killing tree huggers and Muslims. Is that so hard to understand?

  8. davidct says

    People seem to have very short memories. They are more easily frightened but the rate of change and uncertainty than the absolute change. We experienced a long period where gas prices staying the same during the 80’s. Had they risen with inflation today’s price would not seem that high. In constant dollars the price is still not that high. Of course I now drive a Prius so my costs have been more constant over time. If I had a big SUV or pickup (which you do not see outside the US) the gas prices would be of more concern.

    Actually the price of gas was higher before the market collapsed. Why do people think that a rise in the demand for oil will have no effect on them?

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