Sometimes a finger is just a finger

Headline, Yeti finger mystery solved using DNA. Guess what it is really is?

(BBC) — The Royal College of Surgeons granted a request for a DNA test to be carried out on a tiny sliver of the finger. The finger is of human origin, according to Dr Rob Jones, senior scientist at the Zoological Society of Scotland. “We have got a very, very strong match to a number of existing reference sequences on human DNA databases.


  1. grumpyoldfart says

    Returning to the temple, he gave a donation in return for the finger, and then wired the human finger onto the relic.

    Mr Slick helped ensure the finger would reach London safely with the help of his friend, the Hollywood actor James Stewart and his wife Gloria, who were in India at the time.

    They were to meet in the Grand Hotel in Calcutta, said Mr Byrne.

    “They were a little bit worried about customs, so Gloria hid it in her lingerie case and they got out of India no trouble.

    “They arrived at Heathrow, but the lingerie case was missing.”

    A few days later, a customs official returned the case to the Hollywood couple, reassuring Gloria that a British customs officer would “never open a lady’s lingerie case”.

    The finger was handed over to Prof Hill after which, Mr Byrne explained, he lost contact with him.

    What a load of crap. It sounds like a story that he wrote for Wide World Magazine – and they rejected it!

    Let’s send a reporter back to the monastery and interview some of the monks who were there at the time. I’ll bet none of them remember Byrne.

  2. jbhodges7 says

    All this shows is that if the finger is from a Yeti, then Yeti are close relatives to humankind. Which would not be a surprise.

  3. says

    My dogs would chew on either one. Nom, nom, nom!

    jbhodges7 is absolutely correct. How much of a match would you get from a chimpanzee or gorilla tissue sample?

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