They’re trying to kill us with satire

That’s the only explanation for having Donald Trump host a GOP debate. The right has confused satire made flesh with a potent political weapon and octo-mom was unavailable. Which begs the question, just how many delightfully campy ways can our fair and balanced media package the GOP clown show?

Tipping the scales for good might only require ice skating moderators, or a debate in which all the candidates had to give their answers in the form of short puppet shows, or Ron Paul in front of a grill, demonstrating recipes from his recently published cookbook.

Recall that Donald Trump’s short-lived political career was last seen swirling the drain as he questioned the President’s birth certificate, right about the same time the President released the long-form and then followed up by having bin Laden shot in the face. Trump’s an over the hill, toupee wearing, fat white guy who rubs people the wrong way and has to pay models to stand anywhere near him while trying not to grimace. So it absolutely makes sense that the uber-conservative Newsmax would choose the Donald to host the next episode of Anyone-But-Romney.

On the up side, Trump fancies himself a showman and never bothers to play nice, so he could make an interesting scene if someone evades a question. Wouldn’t it be ironic if this bozo asked tougher questions than the quasi-legitimate talking heads that preceeded him? Given the weak performances by those prior debate moderators, the depth of the untapped comedic material they left behind, and Trump’s shout-first never-think-later style, it’s entirely possible that that could happen.


  1. says

    Which begs the question . . .

    Begging the question is the informal fallacy of assuming what one is trying to prove. Please do not use the phrase in place of “raising the question.” Thank you. [/pedant]

  2. grumpyoldfart says

    just how many delightfully campy ways can our fair and balanced media package the GOP clown show?

    I was begging for someone to ask that question.

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