FBI came to my New York home. They said I got threat from terrorists and gave me the link of this youtube video. They asked me to be careful. Should I be scared?

The terrorists said Muhammad the prophet killed his critics. So as the followers of Muhammad should also kill the critics of Muhammad and the religion he created.


  1. says

    Hope not. There aren’t many one- on- one assassinations carried out, but you should exercise caution. I hope you won’t be intimidated, but I would understand if you were.

  2. Md Hasibur Rahman says

    আপা আপনার সাথে দেখা করার খুব ইচ্ছা।এই ইচ্ছে টাকি পুরান করবেন।শুধু একবার দেখা করতে চাই প্লিজ একটু দয়া করেন।আমি আপনার ছোট ভাই হলে কি দেখা করতেন না।

  3. says

    i never read her tragedy life listen and read from my sense my holy soul identified to Taslima Nasreen honest honorable holy person life are challenging struggling, Bombard Water Shed flowing begin one male holy Adam Sallam, Heveva salaimma, flow flow now we are generated by one male one female population are 1000Millions Numbers one man one woman growth now above said figure. one drop male one drop female created in 1000Millions how amazing God &God creators talent . if any woman defend her sexuality attacked by satanic molecules no help from any side angel through God in the face of as a human being never help that moments when my friend holy respected are misused by satanic powers .God known my friend are innocent and she are very sad that day date up to this date she never forget that moments. your accident are shameful for this Global & global all human being and humanity -a-days begin this global to this date 29-01-2017, rapist, gang rapist quality personality mental retired mentality mad , i feel pointed out they all are impotent wants to his hide impotent quality he alone feels but they afraid all my friends relatives are known my impotent quality so this type person attacked on alone female sexual attacked but he is potent no use of impotency but famous in the street city rapist his hide feelings happy to listen he rape to that female this news exposed and he listen and satisfied. a mad person. now my advice for my friend sister Mrs. Taslima Nasreen honorable holy God will punished to him hell heating hit to him you are the heaven holder ,so enjoy the heaven life and forget the incident to pray from God .these Global Court if never punished God punished in his life time also & after in the Ground of HASER Kayamat Day he go to hell.alaha Aap Ko Saber Daye.

  4. S.K.GANGULY. says


    Ever since I read “Lajja” I have been appreciative of your struggle .agt the Muslim fundamentalism. In my recent publication -” In the Wonderland of Indian Democracy” I made a reference to your endeavor for reform. But I think much more is required to be done. I have accordingly went through the Quran with an x-ray eye and identified the areas where work on reform should be initiated. I want to have an interaction with you so that a joint plan of action could be worked out.

    By the way, I am by qualification a Chartered Accountant, aged 70, resident of Kolkata, worked as Head of Finance in several Public Sector organisations in India and outside and experienced several good things as well as bad things. My present objective is to leave behind the very essence of my experience and thoughts thereon for the posterity.

    I now look forward to your reaction for further confabulation.

    With warm regards


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