People should have the right to say ‘Islam is heathen, Islam is satanic, Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell.’

Irish Pastor James McConnell said bad about Islam. He said, ‘Islam is heathen, Islam is satanic, Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell,’ and then he had to apologize. Shouldn’t he have the right to say bad about Islam? He has the right to say bad about millions of things, then why not about Islam? He is ignorant if he thinks Christianity is any good. But he has the right to be ignorant. Doesn’t he? You and I can loudly say, ‘Jesus was a liar and a charlatan. Virgin Mary was not a virgin. Christianity is a bullshit religion, there are bullshit in the Bible about gay people, about women, about slavery, about dinner, about shellfish, about farming, about menstruation, about virginity, about masturbation.’ Do we have to apologize for saying derogatory things about Christianity?

For the sake of humanity, do not let Islam to be exempted from critical scrutiny and do not please prevent people from expressing their opinions on Islam.


  1. Mirjam Gold says

    That’s exactly what I do, when somebody aks me what I think of islam. I tell them it’s a cesspool for people, koranimals, who want to steal, rape, kill, robb etc because it’s all sanctionized by the game license called koran a book written by a rapist, adulterer, looter, murderer and sociapath called mohammed.

  2. katkinkate says

    Right on, Taslima!! I agree completely. No ideology, religion or philosophy is above criticism. Humans should be treated with a little more respect, but ideas that need to be protected from criticism to survive are obviously flawed.

  3. Lucy says

    A religion of peace would allow people to speak as they wished … and we are all entitled to our opinions and beliefs

  4. Al Dente says

    Blasphemy, a crime whose only victims are people like Tariq Waseem.

    Tariq’s faith is so weak that he needs to threaten nonbelievers who express their reactions to his faith. Tariq doesn’t think Allah is powerful enough to punish nonbelievers so Tariq has to make up for his god’s weakness.

  5. wannabe says

    In the UK the sort of observation made by Pastor McConnell — in the way that he made it — can prompt police to get a court order for one to be bound over to be of good behaviour (or to keep the peace). Disputing that order may be treated as contempt of court with up to six month’s imprisonment without trial. No wonder there was an “apology”!

    UK Muslims have been very diligent in equating criticism of Islam to racism; the government is listening. Just a matter of time before they get to Dawkins.

    • kraut says

      “UK Muslims have been very diligent in equating criticism of Islam to racism”

      They and their non muslim apologists (even here on FTB) call that “islamophobia”. There is no Islamophobia.
      Islamist use this term to protect themselves against any legitimate criticism and equate race with religion.
      A muslim arsehole like the ex cat stevens is to me as disgusting and revolting as any non white muslim who uses this religion to murder, maim, suppress free speech, advocate misogyny, the elimination of apostates and secular government, the supression of women, the legitimacy of violent action against civilians to further their goal.

  6. innocnt12 says

    well wrtn Taslima ….nthng shud b above criticsm…@tariq… u know to do anythng else than Killing..can nt u rebut hr at an intellectual level…u people r blood mongers…..born to kill only ….still in d early man stage….not an iota of intellectual activity occurs in ur empty skulls…..use ur brain to tackle hr…..if u hv one..

  7. says

    Well, if he was outright wrong, he should apologize, if he is a remotely reasonable fellow. But he should also be able to critique Islam. And anyone should be able to critique his or anyone else’s Christianity. Like a lot of followers of Islam do. Some of them with threatening rhetoric, no less.

  8. DarkThoughts says

    He should not have to apologize. Free speech is a blessing and a curse at the same time however. People can say whatever horrible thing they want and get away with it, like for example a guy could say something like “Imma rape every baby here” seriously, and he wouldn’t get any punishment. But free speech allows us to see who are the real assholes, because they get to say what they want.

  9. naturalcynic says

    McConnell should apologize. Saying that Islam is satanic or spawned from hell are lies because there is no satan or hell. It would be perfectly fine if he were to say that Muhammad was a misogynist, liar and a pedophile. Those are abundantly clear.

  10. L Ludd says

    Simple by your actions you are known.
    The Torah, Old Testament and Old Testament
    Most of the subjects are peoples interpretation of what God says?
    Most of the penalties for disobeying these interpretations are imposed by people who say God says so?
    The only common teaching is the ten commandments in all three books

    Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain

    Most Religious Leaders tend to say that they understand what God means and speak on his behalf?
    Most Religious Leaders tend to say that if you do not agree with my interpretation of what God says. I will punish you?

    But are they not guilty themselves of taking Gods name in vain?

    I don’t profess to know God, but I do believe, rightly or wrong, that if I live as closely to the simple guide lines given by Jesus.
    Treat one another as you yourself expect, (hope) to be treated your self.
    Then when I meet my maker I shall have nothing to fear.

    Will people who say they speak for God and impose their will, (not Gods) on others. Have the same confidence when they meet their maker?

  11. Xenolan says

    The thing about Human Rights is that there will always be those who want to try and suppress them, and that is when those who want those rights must fight for them.

    We should, and DO, have the right to say that Islam is false and that Mohammed was just a regular person, not a prophet or a messiah. But we should also be perceptive enough to realize that there are fanatics out there who will want to kill us for it, and anyone who says such things should be prepared to have the courage of their convictions, stand by their words, and not apologize for them.

    I freely admit that I wouldn’t be brave enough to make a public announcement which would be perceived as blasphemy against Islam. It’s not just me I’d be worried about; I have a family and an obligation to protect them. I’m also not in any sort of position of power and influence, so it really wouldn’t matter to very many people what I had to say about Islam or anything else. But if I were in such a position, and if I felt some good could be done by publicly stating that Islam is False, I’d like to think that I’d say it, stand by it, and make no apologies for it.

  12. MUSLIM BØY says

    What do u ppl meant by freedom of speech?if now i say that”BARACK OBAMA IS A BASTARD”.do u think OBAMA will praise me?Now if I say that”TASLIMA IS A HARLOT”do u think taslima will tell me “very good,u r a very good critique?”ISLAM permits criticism but within limit.IF U SPEAK ABOUT SOMETHING OF WHICH U HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE,LIKE TASLIMA DID, IT IS NOT CRITICISM,IT IS SLANDER.criticize any thing with proper and appropriate proof.ISLAM WELCOMES THAT TYPE OF CRITICISM.

    • No One says

      If I call President Obama an unflattering name he will not praise me, but he will not have me persecuted for it. That is the difference. That is what is meant by freedom of speech. If I speak of something of which I have no knowledge, that too is free speech. Any one could correct me or curse me as they see fit. That too is free speach. Slander on the other hand is very difficult to prove. If the person who utters the slander does so out of ignorance or based on information that they posses (even if it is incorrect), that does not rise to the level of slander. Deliberately speaking a false statement with malicious intent is slander. I hope this clears this up for you. And as for which criticism islam permits or does not, I don’t care. Not one iota. I am not an adherent of islam and as such do not recognize that it has any authority over me except that which it would visit upon my person with violence. At that point islam has the same respect I would give a rabid animal; a danger with a need to be contained, but nothing I would aspire to.

  13. zia says

    actually we as a muslim respect all relegions and we dont use bad words about Jesus and marry (Peace be upon him) we love them they were sent from Allah(GOD) and Marry was a virgin. it is mentioned in Quran and Quran will never be changedm, i bet

    regarding the rights, first of all the battle is not for right weather you have right to say something wrong about ISLAM or not, think why you are speaking against islam. it is the religion for mankind and a blessing i bet…….. you can not say wrong about it if you study about it neutrally not for criticism as you know more about it . it is a religion of love at all…

    i come to the point why it is prohibited to speak against islam….. as i mentioned that Quran will never be changed even the day of judgment occurs (we all believe except you) and God made this religion for mankind and not Mohammad(Peace be upon him) was not an inventor of this religion and he never spoke anything with his own desire or for sake of his own interest bur the truth is that this religion actually ” was and will be” . for mankind and from the days when God and eve were created and God knew from that day what will happen and who will be my last messenger. Mohammad(PBUH) was only a last prophet of this chain. Go sent many prophets Jesus, mouses etc but God know where this chain will be ended and god had been amending his rules in every decade and finally this prophet came and God made final rule. now who will speak against the true religion should be punished by God on the day of judgment but here also in this world there are also some points where we are confused and speak without knowledge but at the same time there is someone who has true and exact knowledge ..what is wrong and what is right ultimately. and they make limitations.. such limitations require these restrictions…

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