Rape culture

Indian men continue raping women. It is clear that they do not want to stop raping. Women of all classes and castes get raped and murdered. Poor dalit girls were gangraped and murdered today, next day a female judge was raped.

In the meantime Indian ministers are making comments on rape. One says, boys should not be punished for the small mistakes they make. To him, rape is a small mistake, not a crime. Another minister says, rape is a social crime, sometimes it is wrong, sometimes it is right.

I was so angry! I was about to shout out loud, but a guide made me feel good. Here is a gentleman’s guide to rape culture.
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  1. says

    Every time such a discussion takes root in my surroundings it inadvertently assumes a direction where all the blame is shifted to the foreign attacks and their impact on India. It has been axiomatically implanted in our head that the original Indian scriptures, culture and religion held women in one and only position, that of the mother goddess who herself was the chalice of love, the epicenter of destruction and hence to be loved and feared at the same time. Was it always true? Was ancient India totally devoid of these cruelties against women?
    Out of the six schools of Indian Philosophy, I admire the “Nyāya” most, and one of the guiding principles of “Nyāya” is doubt. I doubted and below is what I find.

  2. Mehjabin Shahed says

    My soul sister was gang raped in Saudia long ago, when she wailed she was accused of adultery and subjected to 99 lashes …

  3. Puja Saha says

    Rape and such other sexual atrocities perpitrated against women have been instruments of dominating us physically, psychologically,socially,economically,moreover politically from time immemorial..Its time to turn the table..to be first offensive..to tilt the balance towards eqality..till such a dawn decends lets unveil our teeth and nails..

  4. says

    Indian ministers are making comments on rape. One says, boys should not be punished for the small mistakes they make

    I am guessing he’d not be so dismissive if he was on the receiving end. Not that I advocate such a thing, but it’s amazing how often people defending something awful forget to ask themselves how they’d feel if they were on the other end of the ladder.

  5. says

    Rape and you will be circumcised twice !!

    Because the solution for immoral violence is more immoral violence? Don’t you realize that “an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” results in a society in which everyone is blind and toothless?

  6. Faisal Khalil says

    There is only 2 ways to get rid of this crime.

    (1): Find the reasons why cases of rapes are increasing? What are the reasons behind this? Why the sexual emotions of some males are so increasing that tends them towards this hilarious crime. Find the reasons behind these problems get the legitimate solutions of these problems and ripped them from their roots.

    (2): There should be a strict punishment for rape. The punishment should be so strict that it’s not only give criminal a lesson but make an example of him that if anybody else tries to rape a woman he will face the same consequences.

  7. Kent Hovind says

    Rape culture is women wanting to exclusively date men with big dicks.

    Thank goodness I know you’re not like that, Taslima.

  8. lorn says

    The essence of being an adult is self-control, autonomy, and agency. Nothing a person can wear, not wear, say, or not say, should be able to make an adult lose control. If the problem of losing control is a matter of alcohol or drugs then it is the responsibility of the adult to limit exposure to those things and maintain control.

    If you can’t control yourself reliably you are, by definition, not an adult.

    After a certain age if an adult cannot reliably maintain control the society is required to step in and restrain them. Restraint is the legitimate purpose of shackles, guards, and jails. I don’t see much use in punishment. There may be some short term and minor deterrent effect but there is also some rebound effect.

    Beware dependence on stronger sentences to deter crimes. It doesn’t work for long. In the 1700s English law had slowly escalated in an attempt to deter crime. Escalated to the point where even petite theft could be punished by death. Yet the crime rate kept climbing. Mass executions would lower the crime rate for a few days but it always returned to former levels. Judges, recognizing that the threat of death wasn’t deterring crime took to commuting sentences to deportation. Australia and the North American colonies became dumping grounds for criminals.

    This is also the time when criminality became locked in as something of an ideal of manly behavior. The stories of rogue heroes on the run from the law, winning hearts and dispensing ill gotten gains to the poor inspire young men, often perfectly capable of getting along without breaking the law, to violate it. Bad boys are usually tragic in real life but glorious in a kids imagination. Every time someone in authority says you can’t do something some punk takes it as a challenge.

    A rapist isn’t a minor aberration. Rape, if allowed to become normalized, is a threat to society, good order, and the ability of the society to think clearly about freedom and human rights because it confuses victim with perpetrator and obscures the central and vital fact that adults must maintain control over their own actions regardless of outside influences and temptation. You don’t tolerate a little bit of theft by bankers because of the size of the temptation. A doctor doesn’t get free pass to kill a few people because they save so many. Rape is just as wrong perpetrated against person naked as one fully clothed. It is just as wrong perpetrated by a person deeply frustrated sexually as it is perpetrated by one that has sex frequently. The surrounding particulars of how much you feel you need sex and how much he or she might tempt you simply don’t matter.

    Rape cannot be allowed to be normalized and where it is normalized it must be returned to its status as both abnormal and monstrous. Punishment doesn’t work very well. Restraint does, and if you cannot restrain yourself then society, for its own well being, must do it for you. Chains and jails are not out of line even though I have a hard time imagining a worse waste of human potential than keeping anyone locked up. Incarceration damages mind and body.

    In the US there have been cases of child molesters who were given the choice between restraint in the form of perpetual incarceration and either chemical or surgical restraint. Accomplished by altering thinking through re-balancing of hormones. Relative freedom with monitoring, strong limits, and castration, chemical or surgical, seems to me to be much more respectful of human potential than fifty years in the house of many doors.

    There is a fairly recent. less invasive, development that is being used on dogs:


    A couple of injections in the testicles with a very fine needle and done. Reports are that testosterone production is approximately halved. Without hormone replacement there should be a general beneficial mellowing of aggression and sexual behavior. This is a rough approximation of what naturally happens to testosterone production in human males as they age. It simply advances things a few decades. Any concern over reproduction can be handled by freezing sperm.

    Will it give the desired results on human males? No doubt we will know before too long.

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