1. says

    It’s been known for almost 100 years that the universe is expanding. What this latest discovery (assuming it holds up and is confirmed; this is all rather preliminary) adds is support for a particular type of theory about the early universe.

  2. lorn says

    That is, if the follow-on experiments have similar results. This is the first answer, but as we all know, the first is often not the best answer. Give it a few years for others to confirm the result.

  3. birger johansson says

    Sorry to be late to the thread…Many cosmologists are convinced that inflation (which is what the discovery proves) goes hand in hand with the existence of a “multiverse”

    …and this actually has bigger implications for our world-views than even the existence of evolution.
    BTW is God only boss of the local universe? If not, can we find a universe where Thor, Odin and the other Norse gods are in charge?
    And If I do evil deeds in this universe, will this have consequences for any good doppelganger in a nearly identical universe? After all the Calvinists think each person’s fate is pre-ordained, but what if a person and his multiverse doppelganger only differ by a single act, could one go to hell and the other to heaven?
    -The multiverse is like a woodchipper for religious dogma.

  4. isha goel says

    hi taslima
    i am a big fan of you. you are such a daring woman. i read your autobiography ‘uttal hawa dhikhandito, ve andere din’ . you described all the things related to your life very clearly and emotionally. aapki mummy bahut acchi lagi. aap ka apni mummy ke saath rishton ka chitran aankho mein aansu laate hei.

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