My lies are different from your lies. So your lies are banned.

Arab countries banned the movie Noah because ‘it contradicts the teachings of Islam’. Muhammad plagiarized the Bible but he could not plagiarize it properly, so we find some differences between the Biblical Noah and the Quranic Noah.

Noah is described in the Bible as a righteous man who lived among a wicked people. God decided to kill all the wicked through a vast flood, while saving the righteous; hence He commanded Noah to build an Ark, using God’s own instructions. (Gen. 6:9-16; Hud 11:39) Noah did so and he, his family, seven pairs of birds and ″clean″ animals, and two of each other animal species (a female and a male) board the Ark (Gen. 6:19; Hud 11:42). Water gushes up from the ground and rains fall from the sky, flooding the earth and killing all the wicked. (Gen. 7:11-12; Al-Qamar 54:11–13). All aboard the Ark are safe until the waters retreat (Gen. 8:14 ; Hud 11:44). There is disagreement among Christians and Muslims concerning whether the flood was local or global.[citation needed]

There are several differences between the Biblical and Quranic versions of Noah’s story:

The Qur’an focuses on a dialogue between Noah and the wicked (Hud 11:32–37), in which Noah unsuccessfully attempts to remonstrate with his countrymen, who reject his message. Genesis mentions no such dialogue.
In the Qur’an, Noah’s wife and one of his sons reject him (Hud 11:43) and die in the flood, while some people outside his family are faithful and join him (Hud 11:42). In Genesis, Noah’s wife together with his three sons and their wives all board the Ark, but no others.
In the Qur’an, the Ark rests on the hills of Mount Judi (Hud 11:44); in the Bible, it rests on the mountains of Ararat (Gen. 8:4) The Al-Djoudi (Judi) is a mount in the Biblical range Ararat. The Qur’an cites a particular mount in the Ararat Range, whereas the Bible mentions the Ararat Range. Judi is still present in the Ararat range in Turkey. Thus there is no conflict between the Bible and the Qur’an on this topic.

Noah story is the most cruel, stupid and hilarious story written in the so called holy books. Like all the other holy lies Noah story is also a lie. Arab countries banned the movie Noah because it is based on the Biblical lies, not based on the Quranic lies. They are probably thinking that the Quranic lies are better than the Biblical lies. But lies are lies, man!

I hate lies, but the liars have the right to tell lies and I have the right not to hear their lies. Even though Noah story is a lie, I am against the banning of Noah. I prefer to watch DarkMatter2525’s Noah movie to Darren Aronofsky’s Noah movie. Why don’t you watch and enjoy my favourite Noah? Here it is:

And Non Stamp Collector’s Noah’s Ark is just awesome. Don’t miss it.

Noah’s Ark 1
Noah’s Ark 2


  1. GuyThroway says

    Shorter this post: “I don’t know what a ‘lie’ is but I think it sounds more badass than ‘incorrect belief’ so I will use it even though it’s the wrong word” – which by your definition makes your post a “lie” rather than a “stupid misuse of the word lie”

    • Anthony Burber says

      The Bible portrays itself as an accurate work of history. Whoever stitched the Old Testament together out of multiple contradictory sources must have known it wasn’t, but they did it anyway, making the Bible collectively a lie and themselves a liar.

      Significantly, Christian groups are complaining that the Noah Movie is “historically inaccurate”.

      (I’m not familiar with the Qur’an, but it appears to have the same issue.)

      Your local priest / rabbi / imam may be a sincere believer as you describe. However, Taslima Nasrin isn’t talking about them. She’s talking about people who are familiar with both the Bible and Qur’an, their similarities and mutual contradictions, yet angrily and publicly claim that one is obviously true and one is obviously false. These people are liars.

      The angry people often have authority that relies on other people continuing to believe. They get angriest when their authority is threatened, not just their personal beliefs. Do they even have any sincere beliefs left? They often preach that poverty is a virtue while living like kings. That makes them liars, too.

  2. birger johansson says

    Since the flood accoun ts mentioned are ripoffs of the Mesopotamian flood myth (I think it is called Utnapishtim) the followers of the god Enlil should have cause to sue for copyright infrigment, or theft of intellectual property, or whatever.


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