1. Splicer says

    Begging everyone’s pardon but f*ck these people. Atheism is my choice in life. Not acting like a gangster is also a choice. Being crazy is something I work very hard not to be. Am I a perfect person? No. My personal morals leave a lot to be desired in a lot of areas. I’m sorry about that but that’s the way I am.

    But I’m not this. I will never be this.

    F*ck these people and by “these people” I mean the mobsters masquerading as religious zealots. There is no hope for them and I would kindly ask the non-lunatics of the Syria and other Middle Eastern countries to please wipe them out to the last person. If the British did one good thing in India, it was to hunt down the Thuggee and exterminate them. It’s harsh but sometimes a disease needs to be eradicated for the good of all.

    • says

      I couldn’t agree more on your words – eradicate all these fucking bastards wouldn’t be enough, and as far as I can see they already have what they deserve: they have been killing each other for centuries and despite I truly pity these women and children, on other hand i think they are equally guilty for this, fuck them, fuck the countries that cooperate with them and fuck those who think that share this is still worth it, let these beasts DIE IN FUCKING AGONY – they also have TV, INTERNET, we live in the 21st century for fuck sake.

    • TL says

      Perhaps you should go back and read what you wrote…..your Atheist self is no different than those barbarians who kill in the name of their “Gods”

    • Acubens says

      ” Am I a perfect person? No. My personal morals leave a lot to be desired in a lot of areas. I’m sorry about that but that’s the way I am.” This is what everyone of those ‘mobsters masquerading as religious zealots” have the right to say. First you have to wipe out the armed thuggees from the West who go around disturbing and destabilizing other governments for their own imperial and economic reasons. Count the numbers of people killed all over the world by American and Western weapons. The numbers will totally obliterate the killings happening in these countries, which are actually perpetuated by the Westerners.

  2. tuibguy says

    Stoning is and incredibly barbaric form of murder, and that’s what this is. If Allah is the Merciful and Just, why don’t they leave the punishment for simply living up to Allah? Because they love doing this. They love taking life away, That they can do so in service to Allah makes it all the more satisfying for them. Bloody bastards.

    • Gimily Jeffery says

      I read a while ago that the rocks had to be small enough so that one or two rock’s wouldn’t kill, but large enough to still be called a stone, its like how specific can you get? With time being any where from 6 minutes to be several hours….

  3. Irving Ganbard says

    I just find this so hard to fathom. Are they afraid of this young girl? What is it she represents that makes them so full of hatred? What does it take to make 30 or 40 men feel justified in terrorizing and murdering a young girl?
    Do they even see her as a person?
    The photos make it look like they are enjoying some kind of sport.
    Would they enjoy killing a dog the same way?
    So the old men operate the court and the young men throw the stones? Fun for all ages.
    How does one even communicate with people like this?
    Can this behavior be solely blamed on religion?
    I am horrified.

  4. Thap thap says

    This is a made up story of people’s free mind. All you need for this is a good writing skills and good photoshop skills. In today’s time, it’s not a rare combination.

  5. Thap Thap says

    The picture is taken from a movie called The Stoning of Soraya M. However some blind ppl will believe what the controlled media tries to feed them.

      • Noel says

        The video appears to be of an execution of a Kurdish girl who was in love with a Sunni Muslim boy (without doubt inhuman). Did the execution of a Syrian girl merely because she had opened an Facebook account really take place?

      • I.S. says

        Taslima Nasreen, I think most of the people are aware of this kind of problem and have no doubt that in some countrys ruled by mostly by “religion” (a.k.a. violation of human rights) this realy happens. I know thay happen, although i’m mostly certain that is getting less and less common.

        This said, I find it..absurd that you write an article with no references and, even more shocking, with footages from a FILM. Seriously.. at least you could title it by something you condem in syria or iraq, and, mostly, explainig the common reasons why they happen. Facebook?Where did you found it to be teh reason for this crime? Did you just came up with that?

        Least but not last, your readers are the reason why you write this “news” – respect them; don’t expect us to believe everything we hear/write.

        Seriosly.. pictures from a film..? LOL.

  6. Faisal Khalil says

    Having a Facebook account is not “Zina” or immoral behavior. “Zina” is generally defined by Islamic Law as unlawful sexual intercourse, i.e. intercourse between individuals who are not married to one another. “Zina” signifies voluntary sexual intercourse between a man and a woman not married to one another, regardless of whether one or both of them are married to other persons or not. Islamic law prescribes punishments for both Muslim and non-Muslim men and women for the act of “Zina” as interpreted from the Qur’an and the Hadith. In principle it is an extremely difficult offense to prove, requiring four respectable witnesses to the actual act of penetration.

    The Qur’an deals with zināʾ in several places. First is the Qur’anic general rule that commands Muslims not to commit zināʾ:
    “Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils).”
    — Qur’an, Sura 17 (Al-Isra), ayat 32
    Most of the rules related to zināʾ, adultery, and false accusations from a husband to his wife or from members of the community to chaste women, can be found in Surat an-Nur (the Light). The sura starts by giving very specific rules about punishment for zināʾ:
    “The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment.”
    — Qur’an, Sura 24 (An-Nur), ayat 2
    “And those who accuse free women then do not bring four witnesses, flog them, (giving) eighty stripes, and do not admit any evidence from them ever; and these it is that are the transgressors. Except those who repent after this and act aright, for surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”
    — Qur’an, Sura 24 (An-Nur), ayat 4-5

    • Splicer says

      So the point is that there has been zero progression from a 1500 year old law to account for things like human rights.

        • Splicer says

          What stops all intolerance — people and perspective. Religion is a personal choice. You have one, I do not. When religion becomes a bludgeon which the ignorant and the criminal use to justify their wicked impulses, it is to be pushed to the corner of human existence.

          People have rights which are self-evident. They exist as the basic element of human life. Religion, a construct of human myth-making, has no place being the decider of whether people live or die.

          • Faisal Khalil says

            People have rights to chose between right & wrong. But people should know what is right & what is wrong.
            whether the people in a society believe in religions or not, they should not consider “Zina” as a right thing to. Only religions are not required to believe that “Zina” is an indecent act.

  7. Alyssa says

    Whether this case is true or not, it HAS happened before and WILL happen again if something is not done. Words cannot can express how disappointed I am in the human race right now.

  8. lorn says

    One side of my mind looks at that and seeks to correct the errant thought process through education, harmonization of psychological conflicts, empathy, and a concerted effort at the general population becoming well rounded adults.

    The other side of my mind thinks about cluster-bombs, rocket launchers, and the subtle and delicate, but lavish and gratuitous, use of nuclear weapons.

    I’m not completely sure the former would work, nor am I entirely sure the later wouldn’t.

  9. Umair says

    Taslima – You are just born to defame a religion !! Dats it !! By showing this pics you think you can defame it though this is picked from a movie !! Do you even know What is ISLAM ??? What is QURAN and its teachings ???

    Here is the link to the movie of which picture Taslima has put on :

  10. Traci says

    Fuck these raghead islamic, taliban motherfuckers, fuck allah, fuck isis, fuck the qur’an…in fact, drop a big ol’ A bomb on the the middle east period! And take out all supporters around the world starting with obummer please!

    • kestra says

      Yeah, kill *all* the Syrians. Then all Syrian girls will be dead and Syrian Islamic radicals won’t be able to stone them to death anymore. Justice!

  11. Dr Gouranga Malakar says

    is FB unislamic for women only? Every terrorist has FB account.Quran cant dictate anything against it, as FB didnt exist that time. Are new chapters being
    added to Quran? who is dictating new chapters?

  12. Bob says

    Screw the Qur’an. As far as I’m concerned you’re all a bunch of barbaric savages that should be eliminated from the face of the Earth. Your treatment of women is abominable. Do the world a favor and kill yourselves.

  13. says


    The story is horrifying, and no one with an ounce on empathy can read it without cringing in disgust.

    I do find it strange, the photograph thing. Odd behavior for a blogger, to first post images without proper attribution, to then to evade questions about them while calling the asker’s character into question, finally to properly attribute them only after someone points out where they actually came from.

    I can only imagine that you were in such a blind rage over this that your judgment failed.

    I have always suspected that people from the mid-eastern region, or from that background, or whose family still lives there, have an increased capacity for rage and anger at these stories. That’s not to say that those of us who have never had to worry about such madness cannot empathize – we absolutely can. But for people, such as myself, that have never lived is such a barbaric society, stories like this are perfectly alien. I mean, it is literally like reading science fiction. I’ve never encountered (to my knowledge) people with the capacity for such brutality. These people might as well be from another planet. The brutality is beyond what most of us can imagine.

    And I’ve actually tried. I’ve actually spent time going through the thought process of what it must be like to find myself with a sheet covering my head, hands tied behind my back, buried up to my waist, ears ringing with the cheers of the crowd, and that first rock hits my head… I’ve actually gone through the process of what would come next, and what it must be like. Add to that the element of faith – the fact that most (if not all) of the victims of this barbarism still believe that Allah will deliver them from it if they just have enough faith, so they scream out to him the entire time for help that will never come.

    Of course, no amount of thought experimentation compares to the reality of it. This degree of insanity is alien to almost all of us here in the west.

    But for many people this is a living, day-to-day reality. And I would expect that the boiling point for their blood is substantially lower when they see things like this.

    How can this be stopped?

  14. Irving Ganbard says

    Don’t post photos that aren’t associated with the story and try to trick people into thinking they are any more. It undermines your credibility and lends credence to those who don’t deserve it.

  15. Rogier van Bakel says

    I share the skepticism about this story.

    Number one, the source of the photo should have been clarified; if you don’t say it’s a fiction image, not a depiction of the stoning of the girl in question, you may create the false impression that it’s a news photo.

    Secondly, I saw this story first pop up last week on the site of the Iranian national news agency FARS, hardly an independent or reliable outfit. Something about the account smelled “off” to me then, and it still does. All sides in the Syrian war have been known to tell outrageous propaganda lies. An acknowledgment of that would have been good.

    Note that we have no eyewitness accounts, and no confirmation of any kind.

    The source used for the post is the Examiner, a site where just about anyone with a pulse and computer can contribute pieces, and where journalistic standards are notoriously meager if not absent. Other sources I’ve seen, such as India Today, also have a reputation for low newsroom standards, and most seem to love clickbaity stories like this one.

    I’m not convinced that the execution (stoning) for “opening a Facebook account” really happened. Sorry.

  16. says

    Some of you asked about the pictures, I collected pictures from these sites
    I did not know that these pictures were not Syrian girl’s pictures. I was informed later that pictures were from a movie. I was about to remove the pictures, then I thought people should get an idea how stoning occurs.

    • I.S. says

      So, you write a story, find some pictures, and publish an article.

      Later, you find the pictures to be from something else.

      And what you do?

      You wait for people to find it out to then explain it.

      Well done.

      I’ll write an article about living in mars. And post it with moon-footages. Oh wait.. nevermind.

  17. Brad Simmons says

    This is why they are and will always be a poor third-world country. They still act like they live in the Bronze Age. Sadistic male-dominated culture. Pathetic, disgusting, animals!

  18. william a zingrone says

    Taslima, I have followed your website for some time. The webpage you pulled this story from looks like a rather shady right wing organization, the photos looked to good to be real, Arabic friends of mine pointed out they were from the movie. Please followup with some confirmation of the story at least. Many of us rely on your reporting. If you cant confirm this occurrence, you should retract. I am not in favor of any or all religions, they are delusional and destructive, but we cant report and retell fake stories. thnx billz

  19. says

    I have the movie of the stoning of Soraya and the pictured scene that is up is not the same as the stoning of Soraya.
    In the picture that i have the woman is in a hole and the only part that is out of the hole is from Her chest up. Also it shows the son being the first to start stoning Her.

  20. Eric Scott says


    There are a lot of people claiming the story itself is made up, and some people I respect defending you.

    Do you have any sources you can point to for your story that have a reputation for high integrity? I’d like to see them if you do.


  21. Gayle says

    OMG! Totally midevil, sadistic,and against any rights of human beings! I have been to this country. Women are second class citizens. But this is beyond cruelty, and so animalistic! I am beyond anger! Pardon me, but thankful for karma. May you stoners rot in he’ll. Allah, will not forgive you for this wrong. Because God does forgive, we need to pray for you,more than this young lady . Cause you are sick! I will pray for Stoners,May God forgive you!

  22. says


    Under the shadow of a loving condescension an authoritarian patriarchy conditions young female minds to devout obedience and chain-binding loyalty. The result is a life of abject servitude. I am talking about mental rape, real, cruel, and disabling. The church fathers call women honored daughters of God, which is a euphemism for conditioned ignorance.

    At birth, a child represents the promise of a bright future. Under the cultural umbrella of Mormonism, she becomes a baby-making machine. Her mind and body exist to be impregnated by a male agenda. Assume the position. God’s work to be done.

    The belief that women are inferior is conditioned into the psyches of the church daughters with the repetitive avalanche of a TV commercial. Denied the right to think their own thoughts and dream their own dreams, they learn to be loyal and obedient to a priesthood of men. They serve the dream of another. They are taught that they cannot go to heaven without a husband of the church. What effect does this have on the child mind? Is anyone listening?

    As seen in the Mormon wedding ritual, these young women marry an authoritarian chain of command, pledging obedience to God (male deity), Church (patriarchal rule), and husband. The ceremony is administered by a man. Thus our daughters become part of a lifelong support group dedicated to male importance.

    Grace Peterson, educator, caught the essence of what it means to have a human brain:

    “I think the need to tell
    is a part of who we are as humans,
    and it starts when we are young.”

    One of the most painful things you can do to a person is to destroy their dreams. The needs of the human heart are irrepressible. Women have something to say. Self-expression confined to bedroom and kitchen is not self-expression. It is slavery, subtly packaged in the bright ribbon of righteousness.

    Conditioned to a life of servitude; how is that not violence? Any act of violence directed at a woman is ultimately aimed at the whole of womankind. Physical rape and programed ignorance are violent acts ultimately aimed at the whole of womankind.

    A man rapes a girl. The physical act is conduit to his perception of women. Many men lead empty, unfulfilled lives. Rape is an act of rage kindled by an unfulfilled life. Uncontrolled male aggression seeks to own and control what it does not understand . . . a priesthood no less.

    Women not only live longer, but in the biology of things, they are the primary or default sex. While subconsciously men sense their own inferior nature, they are physically stronger. This has created a legacy of might over right. Rape, domestic violence, involuntary servitude, and genital mutilation all are violence and violence in one part of the world is the same any where in the world. The damage, the lasting pain and hurt, is ultimately to the human mind.

    The question arises: How do we provoke young women to think for themselves? To liberate someone who doesn’t know she is not free seems cruel. It is a daunting task to navigate open waters when one has no idea what that means or how it is done.

    The slave daughters of today are starving. They are being raised in an abject poverty of mind, which is anemia of the soul. They are being raised with a mindset that dumbs down human cognition through the glorification of obedience, loyalty, and our-way-is-the-only-way.

    Children should go to bed loved, with full tummies and a thousand questions. Instead, young Mormon women are being taught that some questions are devil inspired. They are taught that intellectual inquiry into doctrine and church history can only undermine spirituality and obedience. It is a shrewd conditioning. Under the clever scrutiny of church fathers, they learn it is “wrong-minded” to think otherwise.

    Wrong-minded! Yes. That’s what I said. The word has been around so long in Utah they have dropped the hyphen.

    This perfect conditioning occurs right under the nose of the law that forbids It. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America reads:

    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude . . .
    shall exist within the United States,
    or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

    Is anyone paying attention? Nancy Pelosi our laws are being broken. Rachel Maddow, I can’t hear you.

    What man does not seem capable of realizing is that he will never be whole until his partner in life is of equal relevance In life. One cannot exist without the other

    We need leaders who will challenge our youth to think independent of patriarchal authority. If men continue to be the primary governing power can we expect different results?

    Men and women do not have the same brain. The nature of man demands the counterbalance of woman. Young girls can more readily identify with women who fight for her rights. Terry O’Neill of NOW and women in Congress are visible and easy to connect with, but these women leaders are not reaching out and demanding adherence to the Thirteenth Amendment.


    At some point it is imperative that we stop fixing problems by dealing solely with the symptoms of the problem. The culture of religion holds enormous power because it is a culture of, for, and by men.

    The legislative body of our Congress has 540 seats; 100 in the Senate, 440 in he House. In 1916 there were no women occupying any of those seats. In 1917 there was one woman in Congress. In 2013 there are 101.

    Question: What would happen if our Congress were comprised of equal parts men and women? Would there be a shift in priority focus? If 270 women had seats in Congress do you think gun laws would have been neglected this long? Would rape, abortion, and equal pay issues be treated differently?

    U. S. influence is global. Our values are exported with our trade and the billions of dollars we pour into other countries each year. We influence the world.

    Add another one hundred and seventy women to Congress. How many dare predict the resultant change? Catastrophic? Thought sound becomes voice. Voice becomes vote. Vote becomes planetary change.

    But worry not. It will never happen, not while men hold all the power. A congress of, for, and by men has designed a nation of, for, and by men. Keep in mind the influence of the State of Utah. We only need think back to the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment 1982.

    In a speech to a convention of women in 2006, Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, said, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

  23. Dale Amon says

    The point I would make is stoning is something that could only be done by barbarians who are unfit to be in the company of human beings. The images here might be from a movie, and I have no way of knowing if this particular incident is true or not. But I do know that such barbaric incidents do indeed happen. There is a young woman who escaped to the US after having acid thrown in her face and she has gone through many operations and will never be the same. As far as I am concerned, I would be more than happy to see a crowd of people such as this machine gunned. .50 call fire should do nicely. This kind of ‘person’ does not deserve to share the biosphere with human beings.

  24. gamal says

    كفى كذبا وافتراء فإن المرأة بحسب الشريعة الاسلامية لا ترجم وهي مكشوفة الوجه والراس
    ودائما ما يترك الكاذب دليلا لكشفه

  25. Okky Handayani says

    In Central Africa a man was brutally massacred by the Christian Militia for aiding a Muslim man escape through his back yard.

    I can post a picture on that brief and lure everyone into thinking that the picture and story is connected, post it in a public forum and KNOW that comments will be filled by Muslims.
    Whether the story is true or not, doesn’t matter. The Muslims will be so ignited to hating Christians more and “ready for jihad”.

    In short, that’s provocation. Exactly what this particular “free thought” is. Especially coming from one Taslima Nasrin =)

    If the story above is true, my heart goes out to that girl. But she’s in peace now. Away from all ordeals in this world. And again, IF the story above is true, what goes around comes around.

  26. Glynnisdulyn says

    This post proves only one ting; that there are a vile culture of inhuman creatures called muslims who corrupt the world. The Western governments are are aware of this and doing nothing to eliminate them.

  27. Snoopz says

    Shariah Law is both backwards ,barbaric and uncivilised.You murder anyone who is even slightly influenced by Western ways, its about time you lot came out of the dark ages and allowed your children to lead a normal life and choose their own path in life without fear of reprisals with your honour killigs, stonings and shit like that. went out in the dark ages. we#re now living a the real world in case you haven’t noticed !

  28. chandramohan kisku says

    aami chandramohan kisku santali bhasha te kavita kahani likhi .aami aapnar boi fera er santali te anubad karte chai.doya kariya anumati diye ekti chithhi pathhiye din aamar thikana chandramohan kisku at-behera,po-haldajuri,via-ghatsila,dist-east singhbhum,state-jharkhand india,pincode no-832303,mobile no-09332803825 e aami aapnar chithhir asay roilam

    aapnar biswasi

    chandramohan kisku

  29. jaffafac says

    Shariah law or not you all need to get out of your dream world and wake up to reality, life is taken for granted, there is a purpose to life, no its not about playing on facebook all day and chattin people-up. Get real. This is the test life, if you pass this then you go to the real eternal life and there is no facebook, twitter, or freethoughtblogs there it would be 24/7 pray only. So, if the last religious book revealed says this, that and that is the solution for x, y, z problem the u have to follow it.

    Whos command are you gonna obey – your creator ? or some man who made up a rule/law. Think!
    is that man gonna save you from the fire/eternal hell on the last day ?


  1. […] Syrian girl is stoned to death for having a Facebook account The Al-Reqqa religious court, under the jurisdiction of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), ruled that having a Facebook account was “Zina” or immoral behavior, and deserved to be penalized the same way as adultery, Arabic-language media reported. […]

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