A cleric cut his wife into pieces for refusing to wear a veil

A cleric cut his wife into pieces for refusing to wear a veil and sending their children to school.


The woman ‘challenged god’s orders’, because she didn’t want to become a walking coffin or a garbage bag. So, she had to die.


  1. Larry Olson says

    I am sure some actually support this behavior by the patriarchal men who enforce such dictates. Who are these people and is this really 2013? One would think these clerics and followers could do themselves and the rest of us a favor and blow themselves up. They will be happy and so will we.

  2. Bettina Buch says

    I wonder…if god is perfect then why are so many people so busy trying to help god make The World a better place? Shouldn’t he be able to do that himself, if he is so perfect? Why can’t all those people mind their own business and take care of their own salvation, and then leave the rest to their perfect god? IF he (or she) is really there, then she/he will take care, don’t you think?

  3. NotYou says

    I think, it’s just a criminal minded physicotic matter in this incident or murder. Though there is a connection with religion from the criminal’s point of view, no proper educated muslims will support him. But, I personally feel that there is less necessity to study religion than general education in the Global Society.


    Then all the people killing in the name of their gods in wars must be mentally ill too. Why don’t we leave mental illness out of this? The man is not saying anything unheard of from fundamentalists. He hasn’t done more violence than we often see coming from fundamentalist patriarchal religion.

    • NotYou says

      Neither abolishing religion nor matrilinial decency is the solution for the ppl who involve in the war in the name of religion. One of the solution can be the proper education. But Brain washed religious education can be directly linked with mental illness.

  5. says

    I’m hurt,worried and concerned with this barbaric news,but not astonishied. Just a few days ago a teacher had threatened his wife that he would divorce her if she would not wear burqa and such a henious he compelled her wife to wear burqa. That clerk and this teacer have been following the right path of Islam. These orthodox muslims would get inspiration from their prophet. He(Muhammad) killed brutally hundreds of people as because the victims did not obey him and his Allah. This is the main principle of Islam-either surrender or be ready to die.

    • syed says

      I think u have less knowledge about the paticular religion u r talking about.
      U did not call the person who tied the two legs of a female muslim to two camels
      and run them in opposite directions as brutal murderer. Remember my dear brother
      It is the teaching of our prophet to ” SIL MAN KATAK” tie to one who cuts. ” WA AFOO MAN ZALAMAK” forgive him who has done wrong to you” this is arabic qouting.

      • No One says

        So you are asking me to forgive the guy who hacked his wife to pieces? And your religion asserts this as a good thing? Thanks for the knowledge.

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