Lunatics are fighting over the lunar cycle.

Believe it or not, lunatics are fighting over the lunar cycle. They do not think that scientists can ‘set the date’ for the next moon. The scientists announced that the new moon would appear during the night of August 6-7 at 2:52am. But according to Hijri calendar, the new moon should be seen at the end of Ramadan. The announcement provoked a storm of criticism, with some Muslim clergy arguing that the observatory data could not be true. Haji Fuad Nurullah, deputy chairman of the Caucasus Muslims Office, said, “It is known to Allah alone. If Allah does not renew the moon, how can people know about it in advance? How can they guess? “

I like some comments–

‘Oh my…it’s like I’m reading the Onion.’
‘Science versus fossilized mythology?’
‘Religion has created every obstacle to the progress of science. When will we say enough is enough.’

Many Muslims still do not believe that men walked on the moon.

Scientophobes are more dangerous than ignorant religionists. But if you are both scientophobes and religionists, your brains should be kept in the lab for the future generation to study. I am afraid to know what they really are.


  1. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    Everyone can observe this with their own eyes, so the dispute is where? Seriously, religious lunar calendar people, WTF? And if only Allah knows, he has spoken to you about it last week or what?

    The comments by “RSA” on the article are… confusing at best.

  2. says

    All religions are designed by 1% crafty select wealthy men in every ethnicity to rule and exploit the rest 99% simple hardworking honest men.Anything man made is changed, added, deleted part or whole or rewritten over the millenniums.This filthy rich wealthy are corrupt, resourceful and have time to devise machinations after machinations to perpetuate their hegemony and process of exploitation.To fight this 99% simple honest men globally must unite and assert their individual freedom, wisdom, open mind and conscience to reject the hollow bewildering self made explanations of the 1%. Man made gods are the root of problems and corruptions everywhere be the politics, so called faiths and cultish ideas.Why accept ideas of others. Draw inspirations and acceptable suggestions always from active and alert SELF-CONSCIENCE built on knowledge through extensive readings, observations, writings and positive interactions with the other honest.

  3. says

    I am not religious, i beleive in science but there are some places where you should draw the line.

    I dont beleive men went to the moon ? can they prove it ? do they have a map ? TV programs ? nah, they are BS! fake.

    Its better for clerics to sight the moon properly rather than rely on scientists.

  4. says

    @Jaffafa #4: You’re saying you’re not religious, and that you believe in science, but then go on to say two things that show very clearly you *are* religious, and *do not* believe in science. That is rather incoherent.

    • jaffafa says

      that is my point – you dont have to be religious about it, and yes of course there many science thngs i beleive. But i dont beleive men evolved from monkeys as Darwin says and men didnt go on the moon they have a setting in Nevada desert and they use film studios to artificially create everything. NASA is just a multi million dollar astronomical industrial complex feeding their hallucinations.

      Theres no evidence they went to the moon. Just show some papers, graphs and a rocket is not compelling evidence to suggest they went on the moon. They shot a rocket and it disappeared in to the sky or fallen into the sea, the next scene is in the studio.

      How can scientiest predict when the moon will come ? are they psyhcic ?

  5. Humanbeing20903 says

    Faith (believing or not believing in something) is an individual option and can be used for improving one’s life. But it does not give the right to hurt other people in the name of faith/ beliefs. ‘Your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins’ is a good explanation. ‘Live and let live’ and working towards peace, progress, prosperity, and not glory of any kind should be the goal of the society.

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