A great news from a fucked up Islamized country.

The Bangladesh High Court banned the biggest Islamist party called Jamaat-e-Islami from contesting future polls. Such a great news from a fucked up Islamized country! Jamaat-e-Islami acts like a terrorist organization. This is the group of barbarians that has been systemically destroying the secular fabric of the country through Islamization. The Jamaati terrorists brutally stabbed and killed the country’s enlightened people whoever opposed them. It is the same group that has been screaming for the death of the atheist bloggers for the past few months. They are desperate to grab the power, and introduce Islamic sharia laws,and the laws against blasphemy. Jamaat-e-Islami’s ideology goes against democracy, human rights, women’s rights and freedom of expression. They are for theocracy, Islamism and barbarism.

The newly independent Bangladesh banned religion based politics in 1971. But after a few years, some unpopular rulers who tried to gain popularity by using Islam in Muslim majority country, legalized Jamaat-e-Islami, and helped them win elections. Frankenstein was made to threat all the legitimate political parties.

In front our eyes a secular state was circumcised and converted to an Islamic fundamentalist state. Now you are worried about democracy, right? Banning Jamaat-e-Islami is not about violating democratic principles, it is rather saving them. No,’it’s not a blow to democracy. Recognizing terrorists as legitimate political entity would be a blow to democracy’.

India and Pakistan and other neighboring countries should learn from little Bangladesh to ban religion based politics. If you want a secular state, you have to separate religion from state, right? And if you do that, there is no way that you can allow a political party which is based on religion to exist. Let’s have true secularism in the subcontinent.


  1. gyanesh shendye says

    Its a good news unless-until they implement it honestly…i don’t know why Islamist are so concerned for their “so called religion” which is full of haterate, violance,inhuman, baseless & threat to non-muslims…..Result not a single SHARIYA RULE COUNTRY is peaceful & happy……!!!

  2. Kilian Hekhuis says

    This is indeed great news. Let’s hope this will be remembered as the start of a secular Bangladesh!

  3. Sarita says

    Subcontinents never learn ‘Secularism’ in the truest form of its sense ! coz they believe it means nutral point of view to all religion but the true is hard opposite.
    Secularism = Free from religious belief. Indian politicians all r in rat race to appease ‘Minorities’ , (unfortunatellly this term is also faslified )= Only Muslims !! eg – Maharstra stands for Hindu fundos , WB stands for Mulim fundos etc. And for Pakistan its against their principles. coz the State is the synonym of Islamist Terror!
    So, what Bangladesh has done, India & Pak can never imagine becoz of their fucked up poltical dirty game= corruaption, pecuniary desires & vote bank !

    Banning a 80yrs old Fanatic party ‘Jamat-E-Islami’ is a historical decision taken by BD govt in the verge of its election. Hope BNP + Jamat will soon be extint.

  4. Khundkar Aminul Huque says

    To Respected Tasleema Nasreen: I am pround of what you have achieved so far and on way to achieving further about baring Islam, Sharia and their facism or radicalism. Global free people are for the spread of good positive individual freedom of thoughts and actions while Islam with its myopic sharia radicalism is out to deny it just because they have connections and resorces to capitalise on fee peoples’ simplistic beliefs.Call it religion,faith or any cultism, all are man made and designed to serve the vested interests from time to time. Any thing man made is subject to change meaning rewriting,additing and deleting.Honest feeling is never changed and bound to grow.

  5. lorn says

    “The Bangladesh High Court banned the biggest Islamist party called Jamaat-e-Islami”

    That will be really important, and something of a turning point, if the courts can get the folks with covered faces and guns to cooperate with this ruling.

    The historic problem is that fundamentalists, particularly those with guns and numbers, are enthusiastic about supporting the letter of the law as long as the law is something they are enthusiastic about. If the letter of the law disagrees with their views they will loudly, often violently, fail to respect the law, the lawmakers, and anyone who supports or abides by the law.

    Typical for religious fanatics everywhere, you are either a true believer, or an enemy to the cause.

  6. says

    Thus , you speak of secularism also-it is good thing- you are reforming yourself ! But your liking of words in your writings like fucking, penetrating, and more sexes shows that you are completely sex -starved-You are beautiful, sexy and enthusiasm for sex-merely using these words in your writings will not suffice- you must start taking taste of sexual pleasures -only than you know what beautiful thing is intercourse and then you will be graduated in the subject.-Here in India, there is great literaturary book on sex-Kamsutra and other things in our mythology-you will learn many things about sex in cultured manner

    Anyway you are living in civilised and cultured country like a refugee in India India-You must use words very cautiously-please do not provoke persons by your sexual overtures in using sexual words in your writings. You are likes of many people for sexual intercurse in India-but Indian think you are a guest !

    • Parixit says

      In context your thoughts are less important than your interpretation of what you read sir. I recommend a basic lesson in English. British council nearest to you may oblige. Warm regards.

      • Khundkar A Huque says

        Islam and its so called sharia belittle, demonize and negate great women and their great contributions. Because of indoctrinated closed mindedness they do not, repeat do not accept the universal fact that behind all achieved achievements of our evolution thus far are women. All radicals, mullahs, clerics, kings and heads of government must respect and be perennially grateful to women to be what each of them is today. Islam with Quran, Muhammad’s fatwa and sharia are aimed at denigrating women while in Christianity and Bible women have been given status second to men.This is unacceptable to all norms of ethics. After all, religions are man made based on biblical explanations or hearsay craftily designed to serve vested interests from time to time. In the Bible said God created man to sin. So called creation of man is thus a big folly or so called God’s inadvertence? The only belief that a balanced conscious man should have and always depend on is his own ACTIVE CONSCIENCE built on extensive reading,observation and experience.Life is a ephemeral journey.Time or death effaces all, one of Universal ways.Only honest outpourings of any kind survive and become examples for the incomings to follow.Who can deny the truth?

      • says

        Dear respected Parixit: Today, August 6,2013 I have read K K Singh’s filthy comments about what Taslima Nasrin stands for women’s freedom worldwide,specially in Islamic societies. His English expression and writing are far below a level to deserve any grade. A novice can write better english. On 25th March 1971 East Pakistan became Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh through nine months of bloody repressive war with Pakistani Punjabi Army who killed and raped millions of Bangali women and men. In the war Indian Army’s direct involvement helped win the freedom under Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Father of Bangladesh’s freedom.

        Please forgive me for my mistaken comment on your reply to K K Singh’s english gibberish of hopeless compositions, wrong spellings and grammatical disorders. He is presumed to be from India. If yes, any savvy educated Indian will be ashamed to read his english. He seems to be pridefully disregardful to this pathetic conduct! The British Council will be happy to help him if he goes there. Respectfully, Khundkar A Huque.

  7. Khundkar A Huque says

    To Parixit: I am well acquainted with standard and practice of Oxford and Cambridge standard english writing: composition and spelling. Both have set standards internationally recognised and followed.Thanks for your suggestions having no meaning to me.

  8. Khundkar A Huque says

    Planet earth is now close to over six billions of people. Over 90% of them are hand to mouth living. Over 60% are dirt poor living a life of constant pain and suffering. Many of both 90% and 60% are with intrinsic qualities that could not blossom due to dirt poverty. They end up fighting. Who in this selfish arbitrary world think of this? None! 10% fortunate wealthy are busy with the politics of gathering more wealth and power as if all this will follow their final departure from this planet earth! Time: why I be a part of the race called human? Wait a minute! What a stupid I am, who am I asking,Time, get out….

  9. says

    Yesterday, 8/4/2013, I emailed my deep appreciation for translator, Gopa Majumdar; putting his head and heart to translate Taslima Nasrin’s Meyebela in Bengali to English and 19-pages of gripping reading of ‘The Year of the War’ in the book followed by a little comment about spelling some words American way. The comments were emailed at around 12-30 PM. At 5-30 PM came her reply tersely advising me to read the Bengali version and telling they were American English spellings. She failed or did not care to understand my real purpose. She proved to be no different to Westerners including Americans pridefully excited to jump to conclusions, an attitude incompatible with a celebrity fighting for women’s freedom and rights worldwide irrespective of ethnicity.America is now the unchallenged super power and an inseparable friend of Great Britain. I respect the truth and US’s pervasive might to protect and promote all the good globally, America in particular on the one hand, on the other defeat evils of any kind. But I do not accept US’s sheer arbitrary way of tampering with spelling of English words. A willful denigration of the standard and quality set forth by Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Are ‘colour’ spelled as ‘color’, ‘neighbour’ as ‘neighbor’, etc., to give examples, are changes toward improving English language? It is nothing but a prideful assertion of indifference to academicians and readers. It runs parallel to arbitrary imposition of Islamic sharia. It is my request to authoritative US academicians and concerned responsible officials to reconsider restoring normal spellings per Oxford and Cambridge standards. UK as a friend with myriad of US roots, connections and interests may have decided to put up with this, but in their heart of hearts are they really happy and permissive to the change? A question only England can answer some day, if it ever comes?? .

  10. says

    Yes Ma’am

    You are quite correct. India. Pakies and Burma must listen and learn from Bangladesh judiciary how they were able to separate religion from politics by banning dreaded religious outfit like Jamat. This again proves what Bengal thinks today rest thinks tomorrow.

    Sekhar Roy

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