1. Francisco Bacopa says

    I remember the first time I saw priests dressed like that. It was in National Geographic before I was able to read. Confused the crap out of me. I’d never actually seen a Klansman and they weren’t really active anymore by the mid 70’s in my area, but I knew what they looked like. The pictures in the magazine were quite confusing.

  2. hexidecima says

    I was also highly confused when I saw the KKK style costume on other people. I was in Spain during “Holy Week”, and saw the guys dressed up like this carring the statues around in the parades. Supposedly the costume symbolizes the act of penance (at least per wikipedia The wiki article has that the orgins of the costumes are different but I have a hard time buying that. But , knowing that the KKK twits are anti-catholic, maybe they were just that stupid.

  3. Don Quijote says

    The pointy hat, “capirote” was worn by Flagellants who loved a bit of self abuse. I understand that it was adopted by the KKK because of the concealment it offered and the unsettling aspect of its appearance.

    Semana Santa is almost upon us and you can witness these idiots parading the streets especially in Seville.

  4. left0ver1under says

    Where I come from, a person who had actual pride is someone who shows their face, who isn’t afraid of anyone knowing who one is or has done. A person who feels the need to hide the face is someone afraid of consequences, who is knowingly engaged in something unethical.

    Where I come from, a person only covers the face in public for personal safety (e.g. a motorcycle helmet, a balaclava in -20C temperatures). Covering the face when committing violence is the act of a criminal who doesn’t want to be caught, not someone who feels “pride”.

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