1. says

    Hi Taslima,

    I would like to send you a digital copy of a poster I created honoring you among seven activist women.
    How can I email it to you?
    All my best wishes in your continued good works for women and atheism,
    Sincerely, Betsy Warrior

  2. says

    We can all learn from chimps and animals. Unfortunately, we tend to imitate bad things only, and good are often ignored! Anyway, those hands and ears look too human!

  3. Jacob Wittlief says

    This is one of the first posts I saw of yours. Really got me interested in primate ethology, and Hominidae. It also made me remember when I was a child, that I had a short and deeply philosophical moment where I pondered the similarity between myself and monkeys (especially chimps) because I had such an intrinsic passion and enjoyment of climbing trees and being up high, looking out over the terrain…

    The look on Ayumu’s face at the end really sent me back to those tranquil moments of childhood, swaying in the trees on windy, cloudy days.

    It also introduced me to the Great Ape Project, which brought a new perspective to me on our lovable cousins.

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