February 15

So many things are happening these days. If you ask me about the last week , I would tell you the stories of an asteroid and a meteorite. One fell to Earth, another didn’t.

1. ‘An asteroid passed safely by Earth on Feb. 15, 2013. Its closest approach, about 17, 150 miles above the Indian Ocean.

2. Meteorite crash in Russia causing explosions that injured more than a thousand people.

We are almost nothing or too small in the universe but we are lucky because we can now at least say what things are flying by and what falling to Earth. Not only that, we can see them flying or falling. And unlike our ancestors we know very well that they are not messages from god.


  1. devashish shukla says

    The Greatest Feeling is to feel Our Existence in this Vast Universe—Too small in this Too Big—A Drop in the Ocean.

  2. abaho says

    … and in case if a large piece of it’s burnt out remnant reaches the earth’s surface we know we do not have to kiss that.

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