Women are not allowed to……………

They are not allowed to use mobile phones, because they are women.

They are not allowed to wear jeans, because they are women.

They are not allowed to visit graveyard, because they are women.

They are not allowed to drive a car, because they are women.

They are not allowed to vote, because they are women.

They are not allowed to speak in church, because they are women.


  1. madhu tiwari says

    Effect of mobile, dress, openness, liberalization of women on increasing incidences of rape n teasing is 50-50. No doubt every thing has its benefits but hazards too. Too much of everything is harmful. There is needed a balance of everything. Freedom does not mean that you forget ur moral n social value ( both men n women). Women r more vulnerable if they r easily approachable, n always on risk. No doubt they r stronger, wiser, n able but still there r some inborn qualities which make her weaker in many areas.
    So there is need of accepting d fact that there r some limitations for women, n she must b cautious. Secondly, there is a need of change of view on part of men, that all women b respected n protected. Such education b given from d start of education.

    • Tsu Dho Nimh says

      Why is this less of a problem in places like the USA where women drive vehicles, wear pants, go to mixed-sex beaches and use mobile phones?

      Are Indian and Middle-eastern men so weak that they can’t restrain themselves? Are they so poorly brought up that they can’t see a woman without whipping out their penis and attacking with it?

    • says

      It is not the wearing of anything or the use of mobile phones that increases incidence of rape and SEXUAL HARASSMENT (not “eve-teasing”).

      1. I dispute that those things are actually on the rise. I present an alternative hypothesis: that they were happening lots all along, but you are just beginning to hear about it because women around the world are starting to refuse to put up with it anymore.

      2. Even if it were true, the actual cause is the inability of some men to accept that women are human beings who deserve to use public spaces and technology just like men do. If they are using women’s clothing or mobile phones as an excuse to justify their crimes (sexual harassment and sexual assault ARE crimes, even if they are hardly ever prosecuted) then that just shows that they are clever criminals who know that they can get away with the abuses they commit if they just blame their victims in the right way, so that society agrees with them.

      • madhu tiwari says

        Not a single factor is responsible for these incidences. There is drastic change in moral values in both men n women. Moral education is wanting in early childhood plus total lack of education is also responsible. Increased interaction of men n women is also one cause. Whenever men n women will interact freely, it will act as an catalyst, for both sexes, just like fire n petrol, n it is natural. So there r many psychosocial reasons behind such things.

  2. Zachary says

    Yet the west has the lower incidence of rape then islamic societies @madhu Tiwari.
    To be a woman is a curse in this god-forsaken species.

    • madhu tiwari says

      All these may be due to suppressed or repressed sexual desire. In a community, where women r behind d curtain/ burka, n men r deprived of normal sex, such incidences r on rise. Other factors are– increasing use of alcohol, drugs, easy n open availability of porn literature on internet n video CDs.

  3. left0ver1under says

    Women are 50% of the population, and thus 50% of the brainpower in the population. So why do those saying women should be hidden have only 25% of the brainpower, not 50%?

    Many atheists have used the “dark ages gap” to show what the loss of advancement can cost humanity. Excuse the Euro-centric nature of them:



    It would be interesting to see a similar graph taking into account the loss of female intelligence throughout history, what we could have achieved without sexism or religious ignorance.

  4. Jennie says

    Taslima, I LOVE your website and your blunt honesty! Keep up the great work on educating people on all of these issues, and do it like only YOU can:)

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