Muslims eat halal food.They now want ‘halal homes’.

BBC news:

About 180 apartments in Amsterdam have been given special makeovers which suit the wishes of Muslim residents. Features include individual taps that can be used for ritual cleansing before prayers and sliding doors to keep men and women apart.

A Muslim resident says,

“I wanted a closed kitchen, in order to be able to close the kitchen off now and then for a bit more privacy. Sometimes we like to be separated, the women on one side and the men on the other.”

Muslims have been crying for halal thingies in non-Muslim or haraam countries for a long time. They want halal shampoos, halal soaps, halal shirts, halal shoes, halal steaks, halal stews. They now want halal apartments. They have started converting haraam or non-halal apartments to halal apartments. They want men and women be segregated. Women in the kitchen, men in the living room. A wall has to be built to divide them.

I do not think all Muslims are desperate to get halal homes. But why those Muslims who are crazy to get everything halal live in the Netherlands, a non-Muslim non-halal country ? Wouldn’t it be better if they move to a halal country? They can live there happily ever after.

No, they will not settle down in Saudi Arabia, Somalia, or Sudan, because they enjoy non-Muslim country’s non-Muslim secular, liberal laws and welfare state that non-Muslim people have struggled for centuries to make. The truth is they find everything non-Muslim people make is haraam except their money.


  1. Thorne says

    Just to play devil’s advocate, here, but why is this a problem? As long as they are paying for these modifications, foods, clothing, etc., themselves, where’s the harm? Now, expecting the government, or the landlord, to pay for them is a different issue. And of course, any modifications made to an apartment may have to be made, or at least paid for, before they leave.

    Most people make modifications to their dwelling places. If you want to paint your apartment walls fluorescent green, you aren’t harming anyone but yourself. Just make sure you paint over them before you leave. If you want to be able to purchase halal foods, and there’s a supplier out there willing to put it on the market, again, where’s the harm? It’s not as if they’re forcing everyone else to eat that same food. Or are they?

  2. jose says

    I don’t know why a democratic government that is supposed to look after everybody equally submits to the discriminatory practices of one religion. The government of a free country shouldn’t use public money to fund anti freedom traditions.

  3. Corvus illustris says

    Clarification would be helpful. Ok, I come at this from a naive USAmerican perspective. Here, there’s a parallel situation: it’s not unusual to see homes–apartments, condos or private houses–modified to simplify the inhabitants’ conformity to Jewish dietary taboos. But this does not happen at public expense: there would be a terrific outcry, and not just from atheists. Now the BBC link says on one hand that

    It is a debate over the public versus private spaces. When the public purse is used to part-fund modifications, which many see as the religious antithesis of traditional Dutch society, conflict emerges.

    But the link goes on to say that that public involvement is minimal, restricted to guarantees of some kind (for the builders, the inhabitants? it’s not clear). I don’t blame the Netherlanders for their lack of enthusiasm about importing religious fanatics (they export their Christian ones to Grand Rapids, Michigan and environs, and can have them back at any time). Still, the level of outrage seems puzzling unless the attack on the plumbing, kitchen doors, etc., is simply a displaced resentment against foreign-acting foreigners.

  4. prithviraj says

    send these stupid muslims to saudi arabia or there own countrys ……where they can enjoy there stupid religion or i can say barbaric cult . we dont need them they better stay in there halal countrys why these pig come to our countrys and west why??????
    they better shift to saudi and middle east

  5. mas528 says

    Jewish people have done this in the USA for a long time, and it costs a whole lot more than the muslim version .

    They kill kosher meat, prepare kosher, their kitchens have extra dish and tableware because meat and dairy cannot touch… (this is one of the 10 commandments!) even the fumes. If the plates themselve touch or a dairy fork touches a non-a=dairy plate, they must be re-kashered. they have double sinks and prep areas, and double drainage systems. Some even have separate ovens and stovetops.

    Since Islam is just a reduced version of Judaism, with fewer cleanliness laws (which is all kashir really is) I am not surprised at all.

    As long as it is private I have little problem… except for the animal cruelty of the kosher or halal killings.

    Anything that makes a house more sellable is good for the economy. If they choose to retrofit with plumbers and electricians and cabinet makers and masons, it is good.
    At least that is what conservatives tell us…

    Now if it were a public school… that would bother me. A lot.

  6. Liz says

    The context of the apartment adjustments is unclear…is this some sort of government program? Problematic. If it’s a private landlord….no problem.

    Also – if there’s a market for Halal food etc…why wouldn’t there be a few entrepreneurs willing to service them?

    So long as women are free to leave these families and arrangements…meaning we put our money where our mouths are an support the choice of women to leave or to use the state to fight abuse within the household – as with any household – What is the problem?

    I am a big fat atheist/feminist. If people want to buy things what do I care?

    As for the sexism – well….support the women in making a different choice or plan for her life.

  7. Jay says


    I find it ironic, and perhaps a lesson for you, that a few days ago you were excoriating right wing MRAs that hate women and comparing them to a mass murderer.

    Today, I read the article you link to, and I read this:

    “Some right-wing politicians have been stirring up public opposition, warning that anyone asking for such modifications should “leave for Mecca”.”

    Apparently, Ms. Nasreen, you are now a full fledged member of the right wing.

    Or is it possible that article doesn’t do you justice, just as you did not do justice to the MRAs?

    To everyone else here noting that Jewish requirements are even worse than the Muslim ones:

    1) That’s simply not true. No wall would be required. No separate spigots.
    2) And of course, when Jews do implement kashrut practices, two sets of dishes, etc., they do that with their own money, not taxpayer money.

    Anyway Ms. Nasreen, welcome to the club of being associated with evil right wingers simply because you disagree with some politically correct leftwing nonsense on a few issues.

    Enjoy your stay. Read some websites, participate with others like us both, maybe you an learn something new.

    • says

      Yes, the right wingers say earth is not flat, and Taslima also says, earth is not flat. It means Taslima is a full fledged member of the right wing. Eureka.

      FYI, I do not fit in any box.

      • Jay says

        If you don’t want to be put into a box, if you think others shouldn’t put you into a box, then you should return the respect and the courtesy.

        You’re a right wing nut because you don’t think taxpayers should pay for halal houses.
        I’m a right wing nut because I think men and women should share custody of their children, because I think contemporary feminism in the US is abusive of men.

        Before you place MRAs in a box that others have created, I ask you read Warren Farrell in his original Klingon. Subscribe to Robert Franklin’s blog at Father & Familes, . Read Glenn Sacks’ archives.

        That way you and I can go about having our free thoughts, agreeing on probably 99% of all issues and keep each other out of the boxes that third parties would cram us into.

  8. jose says

    lol Jay, plenty of people on the left are very critical of the power religion holds on people, communities and nations. You don’t need to be a right-winger to despise discriminatory traditions and to want them defeated.

    • Thorne says

      The difference, at least here in the US, is that most of those on the right only despise the silly, evil, superstitious traditions of OTHER faiths. Their OWN silly, evil, superstitious traditions are perfectly rational, don’t you know.

      And, from what I understand of European politics, their right wing “nutjobs” would be considered just left of center here in the US.

  9. Tenebras says

    As long as it’s on their own dime, I can’t bring myself to care too much. Yeah, their reasons for wanting these things are fucking bullshit, but (unfortunately?) people have the right to believe fucking bullshit.

  10. Ysanne says

    It’s fascinating how something totally sensible can be turned into bullshit by giving it a religious motivation.
    A kitchen that can be closed off from the rest of the living area — try making fries or burning food, and you’ll know why this is an excellent idea.
    Optional partitions — yes please; being able to have some privacy when you want/need it is plain good, and being able to have two groups of people do something and not disturb each other is practical as well.
    As long as people pay for these upgrades themselves or negotiate a deal with their landlord, where’s the problem?

  11. Jennie says

    I live in NYC. These freaks drive me home every night because most of these buffoons are cab drivers. They have hit on me more times than not, and some are total assholes, and think they know the road better than myself, who has grown up here. They loathe taking direction from a WOMAN! I always write their names down and their t.l.c. # so I can look them up and turn them in. I hate Muslims. I let my dog shit in front of their “mosque.” Haha! When they are not busy chopping people”s heads off, they are praying to a deity that does not exist. We all know that. How delusional can a person be? Oh, so women should be in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove while the smelly guys sit on their asses and brainwash themselves with television? Real nice. Muslims are not about peace, love, and happiness. Quite the opposite. They want to rule the world with their nonsense, and they hate Americans in particular. I say “go back to your stinking countries and have fun chopping your friend”s heads off!” Great article! I agree with you 100% and more..

  12. Marwan says

    These Dutch muslims did not demand anything.
    They were asked.
    By their housing cooperation, that renovated their houses. Then it’s standard procedure to ask inhabitants for their wishes. But I suppose some atheists would rather deny muslims rights they need for themselves. Islamophobia rules!


  13. shailesh jha says

    I know some muslims very closely. I would like to share some incidents.
    I have a very close frind mr A. Whenever we went on a vacation togher, he asked for a call girl. Every time we have to hire a prostitute for him .
    But at other hand he doesnt allow her own wife to purchase vegetables from the local market. One day i asked him about that attitude.
    You will be shocked to know the reason behind that. He told me that if he allow his wife to go to the market, she could be attracked to the vegetable vender.

  14. says

    Based on the holly Quran, there are a few restrictions on what Muslim can not eat pork, blood, any animal that is not slaughtered in the name of Allah and Alcohol. So halal food is food that doesn’t violate the restrictions above.


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