Yesterday a terrorist was executed by hanging !

Four years ago, Ajmal Kasab was only 21 when he was sent from Pakistan to India to terrorize Indians. He was a poor laborer. His poor father insisted him to join an organization for money. Lashkar-e-Taiba, the terrorist organization, used the poor man for their Jihad. Kasab’s family will get money if Kasab agrees to go to India and kill Indians until he is dead. Kasab agreed to sacrifice his life for a few thousands dollars. He took part in the 2008’s Mumbai terror attacks that left 166 people dead. He was the only attacker captured alive by police.

India is one of the countries that signed against the abolishing of the death penalty. Like some Muslim countries having Sharia laws and some non-Muslim countries that do not believe in human rights, India is pro death-penalty. Yesterday Kasab was executed by hanging in India. Some people said it was a death of an ignorant foot-soldier. Hafiz Saeed, the mastermind of the terror attacks roams free in Pakistan. Kasab was brainwashed to join Jihad for money. Most religious terrorists get brainwashed for heaven. In some countries there are centers for brainwashing children.

How many terrorists will we kill? Millions of terrorists will be born if we do not stop brainwashing our children with religion.

No one is born a terrorist. Society makes people terrorists. Death penalty does not deter terrorism. Terrorism grows as religious extremism, political and social oppression, poverty and ignorance increase. It’s not hard to kill terrorists but it is hard to build a society where people are not forced to become terrorists. We need to do the hard work.


  1. Agni_B says

    Killing a terrorist to save hundreds life is worthwhile.
    How many terrorist can we kill?- as many as we can
    Death penalty- fit the crime ,necessary to prevent hostage drama to free the terrorist, why pay to keep him alive- terrorist consider them self as Martyr and happy to reach paradise. Can’t see why third parties are bothered?

    Society does NOT make present day terrorist- Mosque and indoctrination

    We are waiting to hear what hard work you all have in mind when everyone tried and failed. If you were a victim, would see it in a different light

    Whole world knows the problem, has not implemented any solution
    Kasab chapter is closed; future terrorist must face the same justice

    It is a moral duty to prevent terrors whatever method is necessary

    • B-Lar says

      It is our moral duty to prevent terror BY MORAL MEANS. Dont invoke morality if you dont want to be moral. The ends do not justify the means, and this was a worthless, vengeful death.

      However, in this situation, an immoral but practical solution would be to issue the death penalty for the mans wife and children, and then once he had witness their deaths, the death penalty for him also. If he was lured into his action by promise of reward for hiis family, but his family were killed as a result, then the same recruitment strategy would not be effective again. They would have to go back to recruiting with the false promise of martyr’s heaven.

      What do you think about that? Are you appalled yet?

    • says

      I know, right?

      Of course, the fact that this guy’s family was in such grinding poverty that they sold the son into a terrorist suicide mission for money couldn’t have anything to do with that. No, treating poverty and ignorance with aid, infrastructure, and education isn’t the solution – bomb them to rubble, then make the rubble bounce!

  2. StevoR says

    No one is born a terrorist. Society makes people terrorists.

    Or should that rather be religion and especially some disgusting Islamic Jihadist groups makes children terrorists.

    That Hamas youtube clip is .. very powerful. The reality behind it and what Hamas do is appalling.

    • Shplane, Spess Alium says

      Religion is society’s strongest recruiting tool for making people terrorists, but it is neither the only one nor completely ubiquitous in the case of all terrorists. Rarely does religion produce a terrorist on its own. Usually, religion gives easy answers to people made desperate by poverty or other oppressions. We make people miserable, and then tell them they can stop being miserable by doing what God wants.

      Some of them decide that God wants them to kill us.

  3. roger ivanhart says

    All religions have the potential to produce terrorists who are blind to those who do not share their beliefs; it is a stain on humanity that so many people are duped into thinking that their beliefs must correspond with those of a primitive religion else they are disbelievers and condemned to some fictional hell after death.

    People must be allowed their personal beliefs without having to subscribe to other beliefs they may not share just to feel that they ‘belong’. It is time people were taught to think critically and not blindly follow the ideas of so-called prophets who lived hundreds, even thousands, of years before the advent of modern science revolutionized our knowledge and understanding.

    We must teach people that while they are entitled to their own beliefs they do not have to belong to a religion, that they can ‘belong’ by banding together to fight for equality and justice through legitimate, democratic political means.

  4. mynameischeese says

    Yes. We must do the hard work. And first we must convince people to do the hard work rather than kidding themselves with easy answers.

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