Which penis do you think is better?

Male circumcision is one of the oldest surgical procedures worldwide. There are many reasons to do it: religious, cultural, social, medical. Many anthropologists tried to find out the origin of circumcision. They had many different theories: it was a religious sacrifice, a rite of passage marking a boy’s entrance into adulthood, a form of magic to ensure virility or fertility, a means of enhancing sexual pleasure, an aid to hygiene where regular bathing was not possible, a means of marking those of higher social status, a means of humiliating enemies and slaves by symbolic castration, a means of differentiating a circumcised group from their non-circumcised neighbors, a means of discouraging masturbation or other socially proscribed sexual behaviors, a means of removing excess pleasure, a male counterpart to menstruation or the breaking of the hymen etc.

The oldest documentary evidence for circumcision comes from ancient Egypt. Sixth Dynasty (2345–2181 BC) tomb artwork in Egypt is thought to be the oldest evidence of circumcision. Historians say, Egyptians practiced circumcision for cleanliness or a mark of passage from childhood to adulthood. Circumcision was then adopted by some Semitic people living around Egypt.

According to Genesis, God told Abraham to circumcise himself, his household and his slaves as an everlasting covenant in their flesh.Those who were not circumcised were to be “cut off” from their people (Genesis 17:10–14).In Judaism, it is considered a commandment from God. In Islam, circumcision is widely practiced even though it is not mentioned in the Qur’an. But it is mentioned in the Hadith, the words of prophet Muhammad. “Five practices are characteristics of the Fitra: circumcision, shaving the pubic hair, cutting the mustaches short, clipping the nails, and removal of the hair of armpits.” (Bukhari, Book 72, Hadith 779)

Uncircumcised Penis:

Georganne Chapin, the founder of Hudson Center for Health Equity said,

Circumcision is not medically necessary, is unethical and can cause irreversible harm to men. My argument against circumcision of children and infants is no more and no less than that it’s a human rights issue. All people, male as well as female, are entitled to bodily integrity, and nobody — for any reason — has the right to cut off part of another person’s body when that person is too young to understand and to consent.

Under bio-ethical principles, parental consent for medical treatment is permitted only if the treatment being considered will save the life or health of the child. Circumcision is not medically necessary, and so it violates those principles, as well as that child’s entitlement to a complete body, his own personal freedom and autonomy.

There are medical risks involved with circumcision. The baby loses the protective function of the foreskin, which means that the head of the penis can build up extra layers of skin, or the baby could develop skin ridges, a bent penis or sexual dysfunction later in life. A study published in the British medical journal Lancet in 1997 demonstrated that babies who have been circumcised have a lower pain threshold for subsequent immunizations; they are extremely distressed, their cries are different. There is also a risk of infection and death, or of a botched procedure.

The foreskin serves a number of purposes sexually. It contains thousands of nerve endings, and if you’re cutting off such an exquisitely sensitive body part you’re going to lose sexual sensitivity. During intercourse, the foreskin also provides a natural gliding action and a lubricating function that’s lost if the person is circumcised.

In this country, we’ve made female genital cutting a crime and grounds for refugee status, but we do the same thing to boys that other cultures do to girls. Those in favor of male circumcision say that one is mutilation and the other is helpful, but the act of cutting off part of a child’s genitals is the same, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

Some men even say that they have post-traumatic stress disorder that they associate with their circumcision as infants. I think we would have no trouble believing that from a woman, but we write off men’s trauma and recollection as being whining and unmanly.

Circumcision is a so-called cure that’s in search of a disease. The vast majority of men in the world are intact, and they are not suffering from illness or infection. There is no justification for cutting off a body part for a hypothetical future disease, especially ones like STDs that can be prevented in ways that don’t involve mutilation. It’s crazy that we don’t think it’s crazy.’

Circumcised Penis:

30 percent of males worldwide are circumcised.

Many doctors support circumcision. They believe that ‘circumcision provides a number of health benefits. It reduces the risk of HIV and penile cancer in men. It also reduces the risk of several other sexually transmitted infections in both men and women, including syphilis and herpes, and of cervical cancer in women. Urinary tract infections in infants are about 10 times less likely if the boy has been circumcised’.

They also say that ‘in Africa, circumcision reduces heterosexual HIV infection in men by at least 60%. The foreskin provides a ready access to cells that are the entry point for HIV because the skin there is very soft and permeable, making it more vulnerable to infection. The area underneath the foreskin is also humid and provides a hospitable environment for infections, whereas they can’t proliferate as well on the dry skin of the circumcised penis.

In countries where there is not good access to running water, another reason to circumcise is hygiene. And in a study of nurses in a U.S. geriatric unit, about 90% were strongly in favor of circumcision because it was difficult to bathe uncircumcised men in their 90s. When we look at a baby and we think about circumcision, we have to think not just about that baby but that he’s going to turn into a man and, eventually, an old man’.

But recently a Canadian study finds that personal factors, rather than medical reasons, influence primary care physicians’ recommendations for routine infant circumcision.


  1. Aratina Cage says

    Let’s face it: without religion, no one would be circumcized unless it was medically necessary.

    • Simon says

      That’s not true at all. I am circumcised and had it done around the age of 4 for a none medical, none religious reason that no one was to sure about (least of all me) except that it was recommended by a doctor. Its one of the ways that men’s suffering and being used as utilities is marginalized by government and society

      Foreskin is used in the pharmaceutical industry in america and western Europe. It is 100% genital mutilation. but something women especially condone as some of them ‘prefer the look’. obv these women would prefer a human with their eye lids cut off as well.

      From my personal experiences and research circumcision gives no benefits what so ever. Granted there are different kinds of circumcision and the worst kind is a full circumcision which after a short period of time leaves no sensation at all on the penis. and while still being able to become erect leaves no sensation at all during penetrative sex.

      the only way to get women behind this is to show them how it affects them so please read this

      • Aratina Cage says

        Simon, what I meant was that no one would be chopping off the foreskins of males today were it not for the religious tradition, so all this talk of non-religious reasons is highly disingenuous. Of course, male circumcision may have started out as punishment or some non-religious rite of passage, but it came to us today via religion. All these medical “benefits” (to mutilate, or not to mutilate, that is the question) are post-hoc rationalizations for continuing this disgusting, inhumane religious tradition. And what’s more, the rationalizations for why it is OK without consideration of the supposed medical benefits are, to me, horrendous.

        I’m not sure (and doubt) if female genital mutilation is necessarily a part of any Abrahamic religion, however. But there were fanatical Christian sects who demanded that women chop off their breasts just like men chop off their foreskins (or more!) for Jesus. That’s on par with female genital mutilation.

        • Zaman says

          5000 years before there are no such religion Islam, Hindu or Christian they cut off their foreskin for betterment. In Islam or Christianity it is not mandatory to cut off foreskin, Jesus or Mohammad (saw) they cut off but they didn’t mandate it for others. Taslima shows its as break of human rights as at time of circumcision they too young to understand and to consent. May be she hide the very next line of the law, That parents are able to give their consent on behalf of the child until he is mature. Although I understand, she writes it on hatred perspective of the religion, but their are nothing to do with religion.

          • Lukas says

            Circumcision is the most retarded thing that humanity has invented…let’s take a brand new unviolated baby and chop off the tip of his penis. It’s bs that people say it’s not done for false-medical reasons or religious reasons…Why the hell ELSE would someone chop the tip of their penis off? There’s no defense for this crazy act. And for the idiots that say “Oh girls like it better” girls that say that an uncut dick looks ugly are too immature sexuality (or gay) to know wth they are talking about. Look at the vagina and how ugly it looks, do you see people chopping off pieces of vagina? No..

      • Joe says

        I have been fully circumcised since birth. It is a fallacy to believe that it leaves the penis with no sensation. I don’t know where you get your information from, but my penis is fully functional and there is plenty of sensation for sex.
        I have never suffered any effects from the “loss” of my foreskin. Post traumatic stress disorder due to circumcision as a baby is also a fallacy. It is nothing one can remember. It would less traumatic than being born in the first place, yet nobody appears to seek psychological help from that trauma.
        I have a friend (my best bud) who is not circumcised, but he wishes he had been. His brother was however. I have never asked him why he feels like that.
        I know someone who just had a baby boy and was told they had him circumcised. Where I live, you have to pay to have it done.
        Are there benefits to circumcision? I don’t know all those answers, except that it is easier to keep clean, especially when bathing a baby, and an old adult (I imagine). It is more esthetically pleasing to look at than an uncircumcised penis. Given a choice, there would still be about the same percentage of the population who would elect to have it removed. Especially if the choice were to be made as a teenager, as it would be the “in” thing at certain times. I have seen penises both uncircumcised and circumcised and find the circumcised penis to look nicer. If I were girl or gay, I’m sure that would be the type I’d prefer.
        There is nothing anyone can say that would change my mind about circumcision. I support circumcision.

        • jj172829 says

          Could not agree with Joe more. Was circumcised at birth as well and would never never never wish for what was removed at birth – to me the foreskin is ugly, can be disgustingly dirty, and generally in my opinion of no use to either the man or his partner. I only wish that RIC remained as common as when I was born, unfortunately I has been declining somewhat (at least officially) in Canada.

          • Nega-Matt says

            I agree that nothing is wrong with circumcision, but I think we should be careful about casting criticisim to our uncircumcised brothers as well. I think the moral of the story here should be that we should accept both our circumcised and uncircumcised brothers as whole and intact unmutilated men.

          • says

            My stepfather had me circumsized soon after he married my mother, and before I went into puberty. He was a freaky man, telling us that his older brother had his foreskin, that that he was circumsized.
            So, he had me cut, and it was horrible with my mother changing the bandages every day.

            Fortunately the surgeon left a lot of skin on my shaft, so now, I am stretching and taping and forming a very nice amount of skin over the head of my penis. When I shower, the tape does get wet and starts falling off.
            However, I continue to use surgical tape and in time, I will have a very nice overhang.


        • SexyKid says

          First of all, this is based on fact and your opinion of which looks better doesn’t count. And I hope you know that a lot of uncircumcised men take their foreskin for granted. I was circumcised as a kid and argued the same point as you until I had foreskin recovery. They say that it doesn’t fully recover the sensation but boy does it feel good. Next time to decide to argue against a foreskin… GET ONE…. Why do u think rates are dropping?? People understand that it was first used as a source of slavery and not as a piece of hygiene. It was just a marketing ploy introduced as the Jews came to America after being saved from the Nazi’s, and the only reason they could come up with at the time is that it stopped masturbation. Later parents who felt bad for their circumcised kids told them that the penis is cleanerand healthier. A load of B.S I’d say, in my class of 45, 14 weren’t circ, and all of the rest of us were. well it was a gym class obviously and there was that one guy that made everyone comfortable enought to all shower (shower were large dont worry) a vast majority of the circ penis’s were alot smaller, and very dry compare to the 14 uncut kids. With that said in America alone, $2 billion dollars was made off of circumsion, if nobody got paid circumcisin would be a different story. Also in many detailed parts of the original 4 parts of the bible, circumcision was not mentioned, and only added on afterwards. I’m not gonna argue that a Jews religion was an act of purpose against their superiors but come on, they enslave you, circumcise you, and make you work. Many university courses tell us religion gave us a sense of purpose, and well being. After they were enslaved they prolly made their own religion to give hope. I think there are a few museums in Europe that have the bible on display, and an online scan of the bible is availible if you really search for it. Finally ( sorry im sorta toic jumping this) if you have kids, leave circumcision to be there choice… they will thank you later…

          • Ryan Griffiths says

            Sexykid, where do you get your facts ???? I was circumcised at birth and am very satisfied with my penis ……
            It was not done for religious nor medical reasons only because it was recommended by medical staff in Canada during the 50’s. As for saying circumcised guys have smaller dicks where do you get that complete rubbish, I’m pretty sure I have a bigger dick than you have and I’m very happy with my 8 3/4 inch that I have and everyone of my sexual partners has been more than satisfied.
            One of the first things I picked up on in this article were the pic’s, the uncircumcised penis looks as if they chose a Greek god with a good sized dick while the uncircumcised guy is overweight with a little prick.
            As for lack of sexual feeling wow I certainly don’t have a problem with getting pleasure nor cumming and if I have slightly less sensitivity than an uncircumcised guy quite honestly that makes me even happier as it just means I’ll last longer than you when pleasuring my lovers, unlike you that probably thinks only about your pleasure when it comes to sex ……….

        • SexyKid says

          Joe is one of those people who argue till their blue in the face , have no life and pretty much is the opposing side. Joe I ask you to shut your mouth and stop spreading lies that have been told to you. I was circumcised at birth and argued the same points as you. Pressured into foreskin recovery cuz I live in Canada and let me tell you boy does it feel good. You have had experience with a foreskin so you thoughts aren’t valid. And P.S I find the first picture too saggy, looks like the girl wanted to rip the thing off but gave up… But the. Again I’d rather have a saggy foreskin than a small circumcised dick. And why are a majority of circ people obese?? Not saying it relates but it’s a bit weird.. Big boy with a little toy… Prolly didn’t even know how to use it properly. Either way don’t respond till you’ve gotten forskin recovery.. You’ll thank me later… You might not want to tell me but I know you will want to deep down…

          • Unknown says

            Sexykid, do you realize your entire argument is comprised of suppositions and opinions? You said men who are circumcised are all fat and have shorter penises than uncircumcised men. Seriously? You were circumcised, are you fat with a short penis? Now your having foreskin recovery so are you losing weight and growing more penis? I don’t know how I stumbled into this web site but I was circumcised as an infant and I don’t think I ever really gave it much thought, I don’t know if it would have more sensation with a cover or not, and I probably never will. I never met a woman who cared. I don’t get the entire discussion and why people would get a little heated over it. But I wanted to respond simply because of your remarks about obesity and penis size being linked to circumcision. And then you say “big boy with a little toy…prolly didn’t even now how to use it properly” What is that about? I would be curious as to how you are being “Pressured into foreskin recovery cuz [you] live in Canada”
            ‘I find that comment interesting, who is pressuring you? why are you being pressured? Other than you, your sexual partner, doctor, and perhaps some guys at the gym, who would know what your penis looks like?

          • Lukas says

            Sexyboy, listen to yourself, you said that you had a foreskin at birth and you are satisfied. you poor thing, you don’t even know the difference so your opinion doesn’t count. I had a foreskin until 17 years old and was circumcised at 17. Trust me when I tell you that you and now me are both missing a lot of what it is to be a male…You are satisified being cut because you are ignorant to what it is like to be uncircumcised. The sensativity that you loose because your head is exposed to the elements 24/7 is extremely unbelievable.

      • Anthony Goncalves says

        I think women prefer circumcised men.I myself am cut and I’ve had women state that they would not have sex with a guy who was uncircumcised.

        • Kartik says

          As regards circumcision, I think that one of its objects is to limit sexual intercourse, and to weaken the organ of generation as far as possible, and thus cause man to be moderate. Some people believe that circumcision is to remove a defect in man’s formation; but every one can easily reply: How can products of nature be deficient so as to require external completion, especially as the use of the foreskin to that organ is evident. This commandment has not been enjoined as a complement to a deficient physical creation, but as a means for perfecting man’s moral shortcomings. The bodily injury caused to that organ is exactly that which is desired; it does not interrupt any vital function, nor does it destroy the power of generation. Circumcision simply counteracts excessive lust; for there is no doubt that circumcision weakens the power of sexual excitement, and sometimes lessens the natural enjoyment: the organ necessarily becomes weak when it loses blood and is deprived of its covering from the beginning. Our Sages (Beresh. Rabba, c. 80) say distinctly: It is hard for a woman, with whom an uncircumcised had sexual intercourse, to separate from him. This is, as I believe, the best reason for the commandment concerning circumcision.”

          • LBuddG says

            1st off…I’ve been cut since infancy for Religious reasons. I don’t miss it…even had some wine at the age of 8? … days. That there might be health benefits is interesting, but again, had nothing to do with it. I didn’t realize I was “missing anything” till I was maybe 8? or so….& didn’t really care anyway. From the time of my 1st J-O’s with 2 friends trying out that thing we’d heard about, you might’ve had a hard time convincing me anyone could’ve had more sensation. As far as “getting excited/turned on”, that’s got nothing to do with foreskin or even the penis…I’d say it’s hormonal…much more a “stones thing”. In addition…& esp. at THAT age, anything that can slow you down will make it better. I don’t recall hearing any woman (or man) complain they had “too good a time” because of their lover lasting “TOO” long. (How many times can you force yourself to think – relive – a ballgame to keep from finishing too fast for your partner…assuming that’s important to you.) BTW: do you know what’s cut? Nothing to do with length (assuming it’s done properly).
            As far as messing with what’s natural in the human body being wrong….is that so….have you ever lived with & loved someone having a gall-bladder attack…I did… & to avoid surgery she was put on a very low fat diet (which BTW: worked great at knocking off the few extra pounds…fast!) but as the surgeon said; with the diet, “I may never see you again OR you might be back in 3 weeks!”. She went a good number of months till she spent a whole night on the floor doubled up in fetal position waiting for the morning to get her ass to the hospital and this thing out of her. Her mother had it for life (w/o major attacks), & both our daughters wound up with it, & opted not to be attacked ever again, (by their young 20’s). BTW: do you know what the gall bladder does in modern times? How about the appendix?…(people have died due to that one), Cleft lip?, assrt’d other useless organs. Reading a few of the comments above I’d say brain removal was already done in a case or 2. I loved the history lessons, some seemed factual & a few more-less as fictional as “they say” Religion is. Just remember…IF YOU have any morality at all, & an honest bone in your body, you’ll have to admit where that morality came from…whether directly or over generations. Something or someone had to command that MURDER (& not “killing”) is a big “no-no”… & BTW: “…shalt not kill” is a mistranslation of “murder” that even some clergy get wrong. (In Hebrew as in English, there’s different words for taking a life that’s innocent vs not.)
            WELL….that’s enough of a “great American novel” book for now. Maybe I’ll just cut a brain section out-a-my-head, so we can get closer to being intellectual equals. OK…don’t get nuts now…I’m kidding.

    • Ysanne says

      Circumcision used to be a recommended solution to keep boys from masturbating. So it’s also about (mostly religiously motivated) sex-negativity.

      Personally, I am appalled by the arguments along the lines of “it’s easier to keep a circumcised penis clean” — after all, boys are quite capable of learning how to wash their penis properly (if anyone bothers to show them instead of the usual embarrassed “let’s not even look all that closely at these sinful parts” treatment of genitals), and also, this argument could be applied to girls as well, since it’s also easier to keep a flat patch of skin clean than this mess of folds that girls come with… and there we are again at the absurd and horrible “these parts are dirty so we cut them off” trope.

      Thank you very much for this post, Taslima.

      • says

        I have never understood the masturbation argument. Did they ever do any follow up to find out if it actually stopped anyone? Masturbation is pretty easily accomplished with a circumcised penis.

        The cleanliness argument also leaves me shocked. It is not hard to clean, it is not as though you have to take an hour out of your day to wash an prep it before going out. Just wash the goddamn thing.

        But the one that confuses me the most is the argument I often here indicating that children should be circumcised because that is what their father looks like an they do not want them to be confused or look different.

        Absolutely bonkers.

        • Rumtopf says

          This is horrible, but originally circumcision as a masturbation preventative was done to boys older than babies who had already been caught masturbating, old enough to remember the pain. In fact, pain was an integral part of the idea.
          From Kellogg:

          A remedy for masturbation which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision, especially when there is any degree of phimosis. The operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering anaesthetic, as the pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment.

          He didn’t actually advocate routine circumcision in infants either, as he believed the risks outweighed any benefits. Ack

        • Robert Samson says

          Actually the Laumann study showed that cut men masturbate MORE–and this is attributed due their trying to substitute quantity for quality…ie loss of sensation

          • Frank OHara says

            Travis says: “I have never understood the masturbation argument. Did they ever do any follow up to find out if it actually stopped anyone?”

            Yes, Travis. There was a study in 1916 that found circumcised men masturbated 40% more than intact men. They also had a wider range of sexual practices such as anal sex. Obviously not what the instigators had in mind but did that stop them?

          • Joe says

            Those studies are flawed. They are trying to find cause after effect.

            Masturbation is an individual thing. Some people find it more pleasurable than others. It is mostly a way to relieve sexual tension and to discover what works best for you. Some people masturbate more than others regardless of having a foreskin or not. Some people find it more sexually pleasing than others. I could conduct a study as well, obtaining information on what factors contribute to the frequency of masturbation in both circumcised and uncircumcised men. The conclusion (with a large enough sample) would indicate it’s closer to 50%.

            There is plenty of sensation in a circumcised penis and it doesn’t require more pleasuring to obtain orgasm. If that were the case, then circumcised men would bring women to orgasm more effectively than uncircumcised men, as it would take longer for them to orgasm themselves and would require more motion to achieve it. That simply is not true. As for seeking out anal sex more, that is also not true. It is an individual preference toward or against anal sex. Being circumcised myself I abhor anal sex. I find it the most disgusting way to have sex. I have a friend who likes to do anal penetration with the women he’s been with. So your argument has no validity.

            It is true that it was recommended as a deterrent to masturbation, but then it would also be a deterrent to sex at all. Mankind is a sexual creature. It is part of nature. Masturbation will always derive pleasure. Sex will always be the motivating factor.

            Is the sensation better for an uncircumcised male than it is for a circumcised male? I don’t know that answer for I have not had sex with an intact foreskin. I believe that the sensation is more an individual body thing. I can only say that my penis is very sensitive, when I’m “in the mood” a simple touch can initiate the sexual side of me and I can derive much pleasure from it.

        • Danielle says

          Oh shut up, youre mad u have a disgusting penis that looks like crap..of course u defend it
          circumcised penises are cleaner and look pleasing
          I would throw up at something uncircumsised…yuck

          • Bryce says

            Danielle, you’re obviously a dumb beyotch who doesn’t know anything about ANYTHING! Please steer clear of topics of which you are clearly ignorant. If you don’t have a penis, then STFU! As far as which one you think “looks pleasing”, NOBODY CARES. Your whorish sexual fantasies are not relevant when it comes to what is routinely done to infants without a medical justification okay. Maybe we should be forcing girls to get breast implants because guys find large breasts more attractive, IDIOT.

          • Anastasia says

            Oh, shut up Danielle.

            All penises look fine. I have only been with one guy in my 6 years of being sexually active (I’m 26), and I love the look and feel of his circumcised penis. However, if we ever break up I’d really like to have sex with a guy who is not circumcised…I think both are lovely to behold.

            I don’t like it when men say stupid things about female genitals, and I’m sure you don’t like it either. So be quiet about male genitals, it’s the man’s body, he should be able to like his looks. And if that means remaining circumcised OR having surgery to remake a foreskin/having a foreskin, then that’s HIS choice.

            Penises and testicles are wonderful in the same way that clitorises and vulvas are wonderful. We should learn to respect each other’s “sacred place”, and accept individual differences!

          • SexyKid says

            This is why some women shouldn’t leave the kitchen, they say the wrong shit, cuz they’ve been taught the wrong stuff, and found 20 years later under a bunch of sand…

          • Deejay says

            And I suppose you had your “beef-curtain” piss-flaps cut off so your ugly vulva would be made beautiful too.

          • Michael X says

            So because, you think, “circumcised penises are cleaner and look pleasing” to you.
            And you 1 out of 313,000,000 people in the U.S. not to mention the world, the other 80%, “would throw up at something uncircumcised”. You wont let your child make his own decision. Because obviously, a baby infants penis should “look pleasing” to his mom. YOU PEDOPHILE.

            Not only will/did you not let your own child make a decision about his body. Everyone must not have the right too either. Else, those infants penises might not “look pleasing” to you. Again, you pedophile.

            By leaving a boy uncircumcised he can at least have only regret if if he makes his own decision with no resentment. You are treating him like an adult.

            However, if you circumcise your child. There is the strong possibility that he will resent you. Hopefully he never finds out right. Is that what you think. You do this to a kid and dont even let him know you decided he shouldnt get a say, and only the other boys that are should. He is not special too you.

            My parents circumcised me:

            My life before finding out:

            Grades around the 3.5 GPA area.


            I found out in the Marines. I looked over at a fellow marine because he was taking a piss during a lesson with everybody there knelt down, and was in shock for a few seconds. But, realized I was missing something.

            My life after finding out:

            Not soon after I got kicked out. Joined Nov. 29,2011 got kicked out December 2012.
            Got booted/not expelled I have 1 more chance if I go back to this XXXXXXXX University/College after incidents. (Cutting, Etc, Suicidal Ideation)
            Throughout this time I was in a psychiatric ward 5 times.
            Later I made a decision to leave parents house they were controlling jumped to homeless shelter.
            Got a job within four days. A second job within 1-2 weeks waiting on drug tests. Im prescribed a narcotic. Without it I think I wouldnt be here now. And not a psychiatric prescription. Dextroamphetamine.. Reason my parents decided I need adderall as a kid so my I really spaced out, now without this new medicine.

            Another incident [not mentioned, but has to do with someone lied to or lying] edited: privacy
            led to psychiatric ward for 24 hours because I said I kill myself before I went to jail for something I didnt do without seeing poly results for myself. Inadmissable anyways. But still its the principle, Those asshats were brainwashed.

            I go over to my parents house everynow and then I work on my car with dad, but mostly brother. I can see they didnt want me to mess up again since the Marine thing. They are great parents. Everything except my circumcision. My mom said she just signed the papers, they said it was health reasons, and she was still under drugs. WTF if though it should be illegal you can’t consent when on drugs. Then I said “Did dad want me to loook like him?, to get her to tell me more. She sounded like she was hiding something. She said I’m not sure if he is circumcised or not. Then i said how can you not know, obviously because it was done to me.She said he was circumcised. Still not sure if she lied. She was pretty sure my dad didnt help make the decision.

            MY MAIN POINT: Because, I am circumcised. I try to keep my anger level down when around here. Then she has the audacity to say if you werent my son id tell you to leave wtf. She doesnt take me serious. But always seems to ask me why Im so mad all the time. I have to hold it in. I don’t see america the same way especially at work and the people there. IF I DO NOT TALK people tell me it looks like someone ran over you dog, one thought i was racist, etc. I’ve myself from my family mostly mom and even more relatives and even more male realitives. I AM NOT THE SAME PERSON, I WAS BEFORE I FOUND OUT I WAS CIRCUMCISED. Ive talked to some people that agree with me here but males tend not to speak out about it. Or they may feel lesser about themselves. SOMETHINGS GOING TO GIVE SOON!. And I recently saw FGM was banned, even from a small prick of blood from their gentalia they are protected, BUT NOT MGM have you seen that procedure its definitely worst than a prick of blood being drawn. Circumicision keeps happening over and over basically saying fuck my generation and those before we still havent learned since 1997 infants have the right to bodily integrity EVEN MALES. The constitution say freedom of religion. NOT FREEDOM TO FORCE RELIGION ON SOMEONE PHYSICALLY WHAT IF YOUR KID TURNS OUT NOT TO BE A JEW OR CARE FOR ANY SINGLE RELIGION like me. People arent going to listen those because of their personal bias and religion or what have you. They deem their childs future decision to be “Who fucking cares what he thinks, it our dick that we are going to live with. And we obviously get to decide his religion when he is of age.”



          • Michael X says

            My comment is awaiting moderation. If the moderator is a female sorry but my post will more than likely be declined. Probably doesn’t think any male should have a choice then joke about it. No FxxKxxxG COMMENT!

    • Jim Montreal says

      You are born with it….it was a religious oxymoron centuries before where baby boys would die from infection due to a lack of accessible water for hygiene. Wash it and it is as nature (God?) designed it. Why don’t you cut off the nipples on Men!!!

    • Michael X says

      Why do you care how your sons penis works, YOUR only ignorant because your american or an idiot, and as for looks you won’t be the one who sees the mistake he didnt get a choice to make himself in the mirror every day UNLESS YOUR A PEDOPHILE.

  2. Anonymous says

    I was circumsized when i was 8or 9 someting and it was totally due to a medical reason. I later came to know that it was circumcision through internet. I just wanna tell u i am 19 now and perfectly fine.

    • Robert Samson says

      You may believe you are fine, but the scientific evidence shows you have lost up to 3/4 of your penile sensation and sensitivity:

      Fine-touch pressure thresholds in the adult penis Morris L. Sorrells, James L. Snyder, Mark D. Reiss 2 0 07 BJU INTERNATIONAL 2007

      • Rick Pikul says

        Well, he is better off than those who received an infant circumcision: By that age his foreskin would have separated from the glans and wouldn’t need to be torn off.

          • Michael X says

            Tearing of skin lessened sensitivity (CALLOUSES) even if there is a chance they may decide they want to use anesthetic. Not like it works. Why have the infant strapped down. Idiots, I swear.

      • Joe says

        He tells you that he’s perfectly fine, yet you tell him he is not. How can you sit there and say that when he has experienced having a foreskin and then not having one? Is his penis less sensitive? He did not say that. He said he’s perfectly fine. You’re argument stating that his penis is less sensitive is your version of the procedure.

        You probably do not know that the body is capable of repairing nerve endings and restoring sensitivity?

        Don’t you think he’d be against circumcision because his penis is less sensitive? Wouldn’t sex be less interesting as he would derive less pleasure from it?

        I think you foreskin advocates need to do more research regarding circumcised men. You seem to use any excuse in your agenda to keep men from being circumcised, over-stating things as less sensitivity and post traumatic stress disorder.

      • Ric says

        Yes and 100% of non circumcised are pre mature ejaculators and have a 65% higher risk of contracting and spreading an s.t.d.

        • LBuddG says

          I’ve read about as much as I can stand of this, & being a reasonable person, I’ll just repeat…it was a Religion thing for my parents & ancestry. Our “maker” said to do it….PERIOD! Why? Doesn’t matter. If it was to stop boys J’ing off… it failed….”miserably”. I don’t even think hacking off hands would’ve done it….we’d have developed more flexible legs, knees, ankles, feet in & grown longer toes. Those of us more “hung” up might get more spinal discs & curve to do what likely every boy would’ve loved to do at least once… a whole different kind of “selfie” w/o phone’cam. & Now to the last statement(s). I’m in my later 60’s, been living alone for the last 8-9 years & between girlfriends have spent time with Mde. Thumb & her sisters, she still makes me feel as good as ever, less often than in my 20-30’s…yeah….sometimes I’d miss a day or 2. (For you young guys, if you’re halfway healthy, like a muscle…it’s use it or lose it.) In addition, due to a nerve system problem (not a ‘cut’ prblm) I have developed a sensation loss & ya know what? I can & do go longer than ever w/o thing abt ball games or anything else…& still give her what she wants…and even though the train runs a bit late these days, there’s a big band & a fireworks display when we get to the station.
          Do I believe the uncut have more sensation? It kinda makes sense. Is that necessarily better? I don’t know & have my doubts. Hearing my girl vocalizing her pleasure gives me much more fun & pleasure than my own, esp since after my marriage break-up 9 years ago she came into my life completely unexpected, undeserved, & at this age …in Dec 2017 like the greatest possible Holiday gift.
          ….back on track….the health benefits (as I mentioned earlier…that had nothing to do with my cut), but that too makes some sense. You make the case of keeping clean…also sensible….but I’ve heard & read about many men who don’t….& despite talk about size, thickness, tightness, love-making tricks (I was toe-sucking & nibbling her 12 hours ago & listening to her laughing between moans…that was like music to me); I’d say the only times I’ve heard the word “cheese” said In connection to penis was if we were hungry afterwards. Soft wet flesh (especially unclean) is a big breeding area for bugs of all types. It’s not the only place(s), but it’s certainly major ones. Just think about where it’s going too…warm, moist, dark, & if not the lower environs, as any dentist will tell you the dirtiest “germiest”
          area of the body is your mouth. Any cuts or surgeries in there no matter how small…you get antibiotics automatically, without a thought. Depending on someone’s cleanliness habits, unless you REALLY know them is still a crap-shoot….like how much is your health & life worth?

      • Rob says

        Oh boy. Another lay person unable to sort out reality from myth. There are no well organized studies that show circumcision has any adverse effects on sexual performance. If you have a foreskin you will know it plays very little role in erotic pleasure or the ability to reach orgasm– as has been demonstrated over and over again in studies looking at men circumcised as adults. If you’ve ever watched any videos of males masturbating you will note that neither the foreskin nor glans are the center of attention– they simply form part of an overall platform of erogenous input but do not show how important a role pressure receptors in the urethra and corpora are in sexual pleasure and the drive to orgasm.

        From observation and studies, It is not possible to distinguish pleasure levels or the ability (or not) of circumcised vs circumcised men while masturbating– both exhibit the same facial and body movements and vocalizations equally and the time to reach orgasm and the apparent enjoyment of it is the same. Moreover men circumcised as adults report no significant difference in sexual feelings and performance, though a small number feel it lessens the experience and an equally small number feels it improves it.
        Objective assessments show that the time to reach orgasm after penetration is a few seconds longer in the circumcised men– hardly a disadvantage.

        It is clear to me after years of research into this that men circumcised at birth and those never circumcised are not able to add any reasonable measure of knowledge to this topic.
        And women cannot possibly have any input into this except as recipients of one or other organ and it is clear, in studies, that there is no significant difference for the most part, in women’s perception of pleasure from either organ- though it apears that the uncircumcised penis can gain vaginal entry more easily in an unprepared women. Quite a plus!

        Further the idea that there are ridged bands and millions of missing nerves that adversely affect the experience of the circumcised is not supported by scientific research or observation and objective reporting.

        The fact that nearly 100% of men with penile problems who subscribe to online forums dealing with these topics are UNCIRCUMCISED speaks volumes. Circumcised men have less penile issues as adults and are better off in all aspects of penile pathology than their uncircumcised counterparts. The evidence is overwhelming— being circumcised has more positives than negatives and this leads to only one conclusion— circumcised men have nothing to fear from having lost a piece of skin that either contributes nothing to the sexual experience or only creates medical issues that circumcised men never have to deal with. And those nerve endings that are so receptive to flutter movements at the tip of the foreskin are fantastic at detecting the presence of ants and flies– hardly something we would consider an advantage today.

        As an aside and I think this is funny having now come back to Australia after living in the USA, but I have noticed that there is a reflex movement young adults do quite frequently– a tugging at the foreskin without realizing it as they stand about and talk- or even walking in the street– due to foreskin irritation. It is the equivalent of the hand waving at flies, neither movement of which one commonly sees in native born Americans.

        For those worried about pain of infant circumcision: it should no longer be an issue with the use of local analgesia.

        • Walter says

          The fact is you are missing a pleasure center which is the tip of the foreskin. Regardless of your (Rob) stupid comments about flies, it is the most stimulating part of them penis for me. I thank God as well as my parents for not doing the operation.
          The human body ‘s design is perfect created by a higher intellegence that does not make mistakes. The tip ‘s sensation is esquizette and I would imagine akin to a woman’s clitoris. The shaft is sensitive to pleasure but the head is too sensitive to touch. Mainly the foreskin rubs on it to stimulate it. Try this: If one rubs a ice cube on the foreskin and particularly the tip , one feels the cold and is stimulated. But if you touch the ice cube to the head , you feel almost nothing including the cold ice. Obviously, men who have been circumcised have found pleasure with what’s left. But the sad fact is they don’t know what bliss they are missing and never well.

  3. says

    The american academy of pediatrics says that there is not a compelling medical reason to circumsize boys. Doctors should really be in trouble for portraying the issue as being anything except a surgical procedure without any known medical benefit, but they aren’t. Most tend to say “its your choice!” about it, and leave it at that. fuckers.

    By the time a foreskin retracts a boy is usually old enough to learn how to clean it properly. The hygiene thing is a crap excuse; I am sure that its easier to keep feet clean if you chop off the toes (you don’t have to clean between them then). So what?

  4. thunk = ∫ SQRRAWK! d(MQG) + C says

    Well I’ve heard the argument that “you have to circumcise babies because it’s much harder to do it as adults.” WTF.

    Yes, convenience is so much better than allowing people to make their own decisions.

  5. Gorbachev says

    Two things:

    female circumcision is not the same as male circumcision. Female ciscumcision is far worse. It basically eliminated sexual pleasure from women almost entirely, by removing the clitoris, where this is done, and can grossly endanger her life. It’s done to sexually control children.

    In men, circumcision, a totally different procedure, removes the foreskin for “cleanliness”, which originates and is justified mostly by religious sentiments. This is primarily Judaeo-Christian, but occurs most often in places where there are lots of Jewish people, among both Jews and non-Jews.

    While the male procedure is much, much less drastic than the female one, I would consider them both serious issues.

    In fact, they’re not the same at all. One is crippling; one is mutliation. It’s not the same thing.

    However, that said, the arguments for not doing either to any person, especially a baby, are just as strong.

    I’ve bene told that women prefer circumcised penises for sex, and many of my girlfriends and my current partner have said they prefer them, so they would circumcise their sons. Several have.

    In this case, it’s women making decisions about their male chidlrens’ sex organs. This should be absolutely banned, and made illegal.

    I would not make it as heavily punished as those who engage in female circumcision, given the obscene nature of the procedure, but I would still make it punishable.

    There should be no religious exemptions. The child is unable to choose a religion. The time when parents were able to choose a religion for the child should be over.

    • Gnumann says

      female circumcision is not the same as male circumcision. Female ciscumcision is far worse. It basically eliminated sexual pleasure from women almost entirely, by removing the clitoris, where this is done, and can grossly endanger her life. It’s done to sexually control children.

      There are multiple variations on both, both varying from horribad to innocent-unless-somebody-does-a-bad. AFAIK as I know there is no male variants that are quite as bad as cliterectomy and/or infibulation, but there’s variance on the male side too.

      • says

        Well, there are Australian Aborigine tribes that practice bifurcation of the penis, so I’ve heard (and not really wanted to investigate further). For squeamishness, I’d put that up with the more extreme genital mutilations, short of castration, though socio-politically I’m not sure it should be related to female “circumcision”.

        • Robert Samson says

          Let’s not forget male “Yemen circumcision”-where not only is the foreskin amputated, but the skin from the navel to the groin is stripped away.

      • Myles says

        Once a female has had children she should have her breasts removed to prevent cancer = male circumcision reasons.

    • says

      People insist on comparing surgical male genital cutting with tribal female cutting, so of course female comes off worse. Scores of boys die every year from tribal male cutting in one province of South Africa alone (and many more lose their entire penis). What could be worse than that? The female cutting of Indonesia and Malaysia is surgical and entirely comparable to surgical male cutting. A US doctor invented a gadget for female “circumcision” in 1959 with a shield to protect the clitoris. In 2010 the AAP’s “bioethics” committee proposed to allow a token ritual cut to girls “much less extensive than neonatal male genital cutting” (their words) but they were howled down within a month.

      It is as human rights violations that they are equivalent. Both are evil. Both must stop.

      • says

        I don’t think you can really claim that an operation designed to permanently deprive a girl of the prospect of any sexual pleasure is on a par with an operation that removes, at worst, only some of the sensitivity of the penis. Of course, if the people that practice it on their daughters could be persuaded to have it done surgically, there would be an improvement in terms of fatalities from infection, blood loss etc, but unless you can persuade them also to alter the extensiveness of the operation so that it is merely token in its effects (and not, say, a hygienically performed, under-anaesthetic clitoridectomy or infibulation), then we’re talking, but not before. But as it is, the whole point of the operation, whether they will admit to it or not, is to sabotage female sexuality, and you can’t really do that reliably without removing as much sensitive tissue as possible.

        • Frank OHara says

          boselecta says: “I don’t think you can really claim that an operation designed to permanently deprive a girl of the prospect of any sexual pleasure is on a par with an operation that removes, at worst, only some of the sensitivity of the penis.”

          Boselecta, the original purpose of male circumcision is just as you describe for females, no difference. It was to disable the male sexual response. It’s intent was to remove as much as possible without leaving the man unable to reproduce.

          “Of course, if the people that practice it on their daughters could be persuaded to have it done surgically,”

          This is a misconception of western people. It is done surgically by trained women in clinical settings. That’s probably not what you believe but it is the truth. Advocates against have the advantage that few of their readers know anything about the practice so that what ever they write is accepted as truth. The western perception and the reality are far different.

          “there would be an improvement in terms of fatalities from infection, blood loss etc, “

          Oddly, I have never seen any reports of these things from a reliable source. I suspect they do happen but have no confirmation.

          However, we do know that 120 to 140 African boys die every circumcision season (2 per year) from news reports
          “but unless you can persuade them also to alter the extensiveness of the operation so that it is merely token in its effects”

          This is a common misnomer among westerners. In fact, less than 5% are the type you write about. The other 95% are far less severe.

          “But as it is, the whole point of the operation, whether they will admit to it or not, is to sabotage female sexuality,”

          This is another western misperception. 95% of African circumcised women report a satisfying sex life complete with orgasms. Doesn’t this sound like American men and their wives/girlfriends?

          “and you can’t really do that reliably without removing as much sensitive tissue as possible.”

          And this was the purpose of changing male circumcision almost 2,000 years ago. The change was called “periah” and removed as much foreskin as possible. This was a change from removing just the acroposithion. (the portion of the foreskin that extended past the glans in children)

    • samoanbiscuit says

      I’m against FGM just like I am against male circumcision, but to have the comment thread derailed like this is classic Oppression Olympics. We get it, FGM is worse, but that wasn’t the topic being discussed, jeez.

    • Robert Samson says

      Sorry, but for every form of female circumcision, there is a worse form of male circumcision.

      And, of the most common form of both, the male form is much worse than the female version.

    • Joe says

      As a man who was circumcised from birth, I am glad the procedure was done at that time. It was not my parents’ choice either. It as done at the hospital as a normal routine. I believe that I would elect to have the procedure done as a teenager or adult.

      As for there being less sensation, that is untrue. Mine has plenty of sensation, sometimes way too sensitive for my own good. Hell, a good stiff breeze can give me a good stiff one.

      I support circumcision.

  6. Rilian says

    I prefer intact penises.
    The mutilated ones are ugly.
    But maybe I’m influenced by my hatred of the mutilation of babies by their parents.
    Regardless, I try not to hold it against the men who are mutilated, because it’s not their fault.

    • DejaVuDreams says

      Wow, you managed to be vain and condescending in the same post. Do you know of any support groups for us freaks so we can grovel at our own misery?

          • Rilian says

            OK, I did. In fact, I had already re-read it before you ordered me to do so. Now what, master?

            Let me just guess what you’re trying to say. You think I’m vain because I honestly expressed my aethetic preference. And that I’m being condescending because I said it’s not their fault. Well, you’re so incredibly wrong about that. It’s not condescending because I’m not saying anything like “You were young, you didn’t know any better.” It LITERALLY wasn’t their fault. I have to leave now because your stupidness is hurting my brain.

        • DejaVuDreams says

          Let me put it this way

          Suppose a man had said your statement except in reference to a woman who had undergone a mastectomy on one of her breasts. That statement would not doubt be reprehensible, right?

          It’s a statement that you say is supposed to show some sympathy…but in reality, it comes off as judgmental and nasty.

          It’s offensive because you don’t use the word circumcised, you say “mutilated.” That word gives off the idea that a circumcised penis is disgusting and deserving of scorn. You also say you “don’t judge them.” Why would anyone judge them in the first place? You’re supposedly conveying sympathy but all it really does illicit shame and suggests that there’s a reason they would or should be judged.

          • Rilian says

            “Mutilated” is the respectful thing to call it, because it’s the truth. To euphemise it is to trivialize it. It’s not trivial, it’s horrible. If a woman has her genitals mutilated against her will, I’ll say the same thing.

            There’s a stupid idea that people aesthetically prefer mutilated penises. The main thing is that you shouldn’t destroy someone’s body for aesthetics. But besides that, why not let people know that not everyone is a psychopath who loves to torture babies by chopping off their body parts.

            Mutilated penises are not as functional — because they’re mutilated. It’s like a person having cancer and having to get a body part removed; unfortunately, that person loses some functionality. It’s not their fault, but it’s true. And denying is what’s disrespectful. But “circumcision” is even worse than losing a body part to a disease, because another person, your parents even, chose to do it to you. It’s disgusting, and that needs to be said, repeatedly, until people get it.

          • Robert Samson says

            If you use the dictionary, you will find that male circumcision perfectly fits the definition–what baggage you bring to the definition, is your baggage.

    • Joe says

      That is very insulting to me. I have never considered myself to have been mutilated. I rather like having a circumcised penis. It all comes down to preference. You prefer your men uncircumcised, however there are plenty of women out there who prefer their men circumcised. They don’t insult those men by calling them mutilated. I can call you a number of insulting names as well, but prefer to rise above that.

    • Joe says

      Where do you get off saying that a “mutilated” penis is less functional? You do NOT know that as fact. You insult circumcised men by calling them “mutilated”. It is NOT mutilation (deleted expletive).

      I am a circumcised male (from birth) and I have plenty of sensation there. As much, possibly more, than some men with foreskins. You do not have any evidence to support your argument that a circumcised penis is less sensitive than an uncircumcised one.

      You are just forcing your own views (as fallible as they are) on others.

      I am absolutely insulted by your statements.

  7. Anon says

    As Brit I haven’t encountered many cut penises – just 3-4 in my life, and most of them within the last five years. Obviously this is anecdata but its enough to make me personally very opposed to circumcision. I found the calcification really ugly TBH, but more importantly I really think that cutting harms sexual responses. I found that cut guys are really really tedious to fellate, cause there’s nothing to play with, and the head isn’t sensitive enough for tongueplay to be really effective, and there’s no frenulum, and it takes ages, and you risk lockjaw to get a guy off when I was used to being able to do it in minutes. And in fucking, I found the cut dudes lost their erections more easily, like if you were trying to mix up the pace with slow periods, it seemed as if the cut penis needs more friction so fucking was always bouncy bouncy bouncy and could never drop below a certain tempo, which had never been an issue with the uncut. And I missed the adagio passages, not least because they provide contrast, expressiveness and tenderness.

    For the first guy, I didn’t put it down to the state of his penis but after a few more I began to feel it was a pattern. I feel as if circumcision and FGM in combination are methods of making sexuality fit patriarchal gender roles, where you have a man who fucks hard and fast because he can’t get off any way, and a woman who lies still and takes it because there’s no clitoris to stimulate by thrusting back.

    • uncephalized says

      Yep, sensitivity problems are a well-known effect of circumcision. Trust me when I tell you it’s less than ideal from the male perspective at times as well. For me unless it has been longer than usual since we last had sex (in which case there is more sensitivity than usual) I usually cannot get off without a very vigorous effort. Luckily my wife is a fan of fast and hard, but it would be nice sometimes not to have to “drill” her to finish, KWIM?

      Certainly not a crippling disability by any stretch but I do resent at times that my parents didn’t stop and think “maybe we shouldn’t let a doctor chop off a piece of our newborn son’s genitalia just ’cause”, though I dont blame them for doing what pretty much everyone in the US was doing at the time. That’s what most people do, and my dad is cut as well so he probably didn’t know any different. I certainly won’t be imposing that decision on any sons of mine, though. What I resent most strongly is the lax and permissive attitude by medical professionals no ought to know better, still propping up the idea that it has anything to do with medical necessity in 99% of cases rather than just being “tradition”, followed blindly to the detriment of boys/men AND their eventual sexual partners, who I think also get deprived of a bit of the full expression of sexuality.

      Taslima, thank you for acknowledging this issue, because it is the same issue as FGM. Both are barbaric and need to stop–otherwise we are perpetuating a cycle of violence on the most helpless members of society, who are most in need of protection and who stand to lose the most by being forced to integrate such a traumatic betrayal of their well-being into their perception of the world.

      • Joe says

        I am also a circumcised man. Sorry you feel that you are less sensitive down there, but I can say mine is perfectly sensitive. My mood and the last time I had sex, dictate how soon and how much activity I require to obtain orgasm. It can be anywhere between a few minutes (depending on the effectiveness of the woman) to quite an extended period of time. I don’t feel as if I am missing anything at all not having a foreskin, and there are plenty of men that feel the same.
        I am being a voice for those circumcised men who don’t have a problem with it. I believe it is pretty much an individual thing on how sensitive the penis is, more so than the state of the foreskin.

        • Unknown says

          Thank you Joe for bringing some sense to this discussion, I just wanted to add, that although you mentioned the “effectiveness of the woman” I think that needs to be expanded on a little bit. If we are going to use the amount of time it takes a man to “get off” as an indicator of sensation (which is absolutely isn’t ) you absolutely have to bring the woman (insert or man) into it. I have had some horrible sexual experiences where we simply did not work well together, and I have had some wonderful experiences where everything worked perfectly for an embarrassingly short period. There are way to many factors involved for someone to use duration as a measure of sensitivity, and I don’t think someone using 3 or 4 encounters with uncircumcised men is very scientific. I am going now and never returning. this entire conversation is silly, there is no right or wrong there just is, I am perfectly happy with my circumcised penis and always have been, I am absolutely sure that if I were uncircumcised I would say that I am perfectly happy with my uncircumcised penis and always have been.

      • Ryan Griffiths says

        I agree with you completely as I’m also a circumcised from birth guy, I’m still extremely sensitive and am very glad it’s not even more sensitive or I’d probably come way too soon, there are times I ejaculate very fast unless I concentrate not to and don’t find I have to thrust hard and fast but much prefer using nice long slow deep thrusts. I’ve yet to find any woman that hasn’t been completely satisfied with my lovemaking but then I guess I’m blessed to have been born with a nice decent 8 3/4 inch dick !!!

  8. says

    Penetration is very exciting with the foreskin, it some sort wraps the clit and delivers the heads! Wow what a sensation, those bulb like cocks never can feel this!

    • Danielle says

      yorue a male, so stop talking about sensations. Females find uncircumcised males disgusting. what female wants that disgusting hiv infested penis with a sagging hoodie over its head

      • Dan says

        You’re a bit of a bitch aren’t you? The way you seem to need to insult uncircumcised men just makes me think that you’re an ugly whore who is insecure about her own looks and needs to focus on what you think are imperfections of others.

        Women who are comfortable with their own looks and sexuality would at most say that they don’t find uncircumcised penises attractive. Your strongly worded insults, however, reveal more about yourself then you know.

      • preferredduck says

        You seem to be a hateful person is all. 3/4 of the women I have been with had never seen one like mine. The girl who was 8 years older than I gave a good breakdown on the differences. It did add extra feeling for her. She also apologized for soaking everything and that wasn’t something she ever dealt with. With a cut guy after 20 mins no matter the size, she became dry and sex was a chore. Now with me, I wasn’t used to getting mauled by a woman I had been with for years. She loved giving blow jobs too because with me she knew she satisfied me, unlike cut guys where she really had to work. The girl I am currently seeing gets way wetter and gets off quicker if I leave my skin up. I used to pull it down because of crazy women like you, now I know it’s your loss on feeling and wetness at times. Say what you want but I’ve actually been laid several times just because they had beer had one like mine and wanted to try it. All I know is I wish I knew stuff I know now back then.

  9. camelspotter says

    There should be better education about foreskins in school. Explaining, especially to boys, that some of their school mates may have a different appearance due to being circumcised or complete, explaining about foreskin retraction (which may not happen until later in some boys), etc instead of just some crappy line drawings. Explain the fact that the foreskin shouldn’t be forced back until ready, the fact that it may take time to get loose enough to accomodate a full erection without pain and the importance of washing under it. It’s better to explain all this carefully at school than for boys / adolescents to discover by trial and error, and be confused or insecure about their bodies. Also useful for future parents.

    • says

      I really have to agree with this. We need to talk about our foreskins more often. Growing up I heard next to nothing about it and it certainly caused problems. I was not circumcised as a child, but my parents were told I had phimosis but that it would likely go away with time. It did not, but my parents just did not talk about this type of thing, nor did anyone else so I did not realize it was even a problem.

      When I was older I started walking porn and realized I was different but I did not know anything about it. However, once I started having sex I was disappointed, it was often uncomfortable and the foreskin could cause pain at times as it hurt to be pulled back at all. Obviously not the best situation. I eventually went to a doctor as an adult and after trying the steroid creams and exercises I ended up getting circumcised and it has been so much better since then.

      With more education I would have known about phimosis at an earlier date, might have had the problem fixed earlier on, but instead it took until I was in my mid-20s and maybe surgery would not have been the final option I had to choose.

      • Joe says

        You had to have your circumcised due to medical reasons. I was circumcised from birth. I find that I have plenty of sensation when it comes to sex. If I had been left with a foreskin, it is my firm belief that I would have elected to have my penis circumcised. I am very happy with mine, so are the women I have dated.

    • Rilian says

      Because you had your child circumcised?
      It sucks that you did that, but what matters is that you can know better for the future, and you can apologize to your child(ren).

      If you mean because your parents had you circumcised, you shouldn’t feel bad. It’s your parents’ fault. You are the victim.

      • says

        Nah, I wouldn’t want to waste time or money having my potential child circumcised. However, having my penis called mutilated and having it suggested that penises like my own are deficient sexually is a bit of a blow to the ol’ ego, admittedly.

        • HappyGoLucky says

          I have to say, I was circumcised at birth in a country where no one else was circumcised and I learned that as I grew up. My friends had their stinky nasty little wee wee roll back to urinate and always had white cheese crap that scared the living crap out of me. I felt always privileged and grateful for having been clipped. I was ALWAYS clean and never had the burning sensations they described. I then read about all the nonsense anti-circumcisionists are making you believe and if you are gullible, you fall for those lies. I have NORMAL sensations on my penis like ANY other part of the body. My knob feels no negative sensations, only POSITIVES. I feel plenty of pleasure to my satisfaction (my eyes roll in the back of my head). Exquisite pleasure around my circumcision line, which when combined with my head is the ultimate of sexual pleasure.

          If you are circumcised you only have advantages. FGM is the complete opposite of circumcision. Circumcision is an improvement to the evolution of our bodies. It’s not mutilation, it’s LIBERATION.

  10. TGAP Dad says

    This is hardly a balanced article – the uncircumcised represented by a buff dude who is hung like a bear, while the diminutive circumcised specimen is on a pudgy fellow who, by the looks of him, is a little cold😉

        • Unknown says

          I am sure you chose the pictures they way they are on purpose, I have come to the conclusion that this is not an open debate you are simply trying to force your views on people. I thought you wanted to create a debate to get a feel for what people opinions were on this issue but you do not. Your view is that all of us circumcised men are inadequate, aesthetically unpleasing, mutilated, un-whole, maimed, damaged, faulty, victimized, mindless, brainwashed, helpless, and a multitude of other insulting adjectives. I think this is really irresponsible of you, but it is your forum to do as you please. But I for one am not a fan.

  11. camelspotter says

    Although I don’t agree with circumcising babies, I’m guessing the best thing to tell a circumcised boy is not that his parents had him mutilated as a baby… Best to explain it in neutral terms and let him reach his own conclusions.

    • says

      We do not blame them, because it’s not their fault that they are circumcised.But we should blame them for making their own boys circumcised.Circumcised men hardly feel bad about their circumcision. They even forget all the pain they got during circumcision. While growing up, they get brainwashed to believe that circumcision is their religious duty. And we know that religion stops a thinking mind.

      • Stwriley says

        I was going to pass on commenting on this, since I just popped over from Pharyngula, but the constant stream of people speaking for circumcised men (without actually being one) has moved me to respond.

        First, understand that the whole “mutilation” line is, pure and simple, offensive. It implies things both about circumcised men themselves (that we are somehow “damaged” or “incomplete”) that is not our general experience at all and that our parent(s) were purposely cruel to us for whatever reason, religious or not, which also couldn’t be further from the truth as a general rule. I am like most circumcised men, in that I have no problems whatsoever that could be attributed to circumcision nor do I somehow feel any loss from not having one. I was also born without some of my wisdom teeth, but I don’t miss those either, since I still have all the actual functional teeth; same goes for circumcision. Nor did my parents have me circumcised as an infant for religious reasons (since they were both atheists) but because it was the recommended medical step for new-born males at the time. As far as pain goes, I n o more remember pain from that time than I do anything else from that time; new-born infants just don’t retain memories, period.

        This is what kills me about the whole debate: it makes assumptions that really aren’t supported by minor inconveniences like the opinions of most of those actually affected.

        • Robert Samson says

          Sorry, but you DO have loss–up to 3/4 of your penile sensation and sensitivity:

          Fine-touch pressure thresholds in the adult penis Morris L. Sorrells, James L. Snyder, Mark D. Reiss 2 0 07 BJU INTERNATIONAL 2007

          • HappyGoLucky says

            Come on! On with propagating ANTI-circumcision misinformation and lies. Sexual function, sensation and satisfaction
            Claims that MC is ‘‘highly mutilating’’, ‘‘seriously
            impairs penile function’’ (Paix, 2011) and ‘‘amputates
            healthy, functional, protective, erogenous tissue’’
            (Boyle & Hill, 2011) have led vulnerable men to
            falsely believe their sexual problems stem from their
            infant circumcision, leading them to ‘‘feel angry and
            mutilated, even to the point of psychological disturbance’’ (Darby & Van Howe, 2011), resorting to
            mutilating ‘‘foreskin restoration’’ (Walter & Streimer,
            1990). In reality, sexual dysfunction, especially with
            age, is either more common (Laumann, Maal,
            & Zuckerman, 1997; Richters, Smith, de Visser,
            Grulich, & Rissel, 2006) or no different (Collins
            et al., 2002; Ferris et al., 2010; Masood et al., 2005)
            in uncircumcised versus circumcised men.
            Empirical measurements show no difference in
            penile sensitivity (Bleustein, Fogarty, Eckholdt,
            Arezzo, & Melman, 2005; Collins et al., 2002; Masters
            & Johnson, 1966), sensation during arousal (Payne,
            Thaler, Kukkonen, Carrier, & Binik, 2007), sexual
            satisfaction (Collins et al., 2002; Fink, Carson, &
            deVellis, 2002), premature ejaculation (Son, Song,
            Kim, & Paick, 2010) or intravaginal ejaculatory
            latency time (Waldinger et al., 2005; Waldinger,
            McIntosh, & Schweitzer, 2009). Sexual satisfaction
            may increase (Senol, Sen, Karademir, Sen, &
            Sarac¸og˘lu, 2008), with randomized controlled trials
            (RCTs) confirming similar or enhanced sexual function, sensitivity and satisfaction in men and their
            wives (Breda, 2011; Kigozi et al., 2008; Krieger et al.,
            2008; Westercamp, Bailey, & Agot, 2011).
            Travis et al. ignore these, instead citing Sorrells
            et al. (2007), a discredited study with erroneous
            statistics (Waskett & Morris, 2007). Similarly Forbes
            (2011) cites a Korean study (Kim & Pang, 2007) also
            discredited (Willcourt, 2007), as have others (Morris,
            Waskett, & Gray, 2012).
            US men ranked the ventral surface of the penis
            highest for ‘‘sexual pleasure’’ and ‘‘orgasm intensity’’,
            followed by the upper surface and sides, the foreskin
            being less important (Schober, Meyer-Bahlburg, &
            Dolezal, 2009). Sexual sensation is mediated by genital
            corpuscles, but these are absent from the foreskin
            (Rhodin, 1974). Penile sensitivity decreases during
            arousal, as appropriate for penetration (Payne et al.,
            2007). In circumcised men arousal response is quicker. PERIOD.

        • Frank OHara says

          Stwriley says: ‘First, understand that the whole “mutilation” line is, pure and simple, offensive.”

          It is also offensive to those who believe they have been mutilated.

          “It implies things both about circumcised men themselves (that we are somehow “damaged” or “incomplete”) that is not our general experience at all”

          It is my experience. You see, I am one of those who has “restored” his foreskin. I have experienced the difference and it is substantial. However the nerve endings are permanently gone and I will never be able to experience those sensations no matter what I do.

          “and that our parent(s) were purposely cruel to us for whatever reason, religious or not, which also couldn’t be further from the truth as a general rule.”

          I don’t think anyone believes this. We all realize the fallibility of our parents. We realize they were deceived by the medical professionals who should have told them better.

          “I am like most circumcised men, in that I have no problems whatsoever that could be attributed to circumcision nor do I somehow feel any loss from not having one.”

          You were deprived of your foreskin before you could experience it in it’s intended purpose so you really don’t know the difference. You are denying any loss because you have no other choice or experience.

          “Nor did my parents have me circumcised as an infant for religious reasons (since they were both atheists) but because it was the recommended medical step for new-born males at the time.”

          Yes, there was medical ignorance at the time. Should we let this medical ignorance continue or fight to have it removed and new, known facts rule?

          As far as pain goes, I no more remember pain from that time than I do anything else from that time; new-born infants just don’t retain memories, period.”

          Let’s imagine your dog had puppies and it was a tradition to circumcise the males. Of course, it would be painful to them but as puppies, they wouldn’t remember that pain for very long. Does that make it acceptable or inhumane?

          I remember some time back, a woman veterinarian was posting and was pregnant and was planning on circumcising her baby. I asked her if she would circumcise a litter of puppies that someone brought in with the request. She said “no.” I asked her what would happen if she did? She said she would probably lose her license to practice. I didn’t have to ask the logical next question, she anticipated it. She didn’t circumcise her son.

          So, if circumcision has such benefits and poses no harm, why shouldn’t male dogs be circumcised? Do they not deserve the health benefits? They won’t remember the pain.

          “This is what kills me about the whole debate: it makes assumptions that really aren’t supported by minor inconveniences like the opinions of most of those actually affected.”

          Everyone has an opinion. My opinion is quite different than yours. Why should your opinion be valued and mine discarded? Your penis is not my penis. By delaying circumcision until the man/child can make his own decisions, everyone’s opinion is taken into account.

          A poll in 1992 found that only 6/10s of intact men wanted to be circumcised. That means that of 1,000 men, infant circumcision was the right choice only 6 times.


          • HappyGoLucky says

            He denies his own loss because he has NO loss. IF you loose 4 teeth, and have implants instead, you won’t tell the difference because your nervous system compensates. Same goes for something as easily repairing as a foreskin. You cannot speak for someone else’s personal experience because it is NOT your experience. Baseless accusations of “you don’t know what you’re missing” is a bogus as you don’t see what I see because we have different eye color. You may hate liver, I may love it…”oh but if you only knew”-BS!

      • Abdul says

        You are right to say men forget the pain of their circumcision because they are brainwashed but if you dont conform you are regarded as being weird. We are told complete lies before the circumcision that it would only hurt for a few minutes. After the circumcision it hurts when the exposed glans rubs against clothing and it is swollen for days. But we are told without it our prayers are not accepted and an uncircumcised penis is unclean and unhygenic. This message is drummed into our subconcious mind so when we witness other circumcisions we actually express joy at someones pain and misery and eventually have our own children circumcised believing we are doing something good.

        • Joe says

          I am sickened by your “holier than thou” attitudes towards the circumcised penis. There is NO supporting evidence proving that a circumcised penis is less sensitive.
          I am a circumcised male and mine is very sensitive indeed. If I am less sensitive for the loss of a foreskin then I’d be a raving maniac when it comes to sex. My pants would be dripping semen all the time as I walk down the street. And I am not exaggerating. Just my circumcised penis rubbing against my underclothes is enough to get me going. You can’t tell me that my penis is not sensitive!
          The subject of penises and foreskins, or any sexual body parts, were never talked about in my family. Some of us were circumcised and some not. Nobody talked about it. We knew we were different, but it made NO difference in the way we felt about ourselves. Nobody explained about a circumcised penis in our family, and we do not talk about it even today.
          I have a buddy who is not circumcised, but it bothers him a little that he was not circumcised, although his older brother was.
          I am insulted to my very core that you people think that there is something wrong with a circumcised penis. That it is less functional and that most people would not choose to have the operation. I would put money on it that the percentage of men would remain the same if they had to make their own choice whether to be circumcised or not.
          The studies you quote are biased and do not encompass enough of a demographic to make the argument conclusive.
          Funny how you never seem to quote the number of men who are pleased with their circumcised penises.
          All ANYONE can say is that it comes down to one’s personal preference.

      • Unknown says

        Do you even realize what your writing? in this one paragraph you mention that it is not our fault, which states it is someones “fault” you go on to state that we have been brainwashed. If you truly want a debate about any issue then you must be open minded which your post suggests you are not. This entire thread is filled with verbiage designed to make circumcised men feel bad about themselves. Is that less damaging to them than a circumcision that really has no effect on them whatsoever?

  12. left0ver1under says

    But recently a Canadian studyfinds that personal factors, rather than medical reasons, influence primary care physicians’ recommendations for routine infant circumcision.

    It’s not just the doctor’s personal views being forced onto children against the boys’ or parents’ wishes.

    “Circumcision” is considered a “medical procedure”, which means doctors charge money to do it. Some/Many/Most of these “surgeries” are done solely to line the pockets of doctors.

    A foreskin is a natural part of a man’s body, a result of evolution. For an educated person, that should be enough reason not to do it.

    Some say it’s “ugly”. So what? Some people find female genitalia ugly. Does that justify both circumcision and FGM? If a child has a less than attractive face, do we force plastic surgery on them? Unlike a foreskin, a face is seen by everyone in society, yet we don’t do that to kids.

    Some say it “causes cancer” or “spreads HIV”. That’s unproven. And even if there are health concerns, most of them arose in the last 100-200 years as life expectancy increased. HIV/AIDS has only a thirty year history as a public health concern, a minor blip in evolutionary terms. The foreskin evolved for a time when people lived much shorter lives and any concern for cancer or disease wasn’t a priority. Procreation was, and the foreskin is there to keep sensitivity in the glans; circumcision destroys that sensitivity.

    Tradition? As I’ve heard it said, tradition is the old corrupting the young to please the dead. Just because “We’ve always done it this way!” doesn’t mean we should continue to do it. Infanticide (usually sex-selective) used to be “acceptable” in Ancient Greece and other places. Does that make it acceptable now?

    While the mutilation of boys and men nowhere near compares to the mutilation of girls and women, it’s still unethical and done for specious reasons. It’s unjustifiable under any circumstance.

    • TGAP Dad says

      I don’t think anyone has ever claimed that the presence of a foreskin “causes HIV,” so maybe it’s time to put this straw man to rest. There IS, however, an increased risk of HIV infection in uncircumcised men. Several studies have concluded this. Whether you agree that it’s morally defensible or not, you either accept the data or consign yourself to the world of delusions.

      Moving on to the differential sensitivity of the glans between uncircumcised and circumcised men, no one has demonstrated an actual difference in these populations. When these two groups are compared for sexual functionality, we find no difference between the group, so it is reasonable to conclude that it has no adverse (long-term) affect on sexual functioning.

      I think it better not to promote a culture of victimization among males who’ve been circumcised. This seems to me far more harmful, and enduring, than anything caused by the procedure.

      Are you really comparing circumcision to official programs of infanticide? I think it’s appropriate to call Godwin’s law on that one.

      • Robert Samson says

        I will,believe those claims when and IF, those proposing it can explain why there are so many intact countries that have LOWER rates of ALL STD’s (including HIV) than do cutting countries–I will await this explanation )with valid evidence).

      • Frank OHara says

        TGAP Dad says: “I don’t think anyone has ever claimed that the presence of a foreskin “causes HIV,” so maybe it’s time to put this straw man to rest.”

        That’s a semantics game.

        “There IS, however, an increased risk of HIV infection in uncircumcised men. Several studies have concluded this.”

        There are several studies (actually one) that has more methodological holes than a tennis net.

        “Whether you agree that it’s morally defensible or not, you either accept the data or consign yourself to the world of delusions

        (1.) The problem with accepting is that you are assuming your child will be sexually irresponsible.
        (2.) You are imposing your beliefs on his body and his future
        (3.) You are taking the chance that there will be devastating complications that may preclude his ability to father children.
        (4.) You are putting yourself in his marital bed.
        (5.) You are totally disregarding what he might think

        The child will have ample time to have himself circumcised if he believes the studies. He may take a responsible course and never be at risk. For instance, he could fall in love with a virgin in high school and marry her. Thus, he would never be at risk. If he decides to be a “player” he can evaluate the risk for himself and the loss himself.

        By that time, there might be a vaccine and circumcision will be irrelevant. Circumcision hasn’t been very successful in preventing the infection. In America, 80% of sexually active males are circumcised and America has the highest circumcision and the highest HIV infection rate of the industrialized nations. Circumcision has not protected America as it should have. Why is that? America should have been sufficiently protected that the infection could not have made headway if the African trials were true.

        “Moving on to the differential sensitivity of the glans between uncircumcised and circumcised men, no one has demonstrated an actual difference in these populations. When these two groups are compared for sexual functionality, we find no difference between the group, so it is reasonable to conclude that it has no adverse (long-term) affect on sexual functioning.”

        Yes, they have. Studies going all the way back to the early 20th century quantify the difference.

        “I think it better not to promote a culture of victimization among males who’ve been circumcised. This seems to me far more harmful, and enduring, than anything caused by the procedure.”

        Why? Do you advocate keeping them in the dark? Would you advocate keeping victims of FGM in the dark? What’s the difference? Up to 95% of victims of FGM do not believe they have been harmed as you believe of yourself. Is advocating for these women “far more harmful, and enduring, than anything caused by the procedure?”


        • Joe says

          Where are the studies about men who are totally happy with being circumcised? Nobody seems to care about those who are perfectly functional down there and not victimized by people like you who basically believe we are mutilated at birth. What about the studies about men who have elected to be circumcised at a later age? Some due to medical reasons and some due to esthetics. I have a buddy who wishes he had been circumcised as a baby. He wouldn’t want to go through the procedure as an adult though, since he wouldn’t remember it being removed at birth.
          NO study conclusively proves that the circumcised penis is less sensitive than the uncircumcised one.
          The debate will remain, but there has to be a voice for both sides. I am the voice of those men who are happy to have been circumcised. I have no loss of sensitivity.

  13. says

    Biases up front: male, circumcised, and, as a general statement, I find circumcised penises more attractive than uncircumcised. But…

    >circumcision for esthetics is absurd, and
    >medically unnecessary circumcision performed on children is just wrong.

    I’ve seen more than a few butcher jobs in my day and can’t think of any justification to continue the practice, beyond strictly medical. I certainly wouldn’t circumcise my sons were I ever to have any.

    Maybe if we weren’t so uptight as a society we’d do a better job of teaching hygene to little boys. That would solve most foreskin issues.

    • Rumtopf says

      Probably not. From past experience with both varieties I can tell you that both will reek if unwashed. Circumcision isn’t a get out of washing your peepee card, lol.

  14. Adam Felton says

    Except in the rare cases of medical necessity, there is no reason for a parent to have to make this decision. It’s the son’s penis, not the parents. If he eventually decides that he wishes to cut off his foreskin, he can make that decision when he’s old enough to examine the arguments for and against. Likewise, if he wishes to fall for a partner who is happy to have him mutilate himself so his penis looks more attractive, then that’s his choice. But I as a parent woould never presume to know what his choice will be. So unlike my parents, I would never circumcise a boy.

    • Ric says

      No,No,and NO cut the damned thing and don’t embarrass your son with his first girlfriend when he pulls out an ugly uncircumcised smegma packed dog dick!

  15. says

    I suggest that one of the reasons that male circumcision is still prevalent is because many men feel shamed at the idea of being a victim. Female babies need to be protected – but male babies do not have the benefit of that same social standard.

    Men who have been circumcised many times refuse to think of this state as being at all negative – in ANY way at all. My husband is cut – who made that choice, I don’t know. It may have been the state or his biological parents. Who knows. I am against that decision, but I’m certainly not generally unhappy. (If you know what I mean.)

    I certainly did not cut either of my boys and I can’t imagine doing that to your child for no clear medical reason.

    Calling anyone’s genitals “mutilated” is sort of harsh though. If we care about those who have been cut, it is best not to be too euphemistic, but perhaps we should also be mindful of how our words may be interpreted as being body-shaming and harmful to those who have been cut.

  16. lorn says

    Being circumcised and given that the majority of girlfriends say they prefer circumcised men, both for aesthetic and sexual reasons, reasons I agree with, I find this discussion to be pointless. If I have a son he will be circumcised. It isn’t really up for debate.

    (Shake tiny ineffectual fists, shout lame insults, cite highly questionable and/or out of context evidence here:)

    I’m against FGM but circumcision isn’t the same thing, by a long shot. Those claiming a circumcised penis has little or no feeling during penetration have no idea what they are talking about.

    • says

      If you are willing to hold you child down while they scream in agony while you cut an extremely sensitive piece of skin off of them – for no good reason what-so-ever – there is something wrong with you.

      At the very least, I encourage you – if you insist on such a cruelty – to make sure that your child’s pain management is taken into account. It isn’t always.

      I’ve had a child that had to undergo several major surgeries. I’ve had to hold him down while IV teams poked him full of holes – as he screamed terribly. I’ve done this many times because it was necessary – because he would die otherwise.

      I’ve done this over a period of a year and still now, until recently I’ve had to do other things that caused him discomfort. It became more and more difficult to do these things as he became older because he was able to not just cry, but plead with me, “Mommy don’t! Ouchy ouchy! No!”

      Do you know why we circumcise babies? I mean – why would we do such a thing before their foreskin has retracted and the penis is still very small and their bodies have just been through the trauma of birth? Why would we do it at a time when it would be the most painful, when pain management is the most risky and there is a much higher possibility of complications/mistakes? Why would that make ANY sense at all?


      At that age – they can’t say, “No”.

      • Joe says

        I too would circumcise my boys if I were to have children. I am circumcised and my penis is perfectly functional. I would raise my boys to be happy with who they are. Give them a sense of self worth. You people seem to want us to feel like we are either worthless or less worthy than you are.
        Doctors should have to use a local anesthesia before doing the procedure.

        You do NOT remember having the procedure done when you were a baby and do NOT suffer trauma into adulthood because of it.

        It’s only one’s self worth that causes trauma and makes one feel victimized. If your parents failed to instill a feeling of self worth as you were growing up, then go see your psychologist.

        Let go of your “holier than thou” ideas about circumcision.

        I am happy that I was circumcised as a baby. I have suffered NO ill effects from it. Mine is very sensitive, thank you very much. And, I like the look of it much better than an uncircumcised one.

    • uncephalized says

      Christ on a stick. It’s not about whether sex can be enjoyable when circumsized–obviously it can. But that is a side effect. It’s about violating the bodily integrity of your newborn child for no good reason whatsoever, and causing him a painful trauma that may or may not affect his development. You have NO WAY to know if being cut caused you any sexual deficiency, affected your emotional or mental well-being, etc. Although it certainly doesn’t seem to have done you any favors in the empathy or rationality departments.

      It’s also far from a risk-free procedure. Errors during the surgery can cause serious damage to the penis. Subsequent infection is not uncommon (as should be expected when you take a surgical wound and stick it in a diaper, thus ensuring regular contact with human waste!), and can also lead to permanently crippling damage or even organ loss or death. It’s an unnecessary, cruel, and irresponsible procedure for 99% of the babies it’s performed on.

      YOUR aesthetic preferences and YOUR upbringing’s biases do not give you the right to violate HIS bodily integrity. Period.

    • Anat says

      So you are going to make an (almost) irreversible choice about your future son’s body (with some risk from infection, excessive bleeding and botched procedure) based on the opinions of a circle of women of your generation? For all you know, by the time your son grows up fashion might change. Or your son may turn out gay, and it’s the opinions of men that will matter. Why not leave the decision to him? It’s his life and his body, after all.

    • Robert Samson says

      So, you are basing your decision based on what a bunch of shallow, ignorant AMERICAN women have a prejudice for?

      Well, it might shock you yo know that for American women who have had both normal and cut sex, they overwhelmingly (87%) prefer sex with a normal penis. So perhaps you should hang out with a better class of women?

    • Frank OHara says

      lorn says: “Being circumcised and given that the majority of girlfriends say they prefer circumcised men”

      This is no longer true. Now, the majority of women prefer an intact man. This is a change in just the last few years.

      “ both for aesthetic and sexual reasons, reasons I agree with, I find this discussion to be pointless. If I have a son he will be circumcised. It isn’t really up for debate.”

      I can understand that. You’ve made your mind up and what a son might think is irrevelent, right? It’s not his penis, it’s your’s, right?

      “I’m against FGM but circumcision isn’t the same thing, by a long shot.”

      I’ve had the experience of having it both ways and I can tell you, being circumcised is like having perfect vision except you’re color blind.

      “Those claiming a circumcised penis has little or no feeling during penetration have no idea what they are talking about.”

      Well, yes, I know perfectly well what I’m talking about. Here’s a little test for you: Pull on the remnant foreskin toward the tip. Does that make you get an erection? Does it make the muscles in your crotch clench? If not, you’ve lost valuable sensations.

      The frenulum is a stretch sensory organ and the frenulum is always removed or disabled in circumcision
      During sex, can you anticipate your orgasm more than a few seconds? Can you delay it as long as you like to assure your partner she also has an orgasm? If you had your foreskin, you could do this and more.

      My personal record is 17 orgasms for my lover in a single session. Think she appreciates that? You bet she does and she wants more! She thinks I am some kind of god.

      She’s never had anyone like me. She has only had circumcised men.


  17. says

    well i am agaist of Circumcision ,its unhuman brutal.People should be accepted the way they are the way they were born.If god created us and god cant do any mistake then he has created us the way he wants.

    • Nega-Matt says

      … Uh, was that meant to be sarcastic, or do you have no idea where you are? If the latter, I think you’ll have a hard time finding someone here who gives a hot-damn what god, or what you think god thinks.

      For bonus points, tell me then what god thinks of braces and vision correcting devices?

  18. says

    Lovely post as always, Taslima. My heart aches every time someone I know has their little boy circumcised. Many men who’ve been circumcised say that they’re fine and that they like it that way, but they will never know what their whole body would have been like sans mutilation.

    I’ve recently been reading the postings of a woman who broke her neck when she was fourteen. She can feel nothing below her neck at all, but is still able to enjoy the intimacy of sex and has the physiological responses of orgasm. The human body is an amazing thing at compensating for damage. That ability to compensate doesn’t mean that we should allow that damage to be inflicted on purpose.

    • Joe says

      Your argument about the woman who broke her neck…. does not prove your point.

      A circumcised penis has feeling and is extremely sensitive. I know because I am circumcised. As for not knowing what it would be like with a foreskin, I can’t say. All I know is that even the slightest touch can bring a lot of pleasure.

      You call us mutilated and that is a huge insult. I could throw an equally offensive insult back at you, but prefer to bite my tongue instead. You are projecting your own preference on others. There will always be women who prefer circumcised men. There will always be men who prefer their penises be circumcised, for a myriad of reasons only they know.

      The argument is pointless and I support circumcision at an early age, as it is less traumatic than at a later age.

      If I had boys, I’d have them circumcised at birth. I guess I am sadistic in your eyes. However, I would raise them with a proper sense of self worth. I am very intellectual and rational. This is why I am being a voice for the circumcised side of the debate.

      • EJ says

        ” I am very intellectual and rational.” Yet you make the altogether irrational conclusion that it is perfectly ethical to excise normal, healthy, erogenous genital tissue from your child’s genitals apart from urgent medical need. What a laugh.

  19. Robert says

    Both my husband and I were circumcised as infants.

    Both of our adopted sons (both adopted at age five) were not.

    It did not ever occur to us ‘let’s get them circumcised!’

    My husband did take point on teaching them how to clean their prepuce and glans while showering – it did not pose a problem for either of them. As for the issue of ‘why does my penis look different from my dad’s penis?’ – well, I don’t remember ever actually SEEING my own father’s penis, and I don’t think either of our sons has ever expressed much curiosity on this issue.

  20. Rasmus says

    When I was three years old I nearly had to have a partial circumcision for medical reasons. I had an itch and a burning sensation that wouldn’t go away. The doctor who looked at it explained that my foreskin was a bit tight and that it made it hard to clean the skin on the inside. She prescribed bottles of sterilized saltwater for easy cleaning and told my mom to bring me back for the partial circumcision if that didn’t work. My mom translated this into language that I could understand as best she could without making it too threatening, to the extent that it’s possible to make something that involves your genitals and a sharp knife not threatening…

    I very, very quickly got really, really good at washing my dick.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that even very young boys know enough about their penis that they know that they want to keep all of it.

    • Joe says

      You can’t speak for all boys. You can only speak for yourself. You were given a chance to make the decision and you decided not to have it done. However, another boy in your situation might have it done. I know I would have had it done if were up to me, regardless if was medical or not. I happen to be happy with mine being circumcised. I had no identity problems as a child. I never questioned why another boy’s penis looked different than mine. We didn’t go around showing each other anyway.
      It boils down to how you were raised by your parents. If you have issues with a circumcised penis then they failed to raise you with enough self worth, so you wouldn’t feel as if there is something wrong with you.

      • EJ says

        “If you have issues with a circumcised penis then they failed to raise you with enough self worth, so you wouldn’t feel as if there is something wrong with you.”

        You’re full of it, man. Just because you don’t have issues with your circumcised penis doesn’t mean that someone who does have issues with their circumcised penis (or their circumcised labia if a female) wasn’t raised with enough self-worth. It just means that they believe that their parents cut off normal, healthy, erogenous, pleasure-giving tissue from their genitals, and they resent that, which is a perfectly rational response.

  21. jheartney says

    Well, if I’d had a son, I wouldn’t have had him cut, but I think this talk of “mutilation” is just silly. Nearly all the guys around my age (I’m, mid fifties) had it done as infants, and I doubt many of us consider ourselves badly affected by it. Next you’ll be telling me my baldness is some sort of horrendous birth defect.

    I can think of lots of problems worth expending care over (including female genital mutilation, which really is a horrible crime against its victims). This ain’t one of them.

    • samoanbiscuit says

      But you see, this whole “Everyone I know my age had it happen to them” and “it’s not a big deal, there are other problems out there” is exactly what society has conditioned men (And women) to think about male circumcision. I must admit the mutilation bit is a bit much, but overall I think it very logical to be against this.
      (Disclaimer: I AM circumcised, but am definitely not considering it for any hypothetical children).

      Fun Fact: Where I am in the world, it’s not uncommon for women to refuse to have sex with a man they discover has an uncircumcised penis.

      • Joe says

        Society has NOT conditioned men to think a circumcised penis is acceptable. It is the men themselves who make that determination.
        I have never been educated to male genitalia, other than the parts of the penis in health class, and other than what I found in researching it myself as a young person. I never came across any information, until now, that treats it like it was a crime done to men. Nor have I even come across anything saying it was medically better, for cleanliness or whatever, and nothing comparing the esthetics of one over the other.
        You project your views on what society considers, it is not society, but your own views you wish to push on men.
        There is nothing wrong with a circumcised penis other than what you prefer.
        If I were to have boys, I’d have them circumcised. Now more than ever because of this stupid and idiotic debate.

        • EJ says

          “Society has NOT conditioned men to think a circumcised penis is acceptable. It is the men themselves who make that determination.”

          ^ Is it surprising to you that in cultures where women are circumcised, women think a circumcised vulva is acceptable and seek to continue the practice on their daughters? Why? Because female circumcision is good? NO! Because society has conditioned women to believe it is good.

          “I have never been educated to male genitalia…”

          ^ Obviously.

    • Frank OHara says

      jheartney wrote: “I can think of lots of problems worth expending care over .(including female genital mutilation, which really is a horrible crime against its victims). This ain’t one of them.”

      So, we should just stop talking about it and let you decide what is important for us, right?

      That tactic has been used more times than I can count and it has never worked.

      Every year, more than 100 infant boys die as a result of their circumcisions just in The US. There is also an unknown number who suffer lesser complications. Shouldn’t someone be speaking out for them? Why shouldn’t it be me?

      We have made great progress. Just a few years ago, the annual death toll was 228 – 230 but we’ve gotten the word out and the circumcision rate has fallen by 50% thus, the death toll has also fallen 50% That’s an achievement! I’m not going to let you or anyone else stop me from talking when we can have results like that.

      In Africa, it’s even worse. Every year, 120 – 140 boys die every circumcision season and there are two circumcision seasons. 240 to 280 boys die every year. It’s time to stop the insanity.

    • SexyKid says

      Actually you wouldn’t know being circumcised at birth. I was circ at birth and I argued the same thing as you… Until I got peer pressured into foreskin recovery (live in Canada). And let me tell you boy does it feel good. See the thing with many circ guys (used to be me) is that we are told that nothing is wrong with us even though there is a loss of sensitivity. If you wanna keep arguing about this to for foreskin recovery, I won’t even have to speak after that…. Lets just say you’ve just been properly enlightened.

  22. Jun says

    I agree with the basic conclusion, but not with this particular argument:

    All people, male as well as female, are entitled to bodily integrity, and nobody — for any reason — has the right to cut off part of another person’s body when that person is too young to understand and to consent.

    Which is obviously nonsense, because if a child had appendicitis, we wouldn’t hesitate to have a doctor take their appendix out. Parents make medical decisions on their children’s behalf all the time, by necessity. But with that power comes the obligation to use it responsibly and not for frivolous reasons, and the vast majority of the time, circumcision is entirely frivolous and unnecessary.

    • Robert Samson says

      But infant circumcision is not a medical decision–there is no medical necessity, so it is merely a cosmetic procedure–and one proven to be a harmful and risky one at that.

    • uncephalized says

      The point stands as long as it is rephrased to “All people, male as well as female, are entitled to bodily integrity, and nobody has the right to cut off part of another person’s body when that person is too young to understand and to consent, except in cases where medical intervention is necessary for the preservation of life or limb”. Much the same as “no one has the right to take my life, except in such as cases as it is necessary to prevent my committing immediate violence to others.”

    • Frank OHara says

      Jun says: “Parents make medical decisions on their children’s behalf all the time, by necessity. But with that power comes the obligation to use it responsibly and not for frivolous reasons, and the vast majority of the time, circumcision is entirely frivolous and unnecessary.”

      Infant circumcision is classified purely as a cosmetic procedure. The odd thing is that a parent can have their child subjected to this amputative procedure simply on desire. What other part of a child’s body can you have electively amputated when it is perfectly formed and functional? Can’t think of any? Neither can I.

      I suspect it may have something to do with the genitalia while other parts are not a part of the genitalia. Do we as a nation have some kind of sexual perversion? It would seem so looking from the outside in.


  23. CutAndFine says

    I am male, circumcised and have been complemented on both the aesthetics and performance of my ‘situation’. Having said that however, I will not seek cirumcision for my son or future children. Not having the mother-son hyper-sensitivity some here seem to exhibit the actual procedure wouldn’t bother me to the same extent so ‘cruelty’ is not the decider. It’s simply that unless there’s a medical reason for it to be performed it’s an unnecessary medical procedure. As far as I’m concerned though, if you want that for your son go ahead, it’s none of my business. There are medical and sexual pro’s and con’s for both but I find the arguments against quite shrill, exaggerated in their impact to males in general and verging on hysterical. People make permanent life affecting decisions for their children all the time, some turn out for the best and some not so much but that’s your what happens as a parent. All this nonsense of post-traumatic stress, of feeling ‘less than a man’, referring to it as ‘mutilation’. Seriously? I think they’re indiciative of greater personality issues that need some form of therapy than that you were circumcised.

  24. John says

    So, it’s all about looks and convenience? People have been making up bullshit excuses to justify this for decades. Aids in Africa? Last time I checked African babies aren’t having any more sex than north American babies. Let adults make informed decisions.

    This isn’t preventative medicine. It is mutilation, and it should not be legal. And, oh, it’s not as bad as x… is utter crap. It doesn’t matter how much or little healthy tissue they cut off a girl or boy baby, it’s wrong.

  25. Zeppelin says

    If everyone’s foreskin looked like that first guy’s, I’d prefer circumcised dicks too. That thing looks like a dead sea cucumber!

    Sorry man, but you’ve got a pretty grody dick <:I

    (Oh wait, now I've got to say something productive…uh…circumcision is pretty dumb, all things considered?)

    • Robert Samson says

      Oh, so you have this prejudice for a scarred, dried-up leathery imitation of a penis? Where do you think this prejudice came from?–not from your indoctrinating society certainly. but hey, that 80% of the world MUST be wrong!

      • michaelbrew says

        Y’know, Robert, as varied as the baggage may be calling a circumcised man’s penis “mutilated” may be, the adjectives “scarred dried-up leathery imitation” are definitely and unmistakably insulting. If you just want to make the victims feel bad instead of solving the problem, though, go ahead and keep implying that circumcised men’s penises aren’t real. For that matter how about you go over to Natalie’s or ZJ’s blog and tell them how fake surgically altered genitalia are?

        • Rilian says

          It’s mutilation if the person doesn’t consent to it. I don’t agree with calling it an imitation penis, because that seems too much like blaming the victim. But it is mutilation, and it is honoring the victim to recognize and acknowledge what was done to them, that they were attacked and disfigured. They aren’t less of a person any more than you would be less of a person if a psycho attacked you in the street and cut off your leg. But would you pretend that that didn’t negatively affect your life?

          • marc says

            “But it is mutilation, and it is honoring the victim to recognize and acknowledge what was done to them, that they were attacked and disfigured.”

            When the overwhelming majority of victims say they find the use of that particular word hurtful when you use it, can you honestly say your choice to use it is honoring the victim?

          • Rilian says

            We can possibly argue over which word to use, but if they deny that it was a bad thing done to them, they are like an abused spouse saying they deserved it.

          • Joe says

            You know, your comments are extremely insulting to us men who are circumcised. You project your own inadequacies onto others. You believe I am mutilated? So you think I’m a freak? I bet my penis looks better than yours and functions just as effectively.
            I am glad I was circumcised as a baby. It was not done for medical reasons. Given a choice I’d have had it done anyway, but much prefer to have it done as a baby where the healing process is easier.
            The argument will always exist for and against circumcision. I am a voice for circumcision and would have it done to my sons.
            Before, it would have been an esthetic and cleanliness issue with me, but now it’s even more so since the stupid and idiotic debate has become more prevalent.

          • says

            Saying your body is mutilated is not the same thing as saying you are a freak. Your penis being mutilated does not mean it has lost all function. But it does function differently than a whole penis.
            There’s a lot of victim-blaming in this world, and maybe that’s why you’re angry. But I am not blaming the victims. Something horrible was done TO you; it’s not your fault, you’re not less of a person, you’re not a freak, it doesn’t mean your life is ruined. But your penis was mutilated.

        • Robert Samson says

          I find it interesting that speaking the truth can be construed as insulting–the truth simple IS.

          • uncephalized says


            The phrase “a scarred, dried-up leathery imitation of a penis” is not “the simple truth”. It is an unnecessary insult.

            I am a circumcised man. My penis is not a “scarred, dried-up leathery imitation of” anything. It is my penis, you condescending shit-face. It functions, it feels, it gives pleasure to me and my wife. It is altered from its natural state, and sometimes I grieve that I will never know what it is like to be completely whole. But your shaming, shameful language is NOT HELPING, JERK.

        • SexyKid says

          Actually Michael brew, I used to be circ, got foreskin recovery. Either way I looked up on the Internet and about every 4/10 curcumsized people have a dry penis head. Mostly referre to not knowing how to clean it which is funny because that’s he reason why some people’s parents decide to get them circumcised. But you know A circumcised penis is just as difficult to wash. No instructions and you can’t use certain things. And surgically altered penis’ aren’t fake… You just don’t know the difference until you get foreskin recovery… And trust me it worth it.

  26. Adrian Simmons says

    I’ve always wondered how much the US healthcare system makes out of male circumcision. Paid to do the op, and paid to treat the sexual dysfunction of so many.

    At lot of anecdata in the thread, but this seems like something someone could actually produce numbers on.

    • Robert Samson says

      Not including the cost of subsequent treatment for repairs, and/or treating for problems caused by circumcision, it is estimated that the American medical industry makes about 2 BILLION dollars from circumcision.

      Follow the money.

  27. Dave says

    I’m mid-50s and circumcised (as are all my brothers). Ironically, my own father was born at home, and so was uncircumcised.

    When we were preparing for our first child (’82), it never occurred to me that the procedure was optional until our midwife (we had all our children at home) raised the issue.

    It didn’t take much thinking about it to realize the absurdity of circumcising my son so that he’d fit a cultural norm (and to feel indignant that I was violated for the same reason). Neither of my son’s was subjected to it.

    As for women liking circumcised better, it seems to me that enculturation is a really bad reason to make such a decision for your child (see also: boob jobs, and obsession with eliminating women’s body hair).

  28. Frank OHara says

    “The origin of male circumcision is not known.”

    But it is. The first evidence was Egyptian priests who adopted it to give the penis the appearance of always being erect. It was also a symbol of status as the priests were powerful politically

    “There are many theories of its origin,”

    It was an emulation of those who had power.

    “ as a religious sacrifice,”

    The religious justification only came later.

    “ a rite of passage marking a boy’s entrance into adulthood,”

    As a coming of age rite, it is only practiced by African tribes..

    “a form of sympathetic magic to ensure virility or fertility,”

    I’ve seen no evidence of this.

    “a means of enhancing sexual pleasure,”

    This is a modern day justification by men who have been circumcised. Men who have not been circumcised would never believe this.

    “an aid to hygiene where regular bathing was impractical,”

    This is only a justification by those who choose to circumcise themselves and is to justify their action.

    “ a means of marking those of higher social status,”

    Yes, this was an American phenomena. Before the mid 20th century, it signified that the man was born in a hospital implying a urban genesis. Boys born in the country were home birthed and typically not circumcised.

    “ a means of humiliating enemies and slaves by symbolic castration,”

    Well, maybe. The historical record of this is somewhat lacking.

    “a means of differentiating a circumcised group from their non-circumcised neighbors,”

    Yes, The New Testament talked of The Philistines who were rather uncouth and “uncircumcised.” Nobody wanted to be like them so the association of uncircumcised and “dirty.” That still lives on some 2,000 years later.

    “a means of discouraging masturbation or other socially proscribed sexual behaviors, a means of removing “excess” pleasure”

    Yes, this was “The American reason” that still influences the practice today.

    “Circumcision was adopted by some Semitic people living around Egypt.”

    Yes, it appears from the record they were trying to bestow false status on their children. It still exists today.

    “Those who were not circumcised were to be “cut off” from their people (Genesis 17:10–14).”

    Yes, the ultimate threat!

    “30 percent of males worldwide are circumcised.”

    This is an exaggeration by those pushing circumcision. The actual portion of the world’s (male) population that is circumcised is 15% – 20%. These are almost exclusively (1) Americans, (2) Jews, (3) a few African tribes. Virtually no other demographic groups circumcise.

    “Many doctors support circumcision. They believe that ‘circumcision provides a number of health benefits.”

    Yes, it is a highly profitable procedure for them so they support it. If they start justifying it, it’s best to run for the door as fast as you can. They are likely to be just as uneducated on other issues and a danger to you and your family.

    “It reduces the risk of HIV and penile cancer in men.”

    The HIV claim deserves further investigation. The authors of the study are documented to be rabid pushers of circumcision. It appears these studies are just a furtherance of their agenda. Numerous faults in their studies call to question whether they are legitimate science or not. They were rejected for publication by medical journals world wide. The Cancer claim is patently bogus as stated by The American Cancer Society. For each case of cancer averted, six infants will die of the procedure.

    “and of cervical cancer in women.”

    The HPV virus is responsible for cervical cancer. It is estimated that 70% of Americans have had this infection. Circumcision in America has failed to protect us.

    “Urinary tract infections in infants are about 10 times less likely if the boy has been circumcised’.”

    This is a false claim based on a fraudulent study. In 1982, Thomas Wiswell reported a study finding a 50% difference. Since then, his figure has been exaggerated to 1,200% difference. In fact, Wiswell (a rabid circumcision advocate) choose all full term babies for his circumcised group and all premies for his intact group. It was known that premies are at much higher risk of UYI’s so Wiswell’s study was constructed to find the results he wanted. His deception resulted in his and his friend, Edgar Schoen being removed from the AAP’s Taskforce on Circumcision.

    “And in a study of nurses in a U.S. geriatric unit, about 90% were strongly in favor of circumcision because it was difficult to bathe uncircumcised men in their 90s.”

    This is an old canard. It is not true except (possibly) in the case of diabetics. It is the responsibility of medical caregivers to properly care for their patients. In the case of an intact man, that means retracting the foreskin and cleaning as you would a circumcised man. It appears this is the “fall-back” when all other arguments fail.

    “But recently a Canadian study finds that personal factors, rather than medical reasons, influence primary care physicians’ recommendations for routine infant circumcision”

    The physicain’s responsibility is to the patient, not to him/her self. If a physician starts advocating circumcision, run as fast as you can.


  29. Rilian says

    Female genital mutilation doesn’t eliminate sexual pleasure. It decreases it, just like MGM, but it doesn’t eliminate it.

    • says

      There are MANY different kinds of FGM that are practiced. Some forms are cosmetic and don’t interfere with function much at all and others are just awful.

      There are different kinds of MGM as well, but the extreme ones are generally not practiced.

      I know many people don’t like FGM and male circumcision to be compared – but I wish many of the pro-circumcision people would listen to those in favor of female circumcision because the arguments are identical.

      1) smells nicer
      2) looks nicer
      3) partners prefer it
      4) tradition


  30. Frank OHara says

    M.A. Melby wrote: “There are MANY different kinds of FGM that are practiced. Some forms are cosmetic and don’t interfere with function much at all and others are just awful.”

    Actually, there are only 5 different types of FGM and only one type of MGM.

    • samoanbiscuit says

      Actually, there are only 5 different types of FGM and only one type of MGM.

      If you’re going to try and correct someone, please check your facts. There’s actually three forms of MGM that I know of for certain. The normal circumcision of the foreskin, the insertion of metal “marbles” under the skin of the penis, and the bisection of the penis (do not google that image if don’t want to be disgusted). There’s a relevant quote for this, something about Horatio, dreams and philosophy.

    • Robert Samson says

      It seems you know not about the various forms of MGM–they include amputation of the foreskin, slitting the penis open lengthwise-subcision, sewing the foreskin shut, amputating the foreskin and flaying the skin off from the navel to the groin-Yemen circumcision.

    • Robert Samson says

      I don’t understand this, but if you mean infants should be mutilated, then, pray tell, how is genital mutilation “socialization”?

  31. says

    Hopefully this ruling will set a precedent:


    Unfortunately, because of the Holocaust, politicians in Germany are often hesitant when doing something which could be construed, no matter how far-fetchedly, as being anti-Semitic. What this needs now is a) to be cast into law and b) for that law to be enforced. There are already laws which require children to appear for regular medical examinations. If a circumcised child is found, and the parents cannot prove it was done for medical reasons, then they need to be punished. Of course, steps should also be taken so that it doesn’t happen at all. Yes, some will do it in secret, but that is the case when any law is enacted.

    Let’s face it: if some sect, some new religion, some other group etc practiced ritual mutilation of children, the perpetrators would be behind bars.

  32. old_doctor says

    I am a well-trained, really old (58yo) doctor, a surgeonist to be precise. I elected to be cicumcised at the age of 36. After circumcision, the sex life both for me and my wife has been seriously improved after the procedure, and no side effects were noticed. Personally, I always felt the prepuce as an uncomfortable appendix and I feel much better without the foreskin.
    I am living in a country where circumcision is extremely rare and performed almost only for medical reasons. My profession allowed me to study (somehow) the reasons for which a man might choose to be circumcised. The results of these observations can be concentrated in a few, simple statements:
    1. medically, the cicumcision is advisable or necesssary only in few, well-determined, medical conditions, it is not at all a practice to be recommended as routine
    2. Infant circumcision (let’s say till the age of 14) is not advisable except severe medical conditions, determined by a trained doctor.
    3. There are some – yet unclear – reasons for which about 50% of the male population would like to have a permanently bare glans.
    4. The procedure should be recognized as a legitomate elective surgery for the subjects over 18 years old.
    5. the procedure should be allowed only on adults (except the above specified medical conditions), upon request, and done only by qualified personnel

    • Nega-Matt says

      It’s so nice to actually have someone that seems educated and knowledgeable commenting on here. I have a question about what you posted though, if I can still catch you. Why is it that the proceedure isn’t recommended for children under 14? To clarify, I’m sort of “pro circumcision” to the extent that one isn’t doing it merely for “cosmetic” reasons for a child, but I certainly don’t think everyone needs to be circumcised either. I’m not a “true believer” of any sort, but provided that it’s done in a sterile and controlled environment by a doctor if the circumcision is part of one’s religious tradition, why is the medical establishment advocating against that? And to be clear again, I’m not trying to be confrontational, I just want information and that one part of your comment struck me as… not odd but different from information I thought I had from other sources and I like to be well informed instead of just picking a bias and spouting off my feelings about it the way so many here are doing.

      • EJ says

        Do you think it should be OK for parents to choose to remove their daughter’s labia at birth for “hygienic” reasons, in a sterile environment? If not, why do you think it’s OK for parents to choose to remove their son’s foreskin?

  33. says

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  34. Eric Wayne says

    I was circumceised at 44. I was having a vasectomy, and my wife wanted me to be circumcised at the same time. I am now 71 and I can say that being circumcised is better than having a foreskin.

    • rilian says

      And I’ve heard from many men who were mutilated as adults who said it was worse. Regardless, it’s not a choice that should be made for an infant, who can’t even fight back.

  35. says

    I am a 59 year old woman and in the course of my life this subject has come up at times. In my opinion and almost every woman I have talked to about it, prefers a circumcised man. It looks better, feels better and I think most guys like it too. I have been single for 25 years and have dated several guys and still have sex often, I have never heard a guy express regrets about being circed.

    • rilian says

      Well I think that a whole, healthy penis looks and feels better. Also, even if I didn’t, I would never ask someone to get mutilated to satisfy my disgusting sexual desire. That would be sadistic.

      • says

        Rilian, I stated my opinions on a male being circumcised, if you do not agree,thats your right, but do not talk down someone for not agreeing with every word that you say. Everyone has a right to their own opinion,if you dont like it ,you know where you can go.

          • Nega-Matt says

            It’s completely legitimate to have a preference one way or another. Maybe some people preffer circumcised, maybe others uncircumcised, maybe no penis at all, or maybe even a penis where it doesn’t nessecarily belong. Carla’s preference, and likewise your own rillian, are both fine. Especially when you can’t back up your “mutilation” hypothesis with anything solid. Sure, I’ll agree that a drunk med-school drop out with rusty instruments shouldn’t perform one, but can you actually find any evidence why this is an a priori bad thing when done properly in a proper clinical setting? It’s already pretty obvious you can’t, and simply want to ruffle peoples’ feathers with name calling and trolling because you can’t back up you belief with evidence. Try harder to be a real skeptic.

  36. Nega-Matt says

    Oh Internet!

    I’d like to report in as a circumcised male here, and share my experience if anyone is actually willing to listen. I was circumcised as a baby and I’ve grown into a perfectly normal, successful adult who is very pleased with his circumcised penis. I have never once even for a second missed my penis or had any rage or upset at my parents for circumcising me, nor do I have any latent issues with some forgotten childhood trauma. So far as sexual concerns, I have always found sex to be incredibly enjoyable and really couldn’t imagine a way to improve it, truly. I’ve had absolutely 0 sexual encounters which left me unsatisfied where I felt after the fact that things could have been improved were my penis more sensitive. In fact, I generally feel that were it more sensitive I might have a shorter experience to climax which would make it slightly less enjoyable in a way. Finally, I do find the references to my penis as being “mutilated” very, very offensive indeed, nor do I think that in this particular person area a woman’s preference has any value or consideration whatsoever.

    There are plenty of really good causes out there to crusade for, why not pick one of those? Setting up an article and an argument about “which penis is better” is simply juvenile.

    However, as to your question I think MY penis is better, not because of its foreskin or lack thereof but because it’s my penis and I love it and fuck anyone that doesn’t.

    • rilian says

      So, you want us to ignore the masses of men who DO hate the fact that their penises were mutilated without their consent, and the men who had it done as adults and say that it made a negative difference?
      If you haven’t experienced any problems, great for you. But that doesn’t mean that it was right for that to be done to you when you were a baby.

      • Nega-Matt says

        What I would like you to do is to produce them. I’ve known of a scant couple of men who wanted their foreskin back, but I’d consider it a preoccupation along the same lines as men who focus on length and girth and do strange things to correct these perceived issues.

        What I would also like is for you to stop referring to my body as “mutilated” or using other despairing terms to describe it especially when I’m quite happy with it.

        So again, show me these masses of men so traumatized that we need to make circumcision a major debate and prove to me that they are trully upset and don’t simply have an unhealthy preoccupation with their tally whackers.

          • Nega-Matt says

            So as proof you offer me a list of 25 people including botched procedures, poor medical advice, and who knows what kind of psychological disorders as support for your argument? Do I even need to point out to you why that is worthless? Especially when at least some of the individuals on the list were circumcised as adults and after having given their own consent?

            Did you even read that page with a skeptical mindset and actually check to see if it supported your position well?

          • Nega-Matt says

            I made it very clear that you needed to provide data that supports your position. Your assertion that I’m inviting you to cherry-pick is either an attempt to be willfully obtuse, or a clear indication that you don’t know how to or do not posess and can not find data to support your position.

          • rilian says

            I don’t want to find data to support my position, I want to find out the truth.

            Regardless, I have personally spoken to several men who wish their parents had not had their penises mutilated.

            It’s something that can always be done later, when the person can make the decision for themselves, but it can never be undone. That’s why I’m against RIC.

        • Nega-Matt says

          So what, then, would be your method of sorting out the truth as to whether or not this is a harmful proceedure, or how and when it should be done? Are you really stuck at a statement that generally equates to “faith,” it’s just what you believe? Do I have to actually give you a lesson on why anecdotal evidence is useless? Do you even belong on a blog like this, making comments at all if that is your take on skepticism? I don’t really think so.

          If you are so concerned with truth, then ask yourself this: if your position is true why can’t you prove it with good data and evidence?

    • Neutral says

      I completely agree with you, Nega-Matt, circumcised penises are not “mutilated” or “not intact” and are just as good as uncircumcised ones. It’s so stupid to argue over which type is “better”. However, I PERSONALLY believe that it should be the man’s choice whether or not he is cut. I fully believe you when you say most circumcised men don’t have a problem with it but I think that the few that do have a problem are right, they should have had that choice.

      It’s great that you’ve had no problems and are happy with yourself. I wish people wouldn’t have these silly arguments online about what is right or wrong for someone else’s body. As long as that person is happy, I don’t see the problem.

  37. HappyGoLucky says

    Look, sexual function, sensation and satisfaction
    Claims that MC is ‘‘highly mutilating’’, ‘‘seriously
    impairs penile function’’ (Paix, 2011) and ‘‘amputates
    healthy, functional, protective, erogenous tissue’’
    (Boyle & Hill, 2011) have led vulnerable men to
    falsely believe their sexual problems stem from their
    infant circumcision, leading them to ‘‘feel angry and
    mutilated, even to the point of psychological disturbance’’ (Darby & Van Howe, 2011), resorting to
    mutilating ‘‘foreskin restoration’’ (Walter & Streimer,
    1990). In reality, sexual dysfunction, especially with
    age, is either more common (Laumann, Maal,
    & Zuckerman, 1997; Richters, Smith, de Visser,
    Grulich, & Rissel, 2006) or no different (Collins
    et al., 2002; Ferris et al., 2010; Masood et al., 2005)
    in uncircumcised versus circumcised men.
    Empirical measurements show no difference in
    penile sensitivity (Bleustein, Fogarty, Eckholdt,
    Arezzo, & Melman, 2005; Collins et al., 2002; Masters
    & Johnson, 1966), sensation during arousal (Payne,
    Thaler, Kukkonen, Carrier, & Binik, 2007), sexual
    satisfaction (Collins et al., 2002; Fink, Carson, &
    deVellis, 2002), premature ejaculation (Son, Song,
    Kim, & Paick, 2010) or intravaginal ejaculatory
    latency time (Waldinger et al., 2005; Waldinger,
    McIntosh, & Schweitzer, 2009). Sexual satisfaction
    may increase (Senol, Sen, Karademir, Sen, &
    Sarac¸og˘lu, 2008), with randomized controlled trials
    (RCTs) confirming similar or enhanced sexual function, sensitivity and satisfaction in men and their
    wives (Breda, 2011; Kigozi et al., 2008; Krieger et al.,
    2008; Westercamp, Bailey, & Agot, 2011).
    Travis et al. ignore these, instead citing Sorrells
    et al. (2007), a discredited study with erroneous
    statistics (Waskett & Morris, 2007). Similarly Forbes
    (2011) cites a Korean study (Kim & Pang, 2007) also
    discredited (Willcourt, 2007), as have others (Morris,
    Waskett, & Gray, 2012).
    US men ranked the ventral surface of the penis
    highest for ‘‘sexual pleasure’’ and ‘‘orgasm intensity’’,
    followed by the upper surface and sides, the foreskin
    being less important (Schober, Meyer-Bahlburg, &
    Dolezal, 2009). Sexual sensation is mediated by genital
    corpuscles, but these are absent from the foreskin
    (Rhodin, 1974). Penile sensitivity decreases during
    arousal, as appropriate for penetration (Payne et al.,
    2007). In circumcised men arousal response is quicker

    • Nega-Matt says

      I’d like to point out that your list of studies and resources includes contradictory statements. I think you need to decide if circumcision decreases or increases sensitivity because I can find sources in your data to support both.

  38. Tom Stark says

    I’m Sorry but if god wanted a man to be circumcised He would have done it from day one. What does man know anyway. really in the scheme of things NOTHING. We only think that we know everything. Go put foreskin there to protect the man penile gland, THE HEAD, the most sensitive part of the penis. It also help in Intercourse. So when a doctor looks at you the next time you have a babe and asks you circumcised or uncircumcised. Leave the boy the way god made him. That is the fathers job to teach the boy how to clean and take care of himself, NOT THE WOMAN, the little girl is her job. But there again do we circumcise women.
    NO because it is ethically wrong. yes in some country’s the tribe does it and it is wrong. But in the USA no we don’t so why do it to a boy. have you ever heard a little boy in the delivery room scream after they cut on this penis. It is bloodcurdling, It makes you want to take the knife and cut the doctor for doing it. SO STOP WITH THE MUTILATION TO BOY’S PRIVATE PARTS AND LEAVE IT THE WAY THE LORD MADE IT.

  39. Amit says

    I was born hindu. Though now an atheist, I got circumcised for medical reasons and it was good for me. A lot of slack skin is there & i enjoy libido. Though I oppose fgm and ric, I think in extreme cases males should be circumcised. Taslima is a bit biased about circumcision.

  40. Zakia Ali says

    I am young colleage going girl.not virgin but preferred natural dick. I think a penis. Is penis,circumised or not it will be still so what it was made to do. I have seen have both but. I do not really think it matters. Because it is. Natural o one and meant for my pussy. Every girls wants that her boyfriend or husbandpenis. Activate her G-spot at the the time of intercourse and she does not wants anything more on sex bed.

  41. Kuljit Singh says

    I am mlae 49+ and circumcised from teanage, have full strength and healthy body is is very benificial, I have full erection power and long stamina. Am capable to activate females G-spot with my 6.75 inch penis. At this age i can do regular 3times intercoures in 2 hous.

  42. procutmen says

    I prefer the circumcised penis, there is something sexy about it and primeval. My boyfriend was circumcised for me earlier this year. I feels better inside the vagina with the head fully exposed.

    • Nega-Matt says

      Uh, just to be clear, when aroused the foreskin normally retracts. When it doesn’t fully retract its a condition called … Uh… I think firmosis… I think. I’d look it up but I’m posting from my phone. At any rate, an arroused man’s foreskin should retract revealing the head completly.

    • John Smith says

      Wow! Guys getting circumcised for their girlfriends / wives? If my partner were to ask / demand I get circumcised, I would have just 2 words for them. YOU FIRST!

  43. circesadreim says

    How utterly stupid to mutilate his own genitals just because you wanted him to. At least he had the ability to make that choice for himself (unlike babies who are mutilated at birth), but to permanently disfigure and desensitize his own genitalia just because of the ignorance of a significant other is sad indeed.

    • Nega-Matt says

      Again, we aren’t “mutilated” and again fuck you for calling me that. My penis is great, unmutilated, beautiful, and I love it. If you want to argue about whether the practice is medically benificial, fine, let’s do that. If you want to argue about whether and when it’s ethical, fine, let’s do that too.

      But to be 100% clear about it I am a circumcised man an I am 100% happy with my penis and I find it incredibly fucking offensive that you pissants keep reffering to my body as being mutilated! We can either have a civilized conversation about this, or you can be a shit head about it, it’s up to you, but stop reffering to my body as being “mutilated” if you want me to take you even the least bit serriously. My body is fantastic and not mutilated, damaged, or otherwise incomplete and I have no need to take you or your shitty arguments seriously until you start showing us a measure of respect.

  44. circesadreim says

    “Many doctors support circumcision. ”

    Correction – many *American* doctors support the forced genital cutting of infants. This is because they have been culturally conditioned to think it’s perfectly acceptable and ‘beneficial’ to cut off healthy body parts from a non-consenting human being. Most other doctors in the world are against the practice being performed on a routine basis. The reason is because they have a better understanding of the importance and function of foreskin – as opposed to many of their American counterparts who are horribly ignorant about such matters.

    • Nega-Matt says

      Also, I’d rather not leave one of the many shitty posts you did this morning unmolested. So, here’s my response to this one: you are completely full of shit and it’s time to start backing this up with at least a modicum of evidence rather than just talking out of you ass.

  45. Sky says

    I would be in a relationship with a man either way but if I could choose it would be with an intact man. It makes sex more pleasurable.

    I think that forcing genital cutting on infants is wrong. Its painful cosmetic procedure.

    • Nega-Matt says

      Yeah, I’m not a retard. I know you’be generated half the comments this morning and simply changed your name. You should have tried to change your writing style too, and again, you need to stop reffering to other men as intact and men like me as… well Aparently damaged, not intact, or incomplete, because I’ll have you know I’m 100% here and more than you can handle on your best day.

      And in the spirit of being disrespectful of each other, which I’d absolutely love to get away from, why don’t you tell me why I’d care for one second what you’d like to do with your slutty holes and any what penis you’d like to do it with when I’m making a decision for myself or my own children?

  46. SRC says

    I was circ’ed as an infant. Even though everything is in working order I do not like that rights were violated and that a healthy body party was chopped off. After learning more I think its sad that boys have the most sensitive part of their penis chopped off.

    • Nega-Matt says

      You are either willfully ignorant or a liar, and most likely both. From your comment, I can certainly tell you don’t know anything about having a penis because if you did you would realize that the glans are the most sensitive part, not the foreskin. It is true that nerve endings are lost when the foreskin is removed, but that would be true of removing any piece of skin as there are nerve endings of varying density in the skin all over the body.

      So, mam, because I guarantee whoever you are you do not have a penis, the glans, the head to be crude, is the most sensitive part of the penis. Why don’t you get to know a real man on a personal level, then you might know these things.

  47. StarkArt says

    I think its crazy that this is even a question. Nearly 80% of the world leaves penises alone and they are fine. We should no go around forcing myths and misconceptions on infants. Its genital mutilation. Simple.

    • Nega-Matt says

      And I’d like to point out that as a circumcised man I’m doing just fine as well; as are the many other circumcised men I know.

      Do not try to draw parallels between this and female circumcision / FGM, they are not the same thing, it is not the same anatomy, and the procedures are not even analogous nor is the “intent” or “purpose” of either of them even remotely similar.

  48. Mamie says

    Personally I find these comparison pics a lot more compelling than the ones above:

    An intact penis is not “dirty,” “cheesy,” or “smelly” – an unwashed man is dirty, cheesy and smelly regardless of the state of his penis. Personal hygiene is just as important for a cut guy as it is for one who is intact. I would seriously fear the smell of any of the posters above claiming that a foreskin would take too much time to clean. How many guys really need prompting to touch themselves in the shower? 30 seconds is too much to ask? And an intact baby/child actually needs LESS attention than his cut counterparts – the intact foreskin is fused to the head of the penis at birth and needs to be wiped on the outside ONLY until the age that it becomes retractile (different for each individual, sometimes not until puberty or later). After that, it is simply a matter of pulling back and rinsing in the shower. My eight-year-old manages it…harder to get him to wash behind his ears, maybe I should have those cut off??

    • Nega-Matt says

      I’ve tried to be nice here, really I have, but some of you on this crusade against circumcision want to continue to play the language game, so now I’m going to play the hurtful words and manipulation of language game. Stop reffering to uncircumcised men as “whole” or “intact” and in doing so reffering to me and many other men as damaged you fucking cunt! I don’t know what your fucking problem is, but if so many of you, regardless of your beliefs can not find it in yourselves to be decent human beings first regardless of your beliefs then I find no reason to extend the same respect in your direction. Also, if you weren’t so busy being a stupid bitch, you’d realize that your little pictures are just another example of anecdotal evidence and that I could go out and find pictures of the best case scenario for my side and the worst case scenario for your side and make a little website. I don’t though. I don’t because I have a little integrity and it would lack intellectual honesty to do so; it would make me as bad as you. As such, I think it’s time for you to stop talking about dick because it’s pretty clear you don’t know dick.

      • Mamie says

        Calling an intact penis “uncircumcised” makes about as much sense as calling a woman with two breasts “unmasectomized.” 80% of men in the world are intact, so why should circumcision or the lack thereof be the standard by which we describe the male anatomy?

  49. StarkArt says

    Glad to see that a lot of people here are coming to their senses. Lets leave this barbaric ritual in the past. Circumcision rates are falling in america!

    • Nega-Matt says

      Really person who came on and made 6 posts under different names in the same morning? Care to support that position?

      Also, do you care to explain how the popularity of something would equate to it being either good or bad? I know fast food is pretty popular here in the US, does that mean its good for you then? I also know gyms are popular, could that make them bad for you?

      Oh I’m so confused! Please use your shoddy logic and poor English skills to tell me how to think!

  50. Billie says

    I never questioned circumcision till my friends son has had to go through 2 surgeries to try and repair what the first doc did. Now I don’t thin any privates should be cut unless medically needed or a wanted by a grown person. Its a shame.

    • Nega-Matt says

      No comments for months and then all of a sudden, BAM! A bunch for the same side of the argument in the same morning. Someone really got the anti-semetisim retard club together today.

      • Billie says

        Considering I have a large Jewish heritage I take offense to that.. but you are obviously trying to offend anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Calling people “retard” is really mature.

        • Nega-Matt says

          It’s nice that you have a Jewish heritage. I am Jewish and you embarrass me spouting your bias with no basis and suggesting that reffering to some behavior as anti-Semitic would in itself be offensive to Jews. That’s such a contortion of logic that you’re really in a place that is quite unreachable. I have no idea how to explain something of even modest complexity to someone who clearly can’t even understand the simplest of things, so again I’ll just call you what I continue to feel you are, a moron.

  51. Lorene says

    It is of the utmost importance/Muy IMPORTANTE:) To reevalute WHY we do WHAT WE DO with ConsciousNESS involved for the FIRST time! WE must be forced to look at the VERY REAL Reasons for WHY We dod what we DO:) Honestly with insight into the RELEVANCE as to WHY the violence and CONTROL over the BeING and WHERE did that come from? WHEN WE as a PEOPLE of the WORLD of EARTH boat following OUR Sun and absorbing what is influencing IT finally look at the history and come to a WISE determination of the ROOTs of our Origins Then WE as A BODY of the WORLD can make an EDUCATED decision based on FACTs not fallacy or manipulated bullSHIT that we have been spoon fed from BIRTH and take control of OUR own life which has been robbed by the MEDIA where We live vicariously through an internet GRID of influences and NOT of the SUN but contrary to the necessary BALANCE that is called homeostasis of the Cosmos. It is an ORDER that must be followed and MALE and FEMALE mutilation of the Body is just NOT Natural much like BREAST augmentation/mutilation. PLEASE hear my Words and Know I care enough to SING them to the WORLD:) Wake UP sleepy dreamers and LIVE the LIFE We came here to live in Love Peace and Harmony:) Major C is LOVES

    • Nega-Matt says

      Unsubscribing from this thread and blog post as the discussion has clearly just devolved into new-agey weirdness and nut jobs. Anyone with half a brain doesn’t need me suggesting what their position on this might be with the wonderfull job the anti-circumcision crowd is doing hauling all their bat shit in here.

      • Deejay says

        Good, another brain-washed Yiddisher apologist leaves. Religious zealots are so damn dangerous, they inflict their views ad nauseum, unthinking, brainwashed apologists for some delusion that has taken root in so many.
        The sad thing is that zealots are so one-minded, tunnel-visioned and incapable of seeing another viewpoint, and have that siege mentality – with us or against us. Unfortunately, so much of their outpourings are so illogical and destructive, and for some reason are seemingly attractive to so many, that they do great damage to reasoned thought, maybe because quite a few readers fail to use reasoned thought!!

  52. Anonomous says

    I don’t get why people are agreeing with this mutilation.. I live in Canada And my hockey team is 50% cut, 50% intact… We always take showers despite everything else.. Most of the the heads of the circumcised players are dry cracked and mis-shapend… They also tend to “hide themselves.” This doesn’t mean they are small and afraid, they aren’t comfortable in there body.. How would your daughters feel if you cut off their lips?? I guess it would keep there teeth clean, and nice and white right?? Wrong… Take the ballsy step and don’t Make him look like dad… Make it look like he has a choice.. Cuz once its off.. It’s off..

  53. Javier says

    I think it doesn’t matter if ur cut or not just that if ur cut all the way u need lube to masturbate if there not cut but I have friends who both are and aren’t cut but again it doesn’t matter

  54. LAGKLaN says

    Please stop trying to press you views on others. I am a large and thick penised male and I hate being uncut. Having to clean 2-3 times a day and getting rid of that cheese and smell is disgusting. Not to mention your penis gets wrinkled a lot faster with all the extra skin. I would glady trade some sensitivity for a nicer looking, cleaner and nicer smelling penis any day. I wish my parents would have cut me when I was little. By the way I’m atheist and my parents are Catholic. I don’t care about anyones fairies or angels or unicorns, I will get cut because its gross having to clean this monster. Whether your cut or uncut shouldn’t matter. You must be one of those pro life people too. How about you worry about your own life and let men and women do what they want with their bodies. If people want to cut their babies then that’s their choice.

    • ydg says

      At least you have the choice… and from what I gathered from the article, that’s the whole point. 😉

  55. says

    Look, Of I were running around the bush or kilted running in the Scotish highland I sure as heck would want to have a sheath around my deal.

    In the military having spent weeks in the field or hidden in a hide (sniper hole) the last thing I would want is a extra area to insistently clean and worry about any trouble.

    As a westerner I think it is just plain easier and more efficient and you know us Americans.

    As far as woman go most think I am Jewish as most of my family converted in marriage. When they find out I am not Jewish inevitably I am asked “Well your circumcised right”? When I respond ‘Yes” it usually ends up in a hook up. When I say ” Does it matter its met with an “ewwww” and a lonely night.

    What I do know for sure is that kids, adolescence’s do not want any undo attention and would do anything to be viewed as the same. Sad, YES but unfortunately it is what it is.

    Sensitivity, I do not have anything to compare it to but I am told it works ” Just Fine” and if being circumcised makes love making last longer we hell I am all in.

  56. Amandamay says

    I personally like a uncut penis more. I do check to see how clean it is as my noise is right above my mouth which I also use to taste with. I have found that a uncut give more friction on my clit and this is what I want.

  57. Seun says

    my dear ur comment about Africa shows you are uninformed and dont know what you are talking about.

    No. 1). Most Africans are either Christians or Muslims and our Religion and tradition states that we circumcise our boys NOT girls. Whoever Circumcises a woman is an illiterate.

    No2). Please all u white folks talking trash about Africans pulease come and take your survey of African Men and their penises and lets compare it to white men’s. Its like comparing Sugar and Vinegar. African Men (whether living as BlaCK Americans or Living as Africans) have Bigger genitals and Better sexual pleasures and better sperm count than you lots.

    Yes I am a full blown African woman living in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa. I bet you are wandering where am getting Internet from (I tapped the network from our forefathers :D).

    All our men are circumcised and we are loving it. We are not complaining, neither are they. My Husband is circumcised and By God’s grace my son and sons yet unborn would be circumcised. Oh and by the way you can bite me for that.

  58. A--hole says

    Uncircumcised penises are more susceptible to disease, some countries that majority do not circumcise have twice the rate of cervical cancer than the USA. And the women in USA are also more promiscuous,USA should have higher rate of cervical cancer , but doesn’t. I also dated a nurse who would never even think of being with an uncircumcised man, she was very knowledgeable on the matter, did extensive reading the subject. One of my roommates when i was younger was uncircumcised and he and his girlfriend always had problems with irritation from sex,don’t know the medical reasons,but suspect it was his uncircumcised penis. It is absolutely a fact that”cut is cleaner”, it is the removal of a portion of skin that is a good habitat for germs. FACT…..sorry if you can’t handle “Facts”. Studies that show no difference in disease are total B.S. Simple common sense tells us, the removal of a moist warm section skin of the penis eliminates an area for bacteria to live. You can cut or uncut, no difference to me….but no difference in disease? Please, you must have no “common sense” to believe that…….probably studies funded by insurance companies, big pharma or governments that can’t afford it or want to make more money by not paying for it. Follow the money……..simple. The rate of circumcision in the USA is dropping because insurance companies are not paying for it,they make more money not paying for it and then the cost of treating diseases gives them an excuse to raise rates on everyone. Big Pharma and insurance companies make a fortune off disease,both probably owned by the same corporate investors. Bye Bye 😛

  59. says

    I believe everything posted was actually very reasonable. But, think about this, what if you typed a catchier title?
    I am not suggesting your information is not solid., but suppose you added something that grabbed people’s attention?
    I mean Which penis do you think is better?

  60. Jake Carson says

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    Handle. It Seems That All Of The Team Mates Were Wearing…”Captain
    Kutchie T-Shirts!…We Were Wondering Where They Might Have Gotten Those T-Shirts?…”HUMM” You Don’t Think It Was From…..?.?.?………

    Kinda Like Captain Kutchie Says… “I Bet You Can’t Say Happiness With Out Saying Penis”.

    I Guess No Key Lime Pie Story Would Be Complete Without Saying,
    “AAHHH”, The Magic Of Anita Pelaez And Her Key Lime Pies…

    You Know-…It’s No Wonder That She’s America’s Sweet Heart!

  61. Km. Urvashi Saxna says

    I am young college girl unmarried but not virgin. My viginal tube tested by my one college mate with their circumised penis and raptured my virginty with my consent, though he fucked me only two time and I feel divine pleasure when his love stick were in sde of my tight nmarried cunt hole. I think being a girl that penis is n important part of male body for sex, that can be source of pleasure and around. god made male penis for female pussy not for female or male ass hole, i think ass hole fucking is pain full and not natural. every girls have different choice, some like cut penis and some like uncut penis, some girls are for from cleanness and some girls maintained the gravity of cleanness.. I think being a girl that when any girls to take any thing in their mouth for eating she hope that must be clean. Now a days common fashions created pensi sucking, circumised penis is best for sucking, because it is neat ,clean, smell free and no risk of any infections as against uncut penis which is covered with foreskin look like pig mouth.My boyfriend penis is clean and smell free ith big penis head, he is able to keep my pussy happy after sex and every girls wants only onthing which is her viginal pleasure given by their fucker mate. I like circumised penis till i am unmarried, after that we are bound to follow the customs of our family but i will never suck my would be husband uncut penis. I saw uncut penis which looks bad in face.

  62. Km.Reshma Singh(student)PG says

    You know i am young college girl and not married nor virgin. My virginty were broken by my one college mate who is sr. to me (one yr). but luckly his penis is cut. Isaw several time errect andsemi errect penises of uncut of my father and brothers some are straight, some is long and some is bent like banana, and all penis head is covered with foreskin and my brother penis isnormal seize but his foreskinis too large and hanging and head covered saw when errect, as all male members uses towear lungi which is front open and every one may watch when they go in his room.But when I saw my boyfriend errect penis which is in fair clour and straight with big penis head and i hold it in hand and feel pleasure and come to know that it is too hard and keep me and my pussy happy.,u know the cut penis head and soft are abnormllly hard when errect because too much swollen tissue is packed into his small a packing of skin.Circumision remove 1\2 to 1\3 of the skin of the penis.Shot penis skin upon errection the soft skin is forced to streches tightly this in order to accommodate the fullness of errections like blowing up a balloon, as more air is forced in the ball all gets streached thiner and thiner and because tighter.the skin of our viginal walls all are very soft,the cut penis feels to the women or girl like a “Broom Stick”” and look quite diffeent head of natural penis. Not only this the girls or women may see the clips of cut and uncut penis, if any unkown women may asked to select them, surely she may select cut penis because it looks good in shape and seize and able to full fill their partner sex wishes and desie. I can say it with 100% gauranee that the womens or girls wo enjoyed sex pleasure with cut penis, she feel pain when penis hea going to enter i their cunt hole as cut penis hole is big which is in ring type and circle of penis head is big, and if any young girls who ist tyme enjoy sex pleasure with cut penis surely she crying loudly and their eyes were full of tears and he pushes his penis head after they spread their legs widely and by hand she sprea her pussy lips for easy entery of his cock after that she feel huge pain and crying.

  63. km.Bindu Tiwari says

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  64. Zakia ali says

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  65. danbaba kochi says

    I was circumcised at age 26 and have experienced both sides. My opinion is if circumcised high and tight the ejoyment is the max for both the partners. The uncircumcised status was nothing but infections, itch and smegma.
    So,dont think twice go for the circumcision.

  66. Alan says

    I chose to be circumcised when I was 40, in response to my (then new) wife’s very strong preference (based on her previous experience over a number of years) for a circumcised penis. Before I was circumcised, I had a fully and freely retractable foreskin, but quite honestly, having a complete and “tight” circumcision was the best thing that I have ever done – it is cleaner, much more comfortable, better-looking and most importantly, sexual pleasure is stunningly and overwhelmingly more intense than when I had a foreskin. My wife loves the fact that I am circumcised and after 28 years, we continue to enjoy intercourse 3 or 4 times a week. I have experienced absolutely no negative effects at all and I believe that if the sexual benefits were more widely known, there would be long queues outside the clinics where circumcisions are performed!

  67. Mystery Tomcat says

    Nature Really Likes Male Circumcisions

    Way down under in Melbourne, Australia is the story of a tightly done male adult circumcision of the ultimate kind. You’ll never believe the story … or will you?
    Around 17 years ago, I became aware that circumcision was of interest to me. How to go about it ? What an embarrassment, how to sneak into a Doctor cost etc. I became more and more frustrated, as I knew I wanted it done. Australia is a hot climate too and I wanted a slick model penis, not a sock, at half mast. I had learnt from school that I was bisexual, I would use the odd opportunity to check out and occasionally talk another classmate into pulling down his pants and letting me give him oral sex. Both circumcised and uncircumcised, although I didn’t know what circumcision was then, I was only ten ! We start pretty early in Australia !
    Anyway back to circumcision. I became more and more, frustrated and there didn’t seem to be a way of resolving the issue. Then I had a bereavement in the family. If I couldn’t solve this simple problem… It was a question of honor.
    So what I did may surprise many. I am an everyday kind of bloke, a family now, job and the rest of it. So don’t be too shocked. Where there is a will there is a way.
    I had been researching on the net at the time and I was reading and seeing pics of tribal and African circumcisions. There are great stories of the Tuli in the Philippines and also teens putting their penis on a log with a piece of twine and the elder slicing off the foreskin, high and tight, leaving a terrific red patched scar.
    I decided after much viewing and research that this is what I wanted. I was a bit far from the Philippines and Africa, so this is what happened.

    One long weekend when there was a Public holiday, I decided to have a go myself. This is not for the faint hearted.
    On the Friday night, I did the usual, a few beers then came home. I opened a bottle of white wine and proceeded to watch an x-rated video. Of course with a long ring barked cock or two. After a while I was ready. A bit of popper amyl and I was more or less ready to have a go. At circumcision.
    I knew the skin would be sensitive, so I had purchased from an adult store, delay spray. This I think had lidocaine like when you get Suntan mozzie burns cream from the supermarket only stronger. I applied it to my foreskin until the end of my cock felt number, than usual. Another drink and some poppers, a look at the tightly taut scarred cocks on the TV screen and it was time. Time to join the rest of my male brothers on the planet with a permanently forever nude glans and a stripped pointed helmety penis. Intention purple glans to always lead the way, from that night on or else.
    I sized and drew a line working out where to cut and checked this out numerous times. Another drink, more amyl and an inspection of the video playing and I was ready.
    I took a very sharp pair a medium size sewing scissors and sat down. Carefully lining them up, I very slowly, and I mean really really slowly, put them through the line on the foreskin I had drawn. I had already pulled the foreskin as hard as I ever could in front of my glans.
    Slowly but surely I got the job done. Everything dropped back behind my glans and my foreskin lay on a tissue. A dream come true. I couldn’t believe my absolute relief and satisfaction.
    All this time later nearly two decades on, I am still happy. A couple a days later, I consulted a friendly doctor and some stitches were added on the quiet to complete the job.
    Result is I have a very tightly circumcised penis, with absolutely no frenulum or foreskin.
    The absolute tightest male circumcision possible, for myself and any partner I should choose, whether it be female or male. Amazingly there is no two tone scar and the circumcision join is one color and height. No different levels of skin height or misalignment.

    Nature really does like circumcisions.

  68. km.Pooja sharma says

    I am young 24yrs. University going girl and also hostler girls.but not married nor virgin.by cast am hindu Brahmin Girl.but my premartial hide relation with one mate of universty who is one ysr to me.his body and figure is very sexy and sex appealing lot og girls crazy for their company,am lucky to come in contact and after 2-3 months dating decided to come in closed and physical contact.though know his tool is circumised. I had saw uncut penises several times at home of adullt male familymembers but all pee hole covered with their foreskin and when saw friend penis it is different in shape and seize.saw ist time cut penis of my friend on the day when going for sex ist time and his penis is ready to break my virginty with his hard penis. After sex feel pleasure and he keep my pussy happy .in my opinion cut penis are much better over the years.have found that cut penis tend to have a stronger smell and more gressy feel to them.despitebest efforts to keep clean ,any skin that is folded on top of other skin will fond to sweet and small rather quickly even after a good shower,so it is difinetly fact that cut penis are easier to clean keep and less prone to infection.

    • Sabrina says

      May be true!
      But for me it was reverse. I am a bangladeshi girl & experienced both, had sex with both type of man. I think satisfaction depends on intimacy. I had a buddhist uncut frnd with whom i had physical relation too. It seems in comparison with cut guys that cut guys left vagina dried and and they push harder may be for their less sensitiveness. But with uncut buddist guy i really could feel the penis and charm of sex with intimacy. His foreskin was like a brush which was cleaning my vagina wall :P. And smell things depends on the man habit who does not clean him properly. I think cut penis is like eyes without eyelid.We have to clean our eyes daily & dont cut eyelids.

  69. UmmmSoYeah says

    So, I like how a lot of the circumcised guys are all on here like “don’t call my penis mutilated… Waahhhh”. Whereas many of the circumcised guys are on here like: “guys, who the fuck wants a dirty disgusting dick that no one would ever wanna touch cause there’s a freaky hood with dick cheese and odd smells on it?” And things like saying “uncut is disgusting” and “no woman would ever want that” doesn’t make the majority of uncircumcised men feel to good about themselves. Just saying. So can we all just back the fuck up and know that some people have foreskin, and some don’t, and that we’ll on find lovers who love us for everything, penis and all.

    • EJ says

      “So can we all just back the fuck up and know that some people have foreskin, and some don’t, and that we’ll on find lovers who love us for everything, penis and all.”

      Of course. But it’s important for Americans to realize that this is not a decision they ethically have a right to make for their child.


    I had a foreskin until I was 21.
    I hated the fact that I was the only boy of 8 sons in our family who had a foreskin.
    Circumcision does a lot of different things to a person.
    The gland expands and the shaft of the penis thickens to match the head, the head has no restriction and becomes bigger than the shaft, the head then flares to a nice helmet shape.
    A tight circumcision is what my brothers all had, their penises are massive compared to mine.
    Although it has been 20 years since I was circumcised at 21, my cock has straightened quite a bit, my head is larger, sex is much better, in fact I find that my cock feels much better without the skin movement it used to have.
    It also looks better to watch myself masturbate.
    My point is that you can’t wait until you are 21 to decide, if you do you will loose the chance for the young penis head to swell from blood pressure, later in life the penis stops growing and the head will stay the size it was under the foreskin, maybe swell just a fraction, but nothing like a penis of a new born that has been cut.
    99% of men against circumcision are just defending their own foreskin, but they know damn well they would be circumcised if they had the money, time or weren’t afraid of a little pain.
    Cut men are always happy, and us cut men who know how it feels to bee both never go back to wanting to be smelly and bent again.
    My cock used to have all sorts of smells, rashes, white headed pimples underneath, all of this has long gone, it was gone within a month of circumcision.
    My stepson was always using the toilet to urinate in public, he would never stand at a urinal.
    I asked him if he fell different to other men, he replied that his penis was funny looking.
    He had a foreskin that could not retract, the poor kid had never seen his knob.
    I took him to a G.P for a referral to a Surgen, we had him circumcised and the problem was fixed.
    We took before and after photos of the whole thing.
    This is Australia, since it was a health problem we didn’t pay a cent, if we had gone private we would only have paid approx $1500 Australian money.
    A small price to pay for a future without thinking about your genitals every two minutes, get cut and move on with your life.
    You may just have a few little stick marks to show, but think about the girls who will now want you to put your cock in their mouth.

  71. Big Johnson says

    Thoughts in my mind: As large as I am, as good as sex feels, as much as my penis shows through my jeans, how much better would things be if I were not circumcised??

    Oh well, it is what it is.

  72. Big Lou says

    I’m very happy with my skin, thank you and my penis is never dirty but I remember my pediatrician teaching me how to train the skin and clean it as a toddler. It takes 1 1/2 seconds while you shower and it’s fun to do.
    I like a natural penis better, they may look sinister but if sex is not dirty then you’re not doing it right.

  73. Smokie says


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  76. Zafar says

    I feel a circumcised penis stimulates the g spot in a woman much more giving her repeated orgasms.plus fast fucking and thrusting is possible only in a circumcised penis.naturally women love circumcised penises.


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