Don’t miss the supermoon tonight.

You can see the biggest and brightest full moon of the year tonight. The moon will be only 221,802 miles from Earth and 15,300 miles closer than average. Last year’s supermoon was 240 miles closer than this year’s. Next year it will be farther away than this year’s. So, don’t miss it tonight.

Does anyone believe in full moon myths? Come on, full moon doesn’t cause bizarre behavior!
Lilienfeld, the author of “50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology”, said, ‘If something unusual happens to occur during a full moon, people who believe the myth take note and remember, even telling other people because it confirms their ideas. But when another full moon appears and nothing out of the ordinary occurs, they’re not very likely to remember or point it out to others. So in the end, all they remember are the coincidences.’

Insomnia, Pregnancy, Heart attacks, Suicides, Violence, Crimes, Psychological problems, Epileptic seizures etc. have no connection with full moon.

Don’t be lunatic tonight. Just appreciate the beauty of our universe. Next supermoon won’t happen until 2029. Many of us will not be here to see the super duper spectacular moon!

And don’t forget to read a super article on moon illusion and supermoon silliness. 



  1. StevoR says

    Ack, sorry about my typographical errors. 🙁

    Also ther full Moon, the nightsky generally is always wonder filled amd lovely.

    Except when its totally cloudy as it is right now for me. Sigh.


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